You have written the best possible article according to you and you have published it on your website and marketed it in every social media possible. You think your work is done and now you just need to wait for the flow of traffic and comments. But you see no engagement happening on the post, what went wrong?

The goal of any website is to get maximum conversions but if there is no user engagement that is impossible.

Let me help you figure out what mistakes are you making with your content which is hampering your conversions;

  1. You Content is Not Solving any Problems:

Most people who come on a blog to read an article are the ones who are seeking to solve their problems in their life, relationship, work, etc. You need to help people solve their problem, not just lay out their problem to them.

Like, this article could be titled as “5 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Converting”, but would that make you want to read it? You know your content isn’t converting and you need a fix to that. Now giving it a title like, “5 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Converting and How to Fix it”, makes it clear that we are also going to discuss solution here. 

Focus on answering the problems people have and form titles that would make it clear to them that your article will help them and give solutions.

  1. You are Not Writing for Your Audience:

When you write content, if you are writing about a topic which you wish to write about without properly researching what your audience prefers, you may lose some following. Readers who constantly engage with your content will usually comment on what they want to know next. Focus on what they want to read about rather than what you want to write about. This simple shift can bring in huge conversions.

  1. Your Site is Driving Audience Away:

Many times, there is a possibility that your content is absolutely spot on, but your website is not up to the mark. Your layout may not be right, or your website may be difficult to navigate which make it difficult to access. A simple solution like changing the layout or making your website accessible friendly can solve this problem easily and bring in more conversions. If you measure your website traffic, you will notice that post these simple changes, the conversion rate has increased to a considerable amount.

  1. You Don’t Know What You are Talking About:

Many writers ramble about topics just because they wish to fill up space. Do not write unnecessarily if you are not aware of things. Stick to the topics you really have knowledge about. Do not become Jake of all trades but master a niche and stick to it. Readers prefer websites which are niche specific. Writing about too many different category topics on one website will look as if you have just rambled across about whatever you have a little knowledge about. Only write about the area in which you are an expert.

  1. Your Articles Contain Errors:

There are countless articles out there on the internet where it is clear that the writer did not have the time to proofread and edit it before publishing. Creating contents with errors make your readers doubt about your writing skills and they may stop following you. Make it a point to proofread and check your articles with the help of a grammar checker tool before publishing.

If your content is not doing well, then tweak it a little to understand what is working against you. Once you master the reasons of why your content was not converting, you will be successfully converting in high numbers.

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