It is estimated that about 40 million Americans are suffering from chronic insomnia. This should give you an insight of the situation at hand. Insomnia is a widespread health condition that affects more people that you know. According to the experts, more females suffer from insomnia than the males. There is nothing that affects your life more than sleeplessness. If you have been through it before, you definitely know how frustrating it is. You lie in bed at night tossing and turning until the sun rises. Afterwards, you spend the entire day with groggy eyes and feeling like you are carrying a huge sack of potatoes on your back.

Sleep is vitally important for our overall health and wellbeing. Without proper sleep, the immune system becomes weak and you are left vulnerable to infections. For more information about sleep disorders, visit DailySleep.

Fortunately, there are various sleep apps that can help insomniacs fall asleep faster. The apps are designed differently and can cater for various needs. For instance, some produce soothing sounds for better rest, guided meditation, bedtime stories, breathing techniques and tracking your sleep patterns. There are very many sleep apps out there. However, I have provided a list of the best ones that feature research based applications or tried and true approaches.


CALM is a popular application and many people who have used it attest to its effectiveness in helping them rest and get quality sleep at night. Well, there are a variety of things this application can do for you. However, it’s based on meditation, relaxation and sleep. It’s one of the best insomnia apps and great for mindfulness.

The creators of this application made use of the traditional approach for falling asleep faster. Bedtime stories are soothing. They relax the mind and body in preparation for quality sleep or rest. Aside from this, you are allowed access to over thirty natural soothing sounds and scenes for a successful meditation.

This application consists of adult bedtime stories to help you fall asleep. For those suffering from restlessness, there are ten minutes daily programs to naturally ease down your mind and body before you go to bed. The concept behind all that is featured on it is backed by research from psychologists and other mental experts. For this reason, you can be confident this is something that might work wonders in alleviating your insomnia.

2. Pillow

Pillow is an advanced sleep app that is perfect for people who want to track their sleep patterns. It uses cutting-edge technology to monitor movements and sound. This way you have a clear picture of all your sleep sessions. For instance, you can discover if you talk in your sleep, walk and snore.

Through this app, you can actually compare your sleep stages and determine what may be preventing you from getting quality sleep at night. For instance, it tracks the period you are awake, the deep phases of sleep and some statistics on sleep sessions.

3. Simple Habit

I have never come across an app that is this specific. They cater for particular needs and the causes if sleeplessness. What happens is this application comes with a variety of features so that the users can choose something that works for them. One of their notable features is the seven day sleep series which is actually a popular meditation program. It releases your stress and all the anxiety that may be building up within you so that easily fall asleep at night.

Simple Habit understands that some people are quite busy during the day. That is why they have the five to twenty minute installments for restful naps, lack of focus, restlessness and many more. There are lessons from the app on breathing patterns so that you have good control over your inhalation and exhalation. On the other hand, some features focus on body scans in order for you to bring awareness to various parts of your body. All in all, it’s an application you can rely on to make you calmer and happier.

This application will be the best alternative for you if you want to focus on meditation as a way of soothing your mind and body. There are more than a thousand meditations that focus on different issues. Furthermore, simple habit was voted as Google Plays best application in 2017. Therefore, you can definitely count on it

4. Stop, Breathe, Think

Both mental and physical health issues are contributing factors to insomnia. Meditation is one of the notable natural treatments for sleeplessness. This application works to chart your mental, physical and emotional state. After determining what may be the problem, it provides suitable meditations that are based on your mental state. The meditation tracks you will find on this app are all based on research and borrowed tradition from the Indian and Tibetan cultures.

In this case, the meditation track suggested by the app will depend on whether you are exhausted, anxious or simply restless. The falling asleep mediation is quite effective and will lure you into deep sleep within a few minutes.

5. Relax melodies

Having you been searching around for a solution to your insomnia? Well, this may be the sleep application for you. Relax Melodies is a mixture of relaxing sounds, nature sounds and soothing melodies. The best part is that you are allowed to create your very own soothing melodies for sound sleep all night long.

The same app comes with a quick guided meditation that can put you on the road to sleep as you prepare for bedtime. Also, you will never get bored with listening to the same sounds because there are tons of melodies that you can create with this app.

Bottom line

Sleep apps don’t work for everyone because each one of us responds differently. Also, the effectiveness of these apps would depend on the severity of the problem. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia, you might have to see a specialist for further guidance on your condition.

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