User experience begins with the moment the visitor thinks about taking a tour over your website. The moment your page starts loading what your layout displays is the first visual contact between a prospect and the brand that a website represents. WordPress is the most common CMS, and it offers a wide array of free, as well as premium, Theme Templates. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that many website owners run their pages while using a WordPress Theme regardless of if it’s paid or free. For this reason, the current article will discuss how to choose a WordPress Theme using five key quality markers.

Layout complexity

People like to say the website layout should be simple because the minimalistic design is popular. The reason that this type of design is so widely in use is not a trend that some influencer made happen, it’s the consequence of current technology features. The internet is getting smarter; we choose our target audience and provide them with the most relevant content. This takes a lot of computing power, which means you have to keep in the front end only what is most necessary. This actually works great because you already have a selected visitor and you are showing only what matters to that visitor, so you don’t even need so much content.

Information availability

Who made the theme? How good is the rating of the developer? What do other people say about that theme? All these information should be available in the Theme description, so you could contact the developer in case you require support, review user ratings and comments and potentially find out if people noted any bugs or other kinds of issues with the Theme. Per example, consider a student that contacts a writing service to pay for essay proofreading assignment like and it turns out the payment was impossible to complete because the payment plugin failed. This would be a large issue and if you could avoid a situation like that, you would want to read what others say about that theme.

Mobile readiness

It’s a real challenge to find a Theme that is not responsive, meaning built for both mobile and desktop devices. However, since all WordPress themes provide a live demonstration, you could test it with your phone and see how it works. There is also another way that helps with rating the mobile functionality and design properties, and that is through Google’s Mobile Test platform, which loads your website with the demo Theme and analyzes its mobile performance for your information. Since most of the world internet traffic goes through mobile devices it is of paramount importance to run a website that’s flawless on mobile platforms.

Functionality across multiple browsers

The interaction between your visitors and your website goes two ways; therefore, it is important to take into account the user’s side of the communication – the internet browsing application. Depending on the performance of your site on different browsers, your audience could experience content issues, like not being able to view a video you prepared, submit a payment, or download a piece of material. There is a series of tools that you could use if you want to know how to pick a WordPress Theme that operates seamlessly with the largest amount of internet browsing software.

Upgrade potential

When people start something, it’s usually with the thought about the future in their minds and how it should develop. As your business grows, you could feel the need for additional features like additional categories, Chat support, Skype calls, or currency exchange calculator that tells the time in 10 different world cities, it doesn’t matter if it makes your visitors and yourself happy. Therefore, a theme with the option to expand is one of the key components of a quality Theme choice.


In order to showcase your brand, it’s important to put yourself into the design and that’s sometimes challenging to achieve with all the performance and marketing requirements against the limited resource availability. Sometimes, moving away from the course can be an improvement and bring a surprisingly positive experience. After all, discoveries are only possible if we go where nobody went before us. Hopefully, this article will be of help for a time when you are choosing a WordPress theme for a website that provides a comprehensive experience to both you and everyone who visits.

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