Bolt cutters are great tools for cutting harder objects like strong or soft bolts, chains, wires, medals, and more.  It offers an easy way for users in cutting such things with their special functions. There are actually different sizes, models, brands of this product with quite different functions.

And it would be hard for you to find the best bolt cutter without any suggestion. So here, we are going to provide you some sources of the best bolt cutters for you. 

Table of the Best Bolt Cutters in 2021

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10. Maxilla Folding Bolt Cutter


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This product is a foldable bolt cutter by Maxilla that is greatly used to cut blade, bolt for household, and anywhere. This best bolt cutter provides such benefits to wide users with its perfect size. It is a suite with a bolt size of 0.5 inches. More than this, it is strong that allows you to cut bolt up to 42 HRC. It made of high-quality steel that is durable. This bolt cutter consists of rust resistance with Black-oxide material that keeps the bolt cutter stay pretty. There are strong jaws in order to perform its job greatly.

Most importantly, there is a locking mechanism that offers easy use. Within this, it is easy to carry out. You can also adjust the wrench of the bolts as you want. That is so convenient. This great bolt cutter provides safe and easy use with an ergonomic handle as well. 

What We Like: 

  • The design is great looking. 
  • This bolt cutter is foldable that is easy to carry out. 
  • There is perfect with the bolt size 0.5 inches.
  • It is strong to cut the hardest bolt up to 42 HRC.
  • There is quality steel material for its material. 
  • There is rust resistance that is durable. 
  • It can perform its function well with the strong jaws.
  • It is safe and easy to use with a locking mechanism. 
  • This best bolt cutter is adjustable with the wrench bolts. 
  • The bolt cutter offers a great handle of ergonomic in holding to cut the bolt. 
  • It is a lifetime limited warranty, so it is long-lasting and durable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is fairly expensive.

9. Crescent H.K. Porter 36″ Industrial Grade, Center Cut Cutter

metal breaker

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This 36 inches’ bolt cutter is a heavy-duty cutter. That is perfect for harder objects like bolts, metal, rods, padlocks, and more. It designs for general use at the household, industry, or else. The design looks attractive and unique. It is even great with the center cutting. On top of that, this bolt cutter has great cutting capacity. It enables to cut multiple cutting capacities such as soft, medium, and hard objects.

You will find it convenient and easy to use. It is powerful in cutting with effective results and less effort. The handle designs greatly with 50 lbs. that is enabled to pressure into 4000 lbs. So, it is strong, safe, and comfortable to use and hold as well. 

What We Like: 

  • It offers a heavy-duty cutter for multiple cutting capacities such as soft, medium, and hard objects. 
  • This heavy-duty cutter provides a great design and looks that is so attractive. 
  • The blades are durable with high-quality materials. 
  • It is even great with a center cutting point. 
  • The tool offers a safe, comfortable handle that is easy to cut harder objects with the pressure up to 4000 lbs. 
  • It is colorful with red of its handle. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Due to its huge benefits, it is slightly expensive. 

8. Capri Tools CP40209 40209 Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

bolt cutter

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This is Mini Bolt Cutter is perfectly used in cutting bolts, chains, and other harden things at the household. This is quite easy to carry out with its mini design. That is even attractive with great design. Interestingly, it is even easy to hold on in cutting things with its every handy. That is compact and easy as well. Within this, it offers an easy cut even the hardened things. That is so convenient to use.

On top of that, there is high leverage that is strong and powerful. That allows you to cut bolts easily with less effort. It consists of dual heat of good quality blends that are durable and able to perform well. Moreover, there are ergonomic grips that provide safe and secure for use in cutting things. It also offers a comfortable handle as well. 

What We Like: 

  • The price is affordable.
  • The design is great within this Mini Bolt Cutter. 
  • It can perform well in cutting hardened things like bolts, chains, and more. 
  • It is strong and powerful that allows for an easy cut with less effort. 
  • There is double heat of high-quality blends that is long-lasting. 
  • It is handy that is easy to use and hold. 
  • This mini bolt cutter provides a great design for safe with ergonomic grips. That is also comfortable to use. 
  • Good customer service. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is open is not too wide that is unable for big things. 

7. Neiko 00558A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

chain breaker tool

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This bolt cutter is one of the best bolt cutters that are perfectly usable in cutting bolts. It is convenient and easy to use with such great features. It is strong with chrome-moly steel. The jaws made of high-quality steel. It designs in the perfect size of 12 inches in order to cut the hardened objects. It is durable with high-quality blades. That consists of damage resistance with easy use.

More than this, this great bolt cutter is strong and powerful that includes the great classic lever-fulcrum. It is even easy to cut harder things with less effort as there are great blades of the leverage. Interestingly, you will like it more with the ergonomic grips this is comfortable to use and hold. Within its strong capacity, it offers such heavy-duty in cutting so many harder objects such as bolts, and other metals. 

What We Like: 

  • This bolt cutter designs to offers great in cutting harder objects like bolts, chains, wire, and more.
  • It is so affordable. 
  • The size is perfect with 12 inches. 
  • There is Cr-Mo steel as high-quality steel jaws that is strong to perform its function well. 
  • It is long-lasting with high-quality blades. 
  • This heavy-duty bolt cutter consists of damage resistance and easy applications. 
  • It is powerful with less effect in cutting harder objects easily of its great leverage. 
  • There is an ergonomic handle to offer comfortable use and hold. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • This bolt cutter is too heavy in weight. 
  • It does not offer for heavy-duty cutting that is unable to cut the lock, hard steel in practice.  

6. KNIPEX Tools – Large Bolt Cutter, Multi-Component (7172460)

red bolt cutter

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This is the 18 inches’ large bolt cutter by KNIPEX is a great mid-size bolt cutter. That is perfect for using at home, or other service fields. With the good recognition of the manufacturer, it makes this product even a special premium with its performance. You will like it even more with its duty to cut hard objects, but it is really great with small things. It can perform well with the better results with the cutting capacity up to 42 HRC. More than this, this product designs for multi-component that is convenient to use. 

What We Like: 

  • There is a high-quality handle that provides safe and comfortable. 
  • This 18 inches’ large bolt cutter is powerful with less effect in cutting mid-sized objects. 
  • It also enables to cut hard objects. 
  • This mid-size bolt cutter can perform multi-component. 
  • The cutting capacity is up to 42 HRC. 
  • It is strong and durable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is fairly expensive due to its heavy-duty and benefits. 

5. Wilks 12” Bolt Cutter

green bolt cutter

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Within this 12 inches’ bolt cutter, it is ideal for cutting harder objects like padlocks, wire, bolt, chain, and more. It can help you done your bolt cutting jobs, even more, easier and faster with its great features. There are durable materials of the jaws that made high and great quality steel. It is even convenient to use with the adjustable cutting screw. That allows you to set it to align with the edges as you want.

It offers a great design with an ergonomic handle that provides safety and comfort for users. There is damage resistant to the heat blades that is long-lasting. More than this, it offers a great mechanism for easy use and applies as well. There is easy clean of the blades. This bolt cutter required less effort with great results. 

What We Like: 

  • It is so affordable. 
  • The design looks attractive with green color. 
  • The size of the bolt cutter is great with 12 inches. 
  • There are heavy duties in cutting so many harder objects like padlocks, wire, bolts, and more. 
  • It is durable in which there are high-quality steel jaws. 
  • There is an adjustable cutting screw. 
  • It provides safety and comfort with the ergonomic handle design. 
  • The heat blades are damage resistant, so it is long-lasting to use. 
  • It is easy to clean the blades. 
  • This bolt cutter is powerful that offers effective results with less effort in cutting harder objects. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Its force is impossible to cut the lock. 

4. RIDGID 14228 Model S30 Bolt Cutter

bolt cutter

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This bolt cutter is so convenient with wide using that is perfect for cutting multiple capacities. It is able to use for all types of metals or bolts, ranging from soft, medium, and hard. Within this great bolt cutter, it provides a center cut it would be best for all users. Interestingly, there are durable and strong materials of the jaws made of sturdy steel. It can stay strong even facing harder objects. There is a good quality blade that can live longer. Furthermore, it offers a great feature of the handle and grips. They are easy and comfortable to use and hold. 

What We Like: 

  • This bolt cutter offers multiple capacities that are convenient to use. 
  • It offers great and high quality of jaws that mad of good sturdy steel. 
  • There is a quality blade that is durable and easy to cut. 
  • It provides a great handle and grips that are safe and comfortable in holding. It is easy to control as well. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is slightly expensive. 

3. KNIPEX Tools – CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter

red chain breaker

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This is an easy and compact bolt cutter with its short handle that is easy to carry out. This compact bolt cutter by KNIPEX can perform such heavy duty. With is 8 inches’ size of bolt cutter, it allows users to carry out easily for tool trucks on the car. It made of high-quality material with great design from the best manufacture.

What We Like: 

  • The design is great with a short handle for easy carryout. 
  • This compact bolt cutter offers a great feature with the strong and heavy-duty that is enable to cut hard objects. 
  • It made of high-quality materials from top manufacture. 
  • This mini bolt cutter’s size is compact and great for carrying out or keep on the car as truck tools. 
  • It is durable and strong.

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is slightly expensive. 

2. KNIPEX Tools – Large Bolt Cutter, Multi-Component (7172610)

tool for cutting metal, bolt, or chain

[Azonasinid asinid=”B005EXO8KQ”]

This is the 24 inches’ large bolt cutter that offers great performance with less effort in cutting harder objects. Within this product, its design for wide using such as at a home, shop, or at fields. This bolt cutter provides comfortable use with high-quality material. It is durable to use as well. It allows you to cut hard objects up to 42 HRC with its capacity. 

What We Like: 

  • It offers 24 inches cutting tool that is great for cutting hard objects like bolts, medals, rods, and more. 
  • There is a strong cutting capacity for up to 42 HRC. 
  • It is comfortable to use with the great handle design.
  • It made of high-quality material from well-known and premium manufacture. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The blades are easy to get damage in which it becomes flattered and flatter after used. 
  • Poor quality at a premium price. 

1. WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter

chain breaker

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This product is one of the best bolt cutters that are greatly in cutting soft bolts, chains, and other metal. Within this bolt cutter, it consists of a lot of the best features that you are looking for. There is Cr-Mo steel that is strong of the jaws. So, it is durable and long-lasting to use. Besides this, it offers a great function in cutting capacity for up to 42 HRC. Not only great cutting capacity, but it is also powerful.

There are high-quality blades and classic lever-fulcrum of the leverage. That helps the cutting process even easier with less effort. Moreover, there are ergonomic non-slip grips that provide comfort to use and to hold. 

What We Like: 

  • It is durable in use with strong jaws made of Cr-Mo steel as good quality material. 
  • It has a strong cutting capacity of up to 42 HRC. 
  • This bolt cutter is powerful with less effort in cutting things easily. 
  • It offers a comfortable handle with ergonomic non-slip grips. 
  • There are high-quality blades that are long-lasting and damage resistance. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is unable to cut harder objects like locks since it only allows for cutting soft objects, bolts, and more. 

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Bolt Cutters

Are you recently looking for tools to break the chains or other metal gears? Even though there are a lot available on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming when you need to decide which one to choose. To assist your decision making, we have prepared a list of useful buying tips for you to look at. Simply scroll down and study at your own pace.

The Quality of the Blade

When purchasing a bolt cutter you need to pay close attention to the quality of the blade. For you to cut any material effectively, the blade needs to be sharp and strong. We would strongly advise that you pick a bolt cutter with a steel blade.

The Handle

The handle ought to be comfy and have a firm grip. It should be slip-resistant and it’s best you pick a bolt cutter with long handles. It’s because it will help you exact the least amount of force when cutting heavy materials. You can either pick handles made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. However, aluminum handles are a bit costly.

The Weight

The weight of the bolt cutter is a very essential factor to consider. An ideal bolt cutter should be lightweight. This way, you will be able to use it with the utmost ease and minimal complications. Therefore, before purchasing make sure you check it’s weight first.

The Brand

Due to the fact that there are over a hundred bolt cutter manufacturers, the competition is very stiff. You can use this to your advantage. You should pick a bolt cutter from a reputable and known brand. Some good bolt cutter manufacturers are the ones discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are bolt cutters used for?

A: Bolt cutters can also be called the other words as a bolt or chain cropper. They are used to cut or break the chains, lock or padlock, bolts themselves, as well as other wire meshes.

Q: What can bolt cutters not cut through?

A: Some ordinary bolt cutters might not be able to cut some padlocks or other things like Granit Plus Padlock, Granit Alloy Steel Padlock, Solid Steel Rekeyable Padlock, Zero-Bitted, and other hardened steel chains with hexagonal links.

Q: Can bolt cutters cut grade 70 chain?

A: Although the grade 70 chain is well known for its toughness, those with the cheap quality might still be cut with some high-quality bolt cutters.


The above are the top ten best bolt cutters in the market. Finding a good bolt cutter is not hard. But, that does not mean that you just rush to the store and buy anything you come across. You should do your research and make an informed decision.

Once you find the ideal bolt cutter that you want, you can order it online or alternatively get it from your nearest hardware store. A bolt cutter is a great tool, however, for you to fully benefit from it, you need to find the best one in the market. If you are looking for the best bolt cutter, please check out the above sources. You will find it easy to review the best bolt cutter as you are looking for. We do hope that you can find the one you need and want. 

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