Your beloved sister has now hit her 30s. So, what do you get her for this momentous occasion? We have to trade carefully here, as there are some ladies who actually dread their 30th birthday. In such cases, it might be good to have the gifts be a little fun and sensational.

On the other hand, there are ladies who see their 30th birthday as a ‘coming of age’, a time when all the work they put forth in college and in the workforce now is turning into a full-fledged career. If her career choice is to raise children, then think of something that will make her day a bit easier on her journey. 

List of Top 15 Best 30th Birthday Gifts For Sister

15. Lovely Kitchen Canister Set

kitchen canister

If you have a sister that is in love with collecting different spices, there is nothing more suitable than getting her a lovely kitchen canister set. By this, you might also need to decide on which type is the best for her. For example, there are glass containers, acrylic containers, brushed stainless steel containers, ceramic food storage containers, to name a few. The most picked product goes to the glass container. 

This is because it allows users to see through what species they put into. Apart from this, the ceramic food container set normally offers a very decorative design and easy to wash. Some can even withstand the heat. Grab her something with a heart decorative painting to express your love and gratitude towards her. 

14. Baby Food Maker

Baby Food maker

Sometimes, when you want to give presents to somebody, it might not always be about that person. Instead, it can be about someone that the birthday man/woman cares about the most. Especially, when your sister is about to be a new mom, the perfect gift for her on her 30th birthday would be a baby food maker. 

You know that her child means the world to her and that she always wants the best for her little one. Picking a quality baby food maker is a nice present for both mom and a soon-to-be-born baby. This just means that you are very considerate of her because having a good and smart baby food maker might assist her in preparing food for her beloved kid. 

13. Bath Bombs Shower Set

Bath bomb set

Who wouldn’t like getting a soak in a hot warm bathtub after a long day at work? Care about your sister more by looking for a bath bombs shower set that can be her next favorite. Bath bombs are not only popular for bringing excitement to your shower, but they are also well-known for helping to reduce the damaged skin layers of yours as well. Since she is going to be 30, it is also one of the perfect ways for her to relieve the tension, moodiness, and take care of her skin better. 

When you want to get the best one for your dear sister, you should try to look for the one that is super duper natural. Other than this, you might want to get the set that carries out her favorite fragrance as well. This will ensure that, after the shower, her skin and mood can become very healthy. 

12. Comfy Cardigan

women cardigan

Winter is coming. It would be very warm and comfy if there is something thick staying on top of your body. If your beloved sister’s birthday is around the corner, think of nothing better than a comfy cardigan for her. It is a win-win because she can use it as her birthday present and also during the upcoming winter season as well. 

Interestingly, it is usable for years to come which means it is not just her 30th birthday gift but also for the future birthday as well. When you decide to get her a comfy cardigan, let’s not forget to get one of her favorite colors. Always check out the used materials since the good-quality ones can expand in lifespan and is convenient for users to wash. 

11. Running Shoes

running shoes for women

We would like to suggest that you get her a good pair of running shoes if your sister likes to run in the morning, evening, or at least during her free time. Presenting this gift to someone you care about is not too mainstream. It is, indeed, very functional and pretty useful at the same time. Other than this, getting the correct size shows that you are very attentive towards her because you pick her size correctly. Additionally, always make sure you know her style. Is she into a low cut style or a high cut style? Or maybe does she like something airy, with, or without lace system?

10. Electronic Devices

wireless headphone

These days, electronic devices have won many users’ hearts. Not only does it help to make life a lot easier, but it is also literally very useful and amazing if we comprehensively think of it. On the condition that your sister is the type of person who is fond of modern technology, it might be a pretty good match to get her an electronic device on her birthday. 

For example, it can be a pair of durable wireless headphones since it is very trendy and helpful at the same time. She can wear it during the run or during home cleaning while listening to her favorite music or podcasts. Besides, getting her a quality digital camera is also one of the brilliant ideas if you think that she likes to take pictures or record herself doing vlogging. In the case that you look for a very unique option, picking a worth-spending robotic vacuum cleaner is a super-duper smart decision to make. This would allow her to effortlessly keep her space clean and pretty fun and modern to keep at home. 

9. Kitchen Appliances

smart coffee machine

If you think that your sister is not the type to take into account electronic devices, let’s try thinking of getting her some kitchen appliances. Moving into the 30s, some women may change their hobby and start enjoying cooking or arranging their kitchen. In this case, you can think of something that is related to food making. Since it is the 21st century, you might want to think of smart equipment.

The first basic thing that comes into our mind is a smart coffee machine. As you know that having a cup of great coffee helps to start your day very productively. With quality and smart coffee machines, it helps to save a lot of time and money spent making and getting a cup of coffee. She can remotely brew her own favorite one with a WiFi built-in technology. Some products can even work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and more applications. In addition, users will be able to customize their brewing flavor whether it should be strong or light. 

8. Portable Massager

neck and shoulder massasger

Getting in the age of 30s, some people might experience deep muscle pains that result from their daily day out. Isn’t it a good idea to get her a portable massager to soothe down her muscle pains? Some products can be very affordable. Although some can be very expensive, we think that it is still worth investing in since it is something that helps to improve human health. 

Most people might either choose a neck and shoulder massager or foot massager. Still, it depends on the actual reality of your sister. If you think that her daily work involves sitting a lot in front of the computer, getting her a neck and shoulder massager is totally worth it. Modern technology has added the Shiatsu Heating Method into the massager. This is because it is capable of relieving the fatigue from her body part. What is more, it helps to improve blood circulation as well. On the other hand, if your sister tends to spend a lot of time standing, it would be better to get her a foot or leg calf massager. 

7. Perfume

pink perfume

Most women would definitely love to smell good. That is when you might think of getting her a bottle of perfume. When you select the perfume, it is important to know what her favorite scent is. Does she like something strong, sexy, and powerful? Or does she only wear perfume that smells very lightly, gentle, and sweet? Other than that, you can also choose something that reflects her personality. 

If she tends to work outdoors a lot and has various meetings with clients, you can get her something that can last up to 24 hours or longer. In the event that she is a type that mostly attends big events or celebrations, getting the scent of sexiness and power would fit her best. However, you should also consider some ingredients she is allergic to in order to avoid getting her the perfume she might not be able to wear. 

6. Fitness Watch

fitness watch

Have you ever thought of getting your sister a good fitness watch? If you have never thought about this, you should think of it for this year’s birthday of hers. Getting into the 30s can be a blessing, and can also be a year to take care of her health and body better. Picking a fitness watch for her means you care about her well-being in general. 

Some quality fitness watch might be able to track her heartbeat, calories burnt, daily steps, her night sleep, resting heartbeat, and more. Other than this, some items may also allow users to connect to other fitness applications to plan and track their fitness goals. It can also be paired to a fitness scale, and users can also keep a record of their weight from time to time. 

5. Fitness Equipment

treadmill for home

To add to the fitness watch, you might also want to consider getting your beloved sister’s fitness equipment as well. There are a lot of fitness materials that are suitable for women in their 30s. For example, getting a treadmill for your sister allows her to exercise even when she comes back home very late. All she needs is 15 to 20 minutes to run on a treadmill to maintain her fitness goal. 

Other than the treadmill, you can also get her a stepper machine. It is more portable and it also works effectively in burning the fat out. Still, you might want to consider between two of them. Choose the one that your sister is likely to use more often. 

4. Home Decor – Throw Pillows

throw pillow

See whether she likes to decorate her living space. You can get her some lovely home decor stuff. One of them is to throw a pillow. There are various designs when it comes to throw pillows. You can either square or rectangular shapes. Plus, you might also want to get the one that features a heart shape since it is unique and also a way of showing love to her. 

When you decide you can throw a pair of throw pillows, you might also consider a suitable color. Most likely, you should know the color of her home sofa or wall background to help you choose the one that would look good in her living room. In case you think that a pair of throw pillows might not be enough, simply add on a throw blanket as well. This would be a perfect set to complement the whole home decor. 

3. Skincare Set

skincare set

No women enjoy seeing wrinkles, dark spots, or aging skin when they are aging past their 20s. Therefore, picking the right skincare set for them would be one of the best and very sensational 30th birthday gifts you could ever present to your sister. Because there are a lot of brands and types of skincare available on the market, it is also important to check if the brand is reliable. On top of the branding background checking, you should also pick the one that is ideal for your sister’s skin type – be it oily, dry, sensitive, or for all skin types. 

No matter what, the best skincare set should include a cleanser, toner, essence water, emulsion, eye cream, and moisturizer. If you care for your sister a lot, it would be better to get her a set that is made highly of national ingredients. This type of natural product may take up to months to show improvement, but it will only get better from there. 

2. Women’s Customized Bangles & Bracelets

customized bangle

When you want to show that someone is important to you and that they are very valuable, you might want to get your sister the customized bangles or bracelets. By giving somebody jewelry, it is more than that. Jewelry, however, also represents one’s self. When you customize the bangles or bracelets by putting on the name, initial letter, or some signs on it, it gives the receiver the chance to express themselves through those pieces of jewelry as well. It might be the most sentimental gift among all of the presents we have suggested so far. 

In addition to this, you might also want to know the color that your sister likes. This is because you can now choose to make the bangles or bracelets in different colors – gold rose gold, silver, or black chrome. Whenever your sister puts on this type of jewelry, she would look back and remember the one that gifts her that. Very elegant and meaningful at the same time. 

1. Electronic Reader


Wouldn’t it be good to get your sister an electronic reader if she is one of the kinds that like to read a lot? An electronic reader is a new technology that allows users to store more than a hundred books in a single device. Not to mention, they can be adjusted in brightness or background. That is to say, users can set the background into paperwhite so that it feels just like they read on the paper. Once you can adjust in brightness, you can read it anywhere and anytime whether it is during the night time on the train or plane or whether it is during the day. 

Modernly, there are a lot of electronic readers that feature Night Mode functionality. Therefore, reading during the night time would never make your eyes hurt anymore. Moreover, if she is a minimalist, getting an electronic reader would be a bang for the buck. It would never require one individual to buy more shelves to store the book. Hundreds (or can be thousands) of the book would be handily arranged within a very portable device. 


Turning into the 30s means your dear sister has been living for more than 2 decades of her life. As a beloved brother or sister of hers, you should celebrate her very unforgettable birthday. When a birthday celebration is just a moment that passes by after, the gift would be something to keep the memorable event reminded from year to year. 

We know it is very overwhelming to have a wide range of ‘’gift ideas for your sister’’ to consider. That is why we only pick the top 10 best gift ideas that target women in their 30s. All of them are distinguished from one personality to another. But, they are very functional, useful, and sensational gifts of all time. Grab one that best matches your sister’s personality and wish her a very happy 30th birthday. 

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