Today, many men are opting for stylish, well kept beards. When this occurs, they must also learn new grooming techniques and habits. Once you decide to grow a beard, you’ll find that the standard grooming tools you normally purchased, are no longer necessary. In fact, those old grooming tools could actually end up doing your beard more harm than good. Items such as plastic combs, or cheap brushes will do nothing but split, break and damage your beard growth. in order to deal with this, it’s often necessary to purchase a complete beard grooming kit. Our Top 10 Best Beard Grooming Kits in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide should give you a good idea on what to look for in a kit.

Best Beard Grooming Kits

When you read our beard grooming kit review below, try to consider exactly what it is you want from your kit. For instance, would you prefer scissors, or an electric trimmer. Are you looking for just a brush and comb combo, or something a little more detailed, such as one that contains oils, beard balm, scissors as well? If you are new to the art of grooming, then we strongly recommend that you look into kits that contain both beard oil and beard balm. These two products are absolute necessary in giving your beard that well groomed look, and clean smell. Many of these beard grooming kits come in attractive gift boxes, which make them the perfect present for that man in your life who loves their beard

These kits are an important purchase for men with beard growth. After all, beard grooming is not something that is seen in the mainstream. So, you’re not likely to see any of these in the store. In fact, if you know a man who loves his beard, there is a real good chance that even he has not heard of one of these beard grooming kits, and is still using anything he can find in the dollar store, or perhaps his wife’s shampoo or conditioner.

Table of the Best Beard Grooming Kits:

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1. Beard Grooming Kit by Comfy Mate

Beard Grooming Kit by Comfy Mate
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This is a great combination beard grooming kit by Comfy Mate. No matter if you have a short beard, goatee or full beard you’ll definitely benefit from this kit. All components such as the revitalizing conditioner, balm, brush, comb and scissors, come to you in a lovely, Luxury Premium Gift Box. This kit has everything to keep your beard well groomed, clean and stylish. All products are completely 100 percent natural, from the beard oil and balm, to the bristle brush. The oil promotes growth and reduces itch, the balm helps to moisturize, and the brush and anti-static wood comb work to groom and evenly distribute the oils. If you need a trim, then the stainless steel scissors should do the trick quite nicely.


2. Rapid Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit

Rapid Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit
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This grooming and trimming kit by Rapid Beard promotes a healthy, strong beard as well as beard growth. This kit contains a beard conditioner, beard oil, 100 percent natural bristle brush, wooden comb, and stainless steel scissors. All of these products have been specifically formulated to help your beard grow long, healthy and strong. Designed to work on all styles of beard as well as any hair type. This kit is versatile, as you may use all of these products successfully on your hair as well. The beard oil is 100 percent organic and contains such superb oils as Argan, Jojoba and grapeseed. The balm contains beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, macadamia oil, tea tree oil and almond oil.


3. XIKEZAN Beard Grooming Kit

XIKEZAN Beard Grooming Kit
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Xikezan beard grooming kit is just what you need to secure that thick growth of healthy beard you’ve always wanted. This kit contains 5 top of the line products which will work well with any style of beard or hair type, and all delivered in a classic, traditional gift box. All products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and include: Beard oil, Beard Balm, Brush, comb and scissors. The oil is fortified with vitamins and nutrients designed to spur active growth. The beard balm is used to increase the strength of your beard, keeping it moisturized and easy to style. The brush and comb set is made from natural materials and designed to help you create the style you want, without causing unnecessary static or breakage. For that final trim, these stainless steel, sharp scissors will do the trick quite nicely.


4. Beard Grooming Kit by Fulllight Tech

Beard Grooming Kit by Fulllight Tech
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Fulllight Techs beard grooming kit is a 5 piece kit designed for serious guys who want serious beard growth and styling. Each kit contains a one 30 milliliter of oil, 60 grams of balm, 100 milliliters of shampoo, 1 brush, and 1 pair of trimming scissors. Everything you’ll need to keep your beard soft, manageable and well styled. The oil is great for relieving beard itch, and contains such ingredients as tea tree, grapeseed, and Jojoba oils. The all natural balm works to propel beard growth, moisturize and help you style it to perfection. For regular cleaning and maintenance, their shampoo works wonders, and contains such impressive ingredients such as Jojoba and Argan oils. When it’s time for grooming their all natural bristle brush will work to distribute oils and help you style, especially when it is time for a nice even trim using their sharp trimming shears.


5. Beard Grooming Kit by Grow a Beard

Beard Grooming Kit by Grow a Beard
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Grow a Beard’s grooming kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to get that full, lustrous beard you’ve always wanted. It comes complete with a natural bristle brush, anti-static, wood comb, oil, balm, scissors and a beard ninja shaping tool. All products in this kit are completely natural and organic. Ingredients include Argan and castor oils, and vitamin E. The double-sided comb is made from anti-static wood, the brush bristles offer a superb stiffness, enough to manage the coarsest beard hair, and the scissors are sharp, comfortable and help give you a perfect groom. As for the balm and oil, they style, help with beard itch and promote growth. The beard ninja shaper is not something you’ll find in most kits, and using it ensures you’ll get the perfect shape, each and every time.


6. Aptoco Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit

Aptoco Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit
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The Aptoco Beard 4 Piece Grooming and Trimming kit contains products which are meant for those of you who would like to see a more noticeable change in your growth, manageability and styling. Each kit contains the following: Beard oil, balm, double sided anti-static wooden comb, and a natural bristle brush. You’ll enjoy the how the dual sided beard comb and brush help to keep your beard well styled, and full, removing dead hair in the process. The beard oil is designed to moisturize your beard, as well as prevent dandruff and keep you skin nice, and soft. The balm will soften even the harshest, and most unnameable beard hair, preventing that ‘wiry’ look.


7. Gentle Vikings Beard Grooming Kit

Gentle Vikings Beard Grooming Kit
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Gentle Vikings Beard Grooming Kit is a 3 piece kit with products made from all natural ingredients to help you get the best beard possible. This kit contains one beard comb, oil and beard balm, and can be used with any beard style or hair type with equal success. Their beard oil is comprised of a bland of olive, grapeseed, wheat germ, and Jojobal oils, and designed to moisturize your skin and beard to perfection, relieving beard itch and enriching hair follicles. The anti-static wood comb is made from 100 percent natural Phoebe and designed to not break healthy hair, while removing old hair while you style.


8. Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Grooming Kit
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The Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Grooming Kit trims more than just beards, it is a complete kit designed to ensure you get the best overall styling available. This kit includes: 1 hair clipper, 4 limit combs, 1 vertical trimmer, 1 nose trimmer, 1 microshaver, 1 precision trimmer, 1 adapter, 1 cleaning brush, and a charging base. The hair clipper uses 4 positining combs to help you get the precise cut you want, and the micro shaver works well on your beard, getting it trimmed to perfection. The micro shaver can also be used to handle armpit hair, bikini, and leg hair. When you are finished, just place your shavers and trimmers into the charging base, plug it in and they’ll be charged for your next grooming session.


9. SUPRENT Multi-function Beard Trimmer, 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

SUPRENT Multi-function Beard Trimmer, 5 in 1 Grooming Kit
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The SUPRENT Multi-function Beard Trimmer, 5 in 1 14 piece Grooming Kit is a great way to stay well groomed throughout the year. This kit includes the following trimming heads: beard, precision trimming, foil shaver, nose, and detail trimming head. It also contains 1 comb, storage base, brush, cleaner brush, charger and 4 guide combs. The trimmer utilizes a 420 stainless steel blade, and allows for 3 different levels of precision trimming. Once you have completed your grooming session, simply recharge your trimming tool by placing it in the charging base. You get about 40 minutes of trim time per one charge. The recharger base also doubles as a handy storage unit, to keep all 14 pieces in order and in good shape.


10. Smooth Viking Beard Grooming Kit

Smooth Viking Beard Grooming Kit
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The Smooth Viking Beard Grooming Kit is a simple, but effective all natural comb and brush combo. Perfect for the guy on the go who needs to keep himself well groomed during the day. The brush is made from 100 percent natural boar bristle, and works with your other styling agents, to keep your beard in shape while stimulating the your hair follicles and massaging your skin. This type of brush is essential for spreading your skins natural oils throughout your beard. The dual sided, anti-static wooden beard comb has one side for your beard, and the other for mustache styling.

Tips on How to Purchase the Best Beard Grooming Kit for You

Ingredient List

Always check the ingredient list for oils or beard styling balms. While they are are usually 100 percent natural and organic, some ingredients can irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. Generally, those with sensitive skin do much better with all natural, organic ingredients, than with products who use synthetic chemical ingredients.

Comb and Brush

Each and every kit you choose must come with a high quality, all natural comb and brush combo. If you are new to growing a beard, know that they do indeed tangle. A good quality, natural bristle brush will prevent tangles, and keep your beard well groomed. These brushes help you to avoid ‘beardruff’ (beard dandruff), as well as naturally exfoliate your skin. Also, look for an all natural wooden comb. Wood combs do not snag or break the ends like plastic or metal can. If you can, look for a kit with a dual comb. This means that one side handles the beard, and the other handles your mustache.

Beard Oil

Dry skin will itch, and a dry beard will be impossible to manage, react to static in the air and will break easily during brushing. Make certain that your beard grooming kit has a moisturizing product, such as high quality oils and/or balms. A good beard oil will leave your beard feeling soft and luxiourious, but never greasy. When you look for oils, pay close attention to the ingredient list and made certain they are 100 percent natural and organic oils. Also, don’t forget to check up on the scent. Most beard oils will list their scent in descriptions, so find one that is pleasing to you. The best oils for beards appear to be Argan, Almond, Jojoba and grapeseed, as they nourish and moisturize, resulting in the best appearance possible.

Trimmers and Scissors

These are a necessity in keeping your beard well groomed. By keeping your beard well trimmed, you eliminate split ends, tangled hairs, while giving it a nice, uniform shape. An untrimmed beard that looks wild can also look unsightly, especially depending on the type of facial hair you have. Trimming around the mouth area is also essential when it comes to eating meals. A kit with a good pair of sharp, stainless steel trimming scissors will do you well. If you choose an electric trimmer, make certain that it comes with the accessories that suit your beard. No need to pay extra for attachments and trimming combs you’ll never use.


There you have it, our Top 10 Best Beard Grooming Kits in 2021 and Buyer’s Guide. Under no circumstances, should you feel slighted in any way, if you have a beard, for nowadays there are products which not only groom, but stimulate facial hair growth, moisturize the skin, detangle, brush and comb your beard to perfection. All of this is done with 100 percent natural products which are available to you in each one of the kits in our review. When you are looking for the perfect kit, remember to consider the importance of beard oils, balms, as well as the type of trimmer you prefer: Electric or scissor. We are confident that after reading our beard grooming kit review, you’ll be better equipped to find the perfect kit for you, and end up with a stunning, well-shaped and healthy beard.

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