Using cryptocurrencies is definitely a great way to make your transactions faster and more affordable. Nevertheless, unless you know the right way of using them, it is better not to venture into it.

Here are a few common mistakes that people do while using crypto currencies:

Not Holding For Long

Many have the tendency to use the cryptocurrencies that they buy instantly. This may not be an ideal practice. Preferably it is better to hold on to these coins for a minimum period of two to five years.

Chasing the movers

Cryptocurrencies have a tendency to triple or even quadruple quickly once they have been launched. But there is only a limited time to this quick rise in value. Within no time, you might end up holding a bag of cryptocurrencies that no one may want to buy. Selling these is not the ideal thing to do in such a situation. Make sure you wait for about two years.


Day trading in cryptocurrencies might seem very tempting if you are using them for the first time. But did you know that exchanges will charge you fees for trading these coins? These can cut into your profits. So unless you are really experienced, don’t try living on the razor’s edge especially when it comes to cryptotrading.

Going all in on one coin

Crypto is a good way to invest your money; but it is not the only way. It is always better to diversify your investments. Considering the kind of volatility the crypto market is subject to, it is better to invest only that much that you can afford to lose.

Believing the marketing hype and giving in to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

Doing your research is very important before investing in cryptocurrencies. Try not to believe the rumors that are floating around in the news. Make sure the information you have has come from authentic sources before acting upon anything.

Storing coins online

Creating a digital wallet for your cryptocurrencies is a good idea; yet it is susceptible to cryptojacking, if you do not take the right measures. A better way would be to place all your tokens on a thumb drive and then store it in a safe that hackers can’t get through. Or if you have to keep them online make sure you distribute them across a couple of reputable exchanges.

Buying high and then selling low

Most inexperienced investors end up making huge losses by buying Bitcoin for more and selling it for less. If you are patient and hold on to your coins for longer, you can actually make some good money through bitcoins. Keep a constant watch and take the right decision at the right time.

It may be easy to buy bitcoins and store them. Trading can also be easy with bitcoin code and other tools. Make sure you research on bitcoin code scam before using. Nevertheless, finding the right time to sell them might get tricky, especially if you are inexperienced. Take the right steps to minimize your losses even if you can’t maximize your returns.

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