The beauty of using a service like Satellite Streams is that you have access to lots of quality programming from leading broadcasters around the globe and you don’t have to worry about paying a dime. Besides, the streaming quality is a world of its own, guaranteeing you high quality pictures and very clear audio with every stream.

If you have been searching for a reliable streaming service that won’t even ask you for your email address before you can access their content, then your search should end at Satellite Streams. While you head to the portal, here is a look at some of the interesting live streams currently available for viewers:

Russia Today

May the name not confuse you that this is a channel dedicated to Russians and matters touching on Russia as a country! This is one of the leading international television networks managed by the Russian government and whose main focus is on viewers residing outside the country.

The channel is available on satellite as well as cable television and it also has comprehensive online content available in different languages such as German, English, Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish. The shows you will find on this channel are also very informative, and suited for people with a variety of interests, including world politics, business, sports documentaries and much more. That you can stream it on Satellite Streams gives you the convenience to watch it anywhere.


CCTV-4 is another interesting stream you will find at Satellite Streams and it is one of the six China Central Television Channels dedicated to broadcasting outside China. The channel is funded by the government and it contains a wide range of programs including children shows, sports, culture, business, local and international news, drama series, music and documentaries amongst others. These programs are available in a blend of both Chinese and English languages. CCTV-4 also has sister channels taking care of the needs of various regions, and these include-:

  • CCTV-4 America for broadcasting to north and south America
  • CCTV-4 Europe for content designated for Africa and Europe viewers
  • CCTV-4 Asia for Australasia and Asia regions.

France 24

No mention of reputable international news channels will ever be complete without France 24 being featured in the list. France 24 is owned by the French government and it is primarily an international news and a current affairs news channel. The network is headquartered in Paris, and its broadcast first hit the airwaves in 2006. Since then, it has grown and expanded and currently it has heavy presence in most regions around the world, including Asia, Pacific, Americas, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The coverage is quite comprehensive and features local and international news, sports, culture, documentaries and live interviews with various personalities.

Sky News

Sky News has been around since 1989, and has since grown to become one of the most reputable 24 hour news channels in the world. The channel is based in the United Kingdom, though it also has sister channels taking care of broadcast needs in various regions such as Sky News Australia, and Sky News Arabia. Its reporting is also good, with in-depth coverage of matters on almost all topics of interest including politics, world news, science and technology, business, current affairs and documentaries amongst others.


Euronews is one of the leading news networks in Europe dedicated to offering in-depth coverage of events not just happening in Europe alone, but in the entire. The network has its headquarters in Lyon, France, and it started its operations in 1993, when its focus was mainly on pan-European perspective of the world news. This is primarily a pay television news network and it is refreshing to know that you can access it completely for free at Satellite Streams.

The network was initially founded by conglomerate of European public broadcasters, but it is currently owned by different North African and European broadcasting networks, with the majority of the shares being held by Media Globe Networks owned by Sawiris Naguib – an Egyptian Billionaire.

The news coverage offered by Euronews is something worth admiring for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is not only in-depth but also it covers every possible topic you may wish to have a discussion on. As such, it has effectively taken care of the viewing needs of every kind of viewer, regardless of age, race, and color. Whether you need content on sports, world news, weather, current affairs, culture, science and technology, business and travel, you will be guaranteed of an incredible experience from what Euronews has in store for you.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is not just one of the interesting live streams you will find on Satellite Streams, but also it happens to be one of the most watched live streams on the portal. This is a subtle indication of the popularity it has amongst the international news channels, and also a pointer to the incredible quality of their reporting and programming.

The channel is owned by Al Jazeera Media Network, and it inception, the focus was to provide Arabic news and also cover current affairs happening in the Arabic world. However, it has since grown into a major global news network, boasting of over 80 news bureaus around the world.

Their courageous style of bringing news to your screens and not being afraid to broadcast dissenting views in a region where dissent is always dealt with ruthlessly are some of the attributed that catapulted them into world fame. For example, when the war in Afghanistan started, they were the only channel to offer live coverage of the war.

Fox 5 DC

Fox 5 DC is owned and operated by the 21st Century Fox and it is licensed to broadcast in the country’s capital, Washington District of Columbia. Though the channel is available only in the Washington DC market, its programming is quite in-depth, and if you are a fan of sports, you will enjoy their coverage of NFL games. At one time, it was the major station for airing Washington Redskins games, and even currently, they still offer very good coverage for NFL games and other sports. If you are out of DC, you can always catch up with your favorite shows on Fox 5 DC at Satellite Streams.

Fox 5 NY

Fox 5 NY is another owned and operated by Fox Broadcasting Company, and just like Fox 5 DC, it is licensed to broadcast in the New York City metropolitan area. It is a robust channel, with interesting designed to suit the viewing needs of viewers of all kinds. Their coverage involve news from the region, including live videos of various happenings around the metro area. You will also find good content on entertainment, weather, sports, money, business, news and local traffic amongst others. Though you may not be within the licensed area of broadcast, you can always catch up with all the shows on Satellite Streams for free.

CBS News

CBS News is the news division of the CBS Television Network. It is one of the popular television news channels in the United States, and it offers very good coverage of both local and international news. It is the home to popular shows such as 60 Minutes, Face the Nation, CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News amongst others. Though it is geo-locked, to mean that you can’t watch it outside the United States, you can always catch your favorite shows from the channel on Satellite Streams for free.

ABC News

ABC News happens to be the news division of the American Broadcasting Company – a property of the Walt Disney Company. Its programing is very popular amongst Americans and they include programs such as Good Morning America, Primetime, Nightline, and ABC World News Tonight. You can always watch these and many other programs from the channel at Satellite Streams any time you want.

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