Bitcoin is not yet universal but it is rapidly gaining market awareness and acceptance. This virtual currency is not an actual coin on the contrary it is a cryptocurrency, a digital form of payment that is mined in several parts of the world. Bitcoin allows peer-to-peer transactions in no time, for free or at a very nominal cost.

What are The Benefits of Using Bitcoin?

There are benefits to both individuals and merchants who think of using this payment option. A business may think of using Bitcoin to save on credit cards fees and other bank fees, an individual on the other hand can use Bitcoin to further facilitate and smooth his/her personal funds transfers. This digital cash is actually helpful to solve a wide variety of the world’s financial problems. But before investing in bitcoin one should visit and read the review.

Let’s talk about a few of the most pressing benefits of using Bitcoin….

  • No fees/low fees- Bitcoin can be used for free or at a very low cost, unlike credit cards.
  • Fast Financial transactions –By using Bitcoin, you can send money anywhere in the world in no time. Most likely, low costs and speedy financial transactions are its most promising capabilities.
  • Data is secure – Internet has not always been a safe place to protect user’s data and to protect users’ confidential financial transactions. With credit or debit cards, you need to provide your personal data but with Bitcoin, you will not have to give up your private information.
  • Convenient payment system – Sending and receiving money in the form of Bitcoin is completely hassle free. Individuals or merchants can trade in and out of Bitcoin in no time, worldwide and at low cost.
  • Micropayments are possible -Running small payments of a dollar or less is pretty possible with Bitcoin as this virtual currency can be divided down to 8 decimals, the smallest fraction is called a Satoshi, Therefore, 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 100.000.000 (100 million) Satoshi. Meaning, Bitcoin is really suitable for tiny purchases from coffee shops, convenience stores and restaurants.

How to Get a Bitcoin Address?

In order to trade in and out of Bitcoin, users need to have a virtual address that comes from E-wallet. E-wallets are software, used to store, send, and receive money in the form of Bitcoins.

How to choose a Bitcoin Wallet?

While there are different types of wallets used for Bitcoin transactions, EN – Wallet from EN – COMT is one of the most recommended E – Wallets when it comes to cryptocurrencies transactions. EN – Wallet is a beginner friendly online wallet that allow users to easily send and receive money in the form of Bitcoin without the headache of dealing with any rigid money transfer terms & conditions.

How to Receive Money In The Form Of Bitcoin Through EN – Wallet?

Once you obtain your own EN – Wallet, receiving money in the form of Bitcoin becomes incredibly simple. All you have to do is to provide the person who’s sending you Bitcoin with your EN – Wallet receiving address.

How to Send Money In The Form Of Bitcoin Through EN – Wallet?

To send money in the form of Bitcoin, all you need to do is to know the user’s E-wallet address and the amount you wish to send then press on the “Sending Button”.


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