You definitely need to ease work in your kitchen garden, compound or shamba. Bow rakes are resourceful tools that will help you collect vegetation within a short time. The tines which are made of metal will facilitate fast work execution.

With many bows takes in the market, you may be confused on which to pick. Worry not as provided is a list of The Top 10 Best Bow Rakes In 2021 and Buyers Guide to help you navigate when purchasing one.

Table of the Best Bow Rakes:

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1. Wolf Garden Bow Rake

Wolf Garden Bow Rake
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This multitask tool allows a gardener to quickly change tools, in manner of only one-click. This not only makes it time proficient but also eliminates an over-crowded garage. It has a high quality 13.8′ inch steel head, which enables it to manevour swiftly.

Its specifically designed for ease of use with the flat top design allowing for levelling. Not to forget are the wide curved teeth which pulls through the soil smoothly. This is a homeowners best option.


2. Emsco Group Workforce Bow Rake

Emsco Group Workforce Bow Rake
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Workforce tools are built to perform without breaking the bank. This means that its customer friendly and yet carries out tough landscaping jobs. It is built to endure heavy duty tasks such as seasonal mulching and levelling gravel.

It also has a 52 inch’ fiberglass handle which can tackle a variety of projects. Additionally, it has a 16-gauge powder coated head comprised of metal makes it more durable. Its also water resistant preventing unwanted rusting and proves it can last the test of time.


3. Truper Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake

Truper Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake
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If you haven’t heard of the brand Truper, well now you know. It’s by far the largest Mexican company and has been in the manufacturing business for over 40 years. Indeed, old is gold and that’s why they have the experience to forge a bow rake which has a lifetime warranty. It has 16 teeth which stand up to the rugged landscape.

It also has a white ash handle which offers resistance and flexibility. Without a degree of doubt, this product is geared towards consumers who wish to level up with high-end tools


4. Truper Tru Tough Welded Bow Rake

Truper Tru Tough Welded Bow Rake
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The Tuper brand is among the best-selling signature tool line. Its long existence within the manufacturing company aids in availing customer satisfaction. The welded bow rake has 16 teeth and a lacquered handle for strength and durability. The visual appeal of the product is clear coated gray-steel finished heads. With a 10 year free replacement warranty, it backs up ones tools.


5. Ames Jackson Pony Bow Rake

Ames Jackson Pony Bow Rake
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The Jackson line is designed for individuals who have a desire for high-quality features. The Pony Bow Rake is perfect for breaking up compacted soil and spreading mulch among other outdoor activities.

It can also be used to collect leaves, hay, grass, and other garden debris. It has a steel ferrule for a strong blade and handles. Also, the presence of an extra-long 60-inch hardwood handle which reduces back strain is an ideal option.


6. Ames Double Play Bow Rake

Ames Double Play Bow Rake
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This equipment is of superb value to homeowners. It has 16 steel tines, which is a dual-purpose rake head. It exerts force to compact soil or mulch. The wide tines enable one to level materials evenly. It’s versatile as its equipped with 2-sides. Lest we forget the durability, due to the steel reinforced socket area.

It also has a fiberglass handle which plays a better role than a wooden handle. Most importantly, the cushion end grip provides comfort and control to the consumer.


7. Kauplus Welded Bow Rake

Kauplus Welded Bow Rake
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KAUPA is an International Company based in Taiwan. They offer above par garden tools and other accessories for over two decades. With durable 16 tine teeth, it allows one to loosen up the soil . It also has a steel ferrule for the strongest blade and handles.

With such characteristics, it deems this tool worthy for heavy duty tasks. A customer can choose from a variety of colors. The tools are of simple maintenance, so long it is properly stored and cleaned.


8. Bully Tool Bow Rake

Bully Tool Bow Rake
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As I wind up on the list of amazing tools one can utilize during outdoor activities, let me discuss the Bully Tool. The products are 100% American made and manufactured in a broad-ranging from farm tools, shingle remover, and specialty tools. This bow rake is convenient since its lightweight and has an extra thick commercial grade steelhead. With a limited lifetime warranty its prone to be of good service. The products continue to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of the economy.


9. Ames True Temper Bow Rake

Ames True Temper Bow Rake
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Last but not least is the Ames True Temper Bow Rake which is a viable option one should look into. With its 51-inch handle, it makes garden work less tedious. Due to its long handle, it reduces any tension. It also has a contoured 14 inch” welded head not to forget a power collar. This gadget is useful in dynamic ways and very durable.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Bow Rake


When one is planning on buying a Bow Rake, its durability should be highly questioned. Without choosing a durable tool, then the outcome of your work will not be satisfactory. One needs to choose a heavy-duty tool as a viable option.


Financial cost should be taken into consideration. There is no need to break your account for a garden tool. One should overlook all the possible choices, and acquire one which can fit their budget.


Garden tools are quite simple to handle, as long as you properly store them. Regularly clean them to prevent build up of residue. Also, never leave them outside and unattended to as it is a safety hazard.


It is evident that Bow Rakes serve as a multi-purpose when it comes to outdoor activities. In a nutshell, this guide relives your stress when it comes to choosing a suitable rake as it has elaborate and intricate details of each and every one. Am sure any customer can now be at liberty to pick one at their own pleasure.

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