For your convenience, when you need to cook or clean and you don’t want your baby to crawl into a dangerous area like the stair or the kitchen, you should consider buying a baby gate to keep your baby out of those places. The baby gate can also prevent your pet from destroying your furniture by keeping them out of the room, and you can go play with them in their space with the door gate. You can take a look at the list to help you decide what kinds of baby gates that you need for your circumstance.

List of top 10 Best Baby Gates in 2021

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10. Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

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The baby gate from Regalo has a height of 30 inches that won’t be able to let climb over it. It divides into 2 sizes from 29-34 and from 35 to 38.5 inches so It would not fit any 34 to 35 inches gap. It is easy to set up with a pressure mount that can extend 6 inches to install a perfect fit for the opening. If you have a guest over, you can remove it for a period of time as well.

The baby gate is made of steel to ensure durability and it has a safety lock mechanism to make sure it won’t knock over. Thus, it is not just for your baby but also useful for pets. There is a door in the gate that allows you to walk through without climbing over for convenience. There is something to notice is that there will be a gap between latch and frame before installation but will disappear which is not a broken item.

What We Like:

  • Safety lock
  • Steel material
  • Easy to install
  • Variety of size with extension

What We Don’t Like:

  • Door open in one direction

9. Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

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The Summer Infant baby gate is 36 inches tall with the metal material to keep your baby and pet to explore the place that they should not. It has bronze and beige colors to blend in with your house’s painting. Similar to most stairs, it has a width of 28.5 to 48 inches with the door opening in the middle of the gate for walking through it without climbing over. The space between the gate is 2.25 to 2.75 inches that the gaps can keep the baby and most small animals from getting through.

The gate comes with install kits for easy installation in the staircase or doorway, and it will only require tools for hardware mounting. It has an auto-close feature to lock the door or keep it open if you need to walk past it often. Moreover, it has a door stopper to stop the door to fully open that could damage your wall.

What We Like:

  • Auto-close feature
  • Durable
  • Extendable wide
  • Door Stopper

What We Don’t Like:

  • Door open in one direction

8. Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate

Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate

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Another Regalo product, the easy fit plastic baby gate is extendable from 28 to 42 inches, and the height is 23 inches. Although the height could be short compared to most baby gates, it is for the older kids to climb over without restricting them or needing help to go over the gate while keeping the one out of your kitchen or stairs. The gate is easy to install on the wall and easy to remove for storing purposes.

The hard plastic gate has a locking mechanism to ensure safety, convenience, and durability from bending or topple over when your pet climbs over it. If you are still worried it is not safe enough, you can install the hardware mount for additional safety. The mount has rubber to not damage your wall and the painting when mounting and after removing.

What We Like:

  • Wide extendable gate
  • Durable
  • Locking mechanism
  • Rubber mount to protect the wall

What We Don’t Like:

  • No door in between the gate

7. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

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This Regalo product is aiming for the parents or owner that plan to create a play yard just for them with the 192 inches wide adjustable baby gate. You can put this 28 inches’ tall gate in any part of the room to create a space for your baby within your eyesight with an easy installation without tools. Each panel can be folded to store, carry, and adapt to fit in any shape of the room. It is durable as it is made of steel and it has a door to play with your baby through it.

To ensure your baby or pets’ safety, it has a locking feature to keep them from getting through the gate. Moreover, you can mount the gate to the wall for additional peace of mind. The gate is extremely adaptable as you can connect it to create a circle, a square, or just mount it to the wall to create more room to play. Each panel has a plastic join to connect and it comes with a handle lock to keep the shape of the gate.

What We Like:

  • Long wide
  • Adaptable
  • Durable
  • Easy to install

What We Don’t Like:

  • Plastic joint

6. Regalo 56-Inch Extra WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gates

WideSpan Walk Through Baby Gate

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The Regalo Widespan baby gate is extremely expandable to fit in the gaps between 29 to 56 inches with a height of 30 inches. You can use it as a doorway to stairs, hallways, or kitchen to keep your baby or pet out of the danger zone with 4 pressure mounts. It also comes with a locking mechanism to ensure your baby won’t be able to open the gate no matter what.

You can mount the gate to the wall for additional security in the protection of toppling over. It is suitable to use with pets when they put their whole weight on it. The gate won’t bend as it is made of steel for durability. It comes with a door to easily get across the gate. If you are no longer in need of it or you need to transport it, it is portable and it can be removed quickly for storage purposes.

What We Like:

  • Safety lock mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Walk-through door

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable to use as a top stair gate

5. Momcozy Mesh Retractable Baby Gate

Retractable Mesh Entry Block

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The Momcozy baby gate has a rectangle design that has a retractable feature to fit up to 55 inches or 140cm opening with the 33.7 inches tall. It has a locking mechanism to shut off your baby, or small or medium animals from their dangerous space at the top of the gate. It can be moved to any opening with a simple installation with the mounting hardware.

You can retract the gate with one hand to lock or unlock the date with a press or rotate a cap. The mesh has a small gap that is not see-through. It is made of durable plastic-type and fabric so it is sturdy enough for infant and small pets’ weight. It is extremely convenient for parents who need to carry many things at once while moving around. At the same time, Momcozy provide 2 years’ insurance for any technical issue to customers.

What We Like:

  • Locking mechanism
  • Not see-through
  • No big gap with the mesh
  • Easy to open or close with just one hand

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not recommend using at the top of the stair

4. Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate

baby gate

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For a huge opening, the Toddleroo by the North States is being recommended with the big gate door from 28.68 to 47.85 inches wide. The whole gate is the door that allows the full swing of the door for space. It is a metal gate to ensure the durability of this product, and you can install it with the hardware mount to ensure the gate falls.

The gate can withhold the weight of your baby and the medium weight animals. It can be used over carpet or tiles without scratching it when open. You can carry your baby with one hand and open the door with another hand as it needs only your thumb to unlock the gate. It is extremely as it only required one hand to lock the gate mechanism.

What We Like:

  • Durable
  • One-hand operation
  • Full swing
  • Hardware mount

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable for cat barrier

3. Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gates

super yard

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The Regalo baby gate comes in 2 sizes, one can expand from 29 to 38 inches, and another one is from 42 to 47 inches which both sizes have a height of 30 inches. It has a safety lock mechanism, and it installs with the 4 pressure mount. However, you can hardware mount it to the wall to ensure safety. It can be used for the doorway or hallway, but it is not recommended to use at the top of the stair. This safety gate can be easily installed and removed for storage.

It uses steel for the gate to guarantee durability with the weight of your kids or pet. Moreover, you can use the walk-through door for easy access whenever you need it. Take notice that there will be a gap before the installation and it will be gone with the latch and frame after installation.

What We Like:

  • Safety lock
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable wide
  • Durable

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not suitable to use at the top of the stair

2. Evenflo Versatile Play Space Baby Gates

baby gate

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The Evenflo baby comes in 3 different colors of gray, cream, and multicolors. It has 6 panels that allow you to adapt the play space to how big or small it is. You also can attach or make it as a gate to stop your baby or pet from going into the room. It is built of durable plastic material that can be used indoor or outdoor as their play space.

If it is being used indoors, it comes with a stopper and pads to stop the frame from moving and starching the floor. It is easy to install and it is portable with a foldable connector and handles. It is 28 inches tall and it is 18,5 inches square to create a big enough space for your baby and animal playground. You can also buy the extra panels to expand the space.

What We Like:

  • Expandable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Portable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Flimsy

1. Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby Play Yard

baby Superyard

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Another product from the Toddleroo by the North States is the 6 foldable panels to create a play space for your baby. It is made with durable plastic panels that are durable and suitable to use indoor and outdoor. You can create a safe area to make a play space with just the panels or mount it to the wall to create a bigger space.

You can also buy an additional panel extension and mat to give your baby a comfortable space to play. It has a long barrier to close off any large opening from 38.5 to 192 inches. It is lightweight so it can be carried easily, and it is easy to set up with just a snap together.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable
  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient
  • Indoor and outdoor used

What We Don’t Like:

  • Flimsy if you use it with toddlers

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Baby Gates

When choosing the best baby gate, you can be a bit overwhelmed as you can find different barriers to keep your child safe. You can gates as following.

  • Pressure mounted gates – these types of restrictions are widespread and found in all the brands reviewed here. They are not difficult to install and need no added tools. The gate works with an expandable spring-lock system and squeezes in between the walls. You get them with rubber cups to help prevent damage to the wall. You can even find some devices with the pressure mount system without a spring system and work with screws.
  • Hardware baby gate – these barriers mount with brackets, making them stabled when installed. These devices are great to use on staircases. The big problem is that you cannot remove it from the frame as found in the REGALO brand.
  • Freestanding gate – you mount this barrier with hardware or pressure, and you can push them around. These devices are not the best baby gates as they can topple. So how do you pick a perfect blockade from the reviewed list and know that you are selecting the right one?

Decide on the type of gate you need

You get two main types of baby gates that mount with hardware or pressure. You can find some brands allowing you to fit it with both, as seen in the CUMBOR that offers you both. Here it all comes down to preference when selecting the right model to suit your needs.

The height of the barrier

The height for preventing your baby from getting over the gate needs to be 3-feet. We recommend all of the above baby gates as each one offers you at least a tall structure to prevent this from happening.

Check the material used to construct the gate

In most cases, these childproof gates have a steel framework and lightweight for moving it from one place to another. However, you can find that the vertical post has a plastic construction that pops out at times. So please take note of this when selecting your baby gate.

How long is the baby gate, and can it expand?

Here the important thing is to measure the doorway or staircase opening before you buy one. By doing this, you can determine if the device has the right measurement to work in the space. You can find different barriers ranging from 29-inches to 45-inches. The REGALO offers you expandable kits to use with the gate.

Other Features

  • How are safety standards? Here we recommend a baby gate that has loads of safety features from double locking systems to ease of opening with your one hand and auto-locks. The REGALO brand is the American Society for Testing & Material and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certified.
  • Does it have a walk through design – this feature is essential and helps you to pass through from one room to another without difficulties. Here you can look if the gate has an auto-closure with a dual locking system for safety.
  • The instructions and mounting – here, you can look if the baby gate installs quickly and offers a secure mounting system. When selecting a barrier to prevent your child or a pet from entering another part of the home, you need to make sure it mounts securely.

Safety Tips

You want to keep your baby safe and install the gate; you must do it securely. When buying one of the models on the list with hardware mounting, make sure you fit in on a flat and hard surface. Do not install it on false walls as it may not work correctly. Never place a baby gate only at the top of the stairs and best to provide two barriers at the top and bottom. While using a pet gate is not suitable for kids, you can find some brands like the CUMBOR that can withstand a load of pressure. However, always check the weight capacity before making your purchase.

If you do want to keep different doorways and stairs, barricaded do not use a pressure gate on the stairs as they can topple over. Furthermore, never climb over the gate as you know the saying, “Monkey sees, and monkey do’s.” Not only will your child see what you are doing, but you can trip and fall.

How to Install Baby Gates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can pet gates be used as baby gates?

A: Although both baby gates and pet gates are very versatile and are crafted from various materials, freestanding pet gates are normally made for kitties and puppies and are actually not for the baby. This is because it can be flimsy.

Q: How many baby gates do I need?

A: There are a few important places you need to install the gate. First, it is the entry to your kitchen area. Second, it is at the stairway. Third, it is at the main home entry/ the backyard.


As seen from our review, it should be able to help you narrow down your pick as some baby gates are suitable to use with some locations like the top-stair. You should consider the safety-lock and durability of the product as well to ensure the safety of your baby and your pets. You can consider the special features as part of what you want or not based on your space and who you are buying it for. We hope that you could choose a suitable one for your loved one from the review.

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