If you have a backward or a field nearby, you can have loads of fun and do physical exercises without getting hurt by using a bubble ball. The bubble balls are extremely popular among kids and teenagers as they can roll with it, flip around, and take bumps comfortably without getting a single scratch. Even adults can play them and most of the people carry them while going on a vacation trip like a sea beach. They are easily inflatable and highly portable. The following is the list of the top 10 best bubble balls in 2021 that you should consider buying.

Table of the​ Best Bubble Balls:

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1. Oanon Inflatable Bumper Ball

Oanon Inflatable Bumper Ball
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The material used in this bubble ball is high-quality PVC which is non-toxic and approved for not causing any harm to the skin. The ball is designed so that kids and adults can use it simultaneously. The inflation or deflation takes a couple of minutes. The product is strong and durable and it is very easy to clean completely. The lifespan is expected to be around three to five years depending on usage. The adjustable shoulder straps make it perfect fit for anyone and there are 2 handles inside for convenience and safety. You can bounce, flip, roll and take bumps as per your liking for fun. The diameter of the bubble ball is 1.5 meters and it can sustain 200 pounds of weight.


2. ANCHEER Inflatable Bumper Bubble Soccer Ball

ANCHEER Inflatable Bumper Bubble Soccer Ball
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There are various beautifully colored bubble balls available from the company. For the material, a high-quality PVC has been used and it is odorless and non-toxic in nature. The fasteners are very strong and well-sealed for long-term use and safety. As usual, there are 2 handles and 2 adjustable shoulder straps for perfect fit and safety. It is non-deformable in summer or winter. The diameter is 5 feet and it is suitable for all players of any age. The maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.


3. Holleyweb Bubble Soccer Ball

Holleyweb Bubble Soccer Ball
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The material used for the bubble ball is 0.8mm PVC and it is completely non-toxic, colorless and also odorless. The material has been approved for its quality and it is extremely durable and safe for bubble balls which undergo heavy usage in rough surfaces. The diameter is the standard 5 feet or 1.5 meters. There are various color options available and if you buy 6 in one go, you can get an electric pump. Otherwise, you have to buy it separately and it is inflatable in a couple of minutes.


4. Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball

Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball
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This is a beautifully designed bubble ball with translucent texture. It has the standard 0.8mm PVC material for its construction. The material is approved for its quality and it is eco-friendly which means it is not toxic or harmful to the skin. There is 3-way safety system like air protection, internal handles for firm holding and safety harness for the overall protection of the users. It takes less than two minutes to inflate completely and it can be played on most of the surfaces by kids and adults.


5. Garybank Bubble Soccer Ball

Garybank Bubble Soccer Ball
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The product has managed to feature under Amazon’s Choice for the category of the bumper ball. It is made up of PVC material of high-grade. The diameter is 1.5 meters and as a promotional offer, the company is offering an electric pump if you purchase six bubble balls at once. The color combination and textured design are eye-catching and it can be used for flipping, spinning, and taking bumps with full safety. The product is designed for teenagers and adults. The use of PU sponge makes it comfortable and safer.


6. Ceny Body inflatable bumper ball

Ceny Body inflatable bumper ball
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This is a set of two bubble balls and they have the standard size of 1.5 meters. The material used in high-quality PVC that is 100% non-toxic. The balls are inflatable within a couple of minutes and they are designed for adults as well as children. The construction has been such that the safety has been given priority and there is literally no risk of getting hurt. There are three sizes available to choose from and it is easy to clean completely. It is a tailor-made bubble ball for performing all the moves like bumps, rolls, flips and other comfortably.


7. FOSHAN MINGZE Inflatable Bumper Ball

FOSHAN MINGZE Inflatable Bumper Ball
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The product has heat-sealed construction which makes it strong and durable. The overlapping seams can withstand greater pressure and stress while playing with it or inflating it. There are intensive dots which ensure the tensile strength increases considerably than standard bubble balls and it is abrasion resistant. The diameter is 1.2 meters and it is suitable for teenagers mostly.

8. AECOJOY Inflatable Bumper Ball

AECOJOY Inflatable Bumper Ball
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It is a set of two bubble balls that are made up of 100% PVC of high-quality. It is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and abrasion resistant. There are five different color combinations available to choose from and it has the standard diameter of 1.5 meters. The balls are designed for kids and teenagers but even adult can play. They are perfect for all the maneuvers you want to play and suitable for all surfaces.


9. Oanon Inflatable Bumper Balls

Oanon Inflatable Bumper Balls
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The lifespan of the product is expected to be around 5 years depending on the regular usage. It is made up of approved quality PVC and it is odorless and not harmful to the human skin by any means. You can play with it for hours without getting sweaty and it is not affected by heat or cold. The size is standard and it is inflatable within a couple of minutes. There are two different sizes available for convenience and you should buy them as per your height and body weight.


10. Tomasar Inflatable Bubble Soccer Ball

Tomasar Inflatable Bubble Soccer Ball
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The material used for construction is imported PVC of 0.8mm thickness. The material is tasteless, non-toxic and non-harming for the human skin. The service life of the product is expected to be around five years. There is 3-way safety system which is the best option and most importantly, it is highly portable which makes it easy to carry with on the vacation trips. The product is suitable for people of all ages.


Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are various benefits that a bubble ball can offer that you might not have thought through. For example, there are various health benefits as it regulates the blood circulation, burn off excess fat, and increase flexibility. It increases one’s ability in coordination, engagement, thinking, endurance and determination. Not only that, it can boost the relationship of the players. While buying a bubble ball, check the following parameters to be a smart buyer.


– Most of the standard bubble balls have a diameter of 1.5 meters. This standard size is suitable for everyone starting from kids to adults. This is achieved with the help of adjustable straps but the balancing part can become seriously troublesome. Therefore, if you have a small height, you should always insist on having a smaller diameter of the bubble ball. For example, there are some available at1.2 meters or even 0.8 meters which will be perfect for kids and teenagers.


– The safety of a product is always the priority. You should check the safety features the bubble ball is offering so that it makes a worthy purchase. The safest in the lot has to be those that have a 3-way safety system. They have handles internally for stability, adjustable straps for perfect fit and protection against air pressure. There are many that do not give importance to air pressure but you can never know when the strong wind may come and take you away.


– The material is generally the same in all high-quality bubble balls we have listed above. First of all, the material has to be PVC of 0.8mm at least and it should have been approved for its quality. Then it should be non-toxic and harmless to the human skin as your skin will be in contact with it all the time. Furthermore, it has to be odorless and tasteless and there should not be any contraction or expansion due to the weather condition. Both the safety and the hygiene must be taken care of properly.

Apart from these, there are various other properties of the bubble ball you need to watch out for. The tensile strength has to be high, it must be abrasion resistant, and the flexibility has to be superb to prevent injury. The flexibility will also determine the kind of moves that one can do with it like flips, bumps, bounce, roll and likewise.


Jumping inside a bubble ball is total fun and excitement. When you are going out on a family trip with your kids, you should definitely carry a bubble ball. You should also encourage them to play with it as it is going to be a great physical exercise session for them and there are various forms are games available with bubble balls that will surely make the time worth every bit.

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