A car should possess the best features; don’t you agree? You see a lot of innovations and ideas in the automobile industry nowadays. And every brand tries to outdo another. Here is Best Car Phone Mounts. You’re not here to read about cars. You’re here to know about the best car phone mounts. Of course, cars nowadays come equipped with touchscreen panels that have integrated systems to take calls, send messages, and a bunch of other functions. But where does that leave your phone? In your pocket? On the dashboard?

Well, it has to go somewhere you can see and be easy to reach. But not too easy so that you take your focus off the road. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if your car comes with a touchscreen panel or not. Your phone will still be a handy piece of equipment to give you map directions, take voice commands, read messages, and make calls—all, hands-free.

List of Top 10 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2021

To uncomplicate your search for the best phone mount, here’s a list of 10, consumers swear by.

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10. UGREEN Air Vent Phone Mount

UGREEN Air Vent Phone Mount
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The car phone mount by UGREEN is a slick and can be accommodated on most car vents; be it horizontal, vertical, or round. You can get it setup in a jiffy with your phone securely placed in. This contraption is suitable for a wide variety of phones and music players. Its swivel holder allows you to position your phone or music players how you want it. The TPU material from which it’s made keeps your phone steady even on undulating roads. However, it’s soft enough so that your device is in no way scratched or damaged. The top-notch spring steel is elastic enough to clamp your device while its PVC clip bites down on the air vent without causing any damage.

9. iOttie Easy One Touch 3(v2.0) Universal Phone Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch 3(v2.0) Universal Phone Holder
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Spring mechanics graces this phone mount holder. Simply put, you can dock this holder in place and get your device in position—or unmount it—with just the push of a button. It also has a sticky gel pad on the bottom to keep it steady. However, you should note that it will not stick to surfaces made of leather or vinyl. It’s compatible with phones that are upto 3.5 inches wide and it also comes with a telescopic arm that adds an inch of extension so that you get the best viewing angles on your device.

8. Maxboost Universal Magnetic Phone Holder

Maxboost Universal Magnetic Phone Holder
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Unlike the contenders mentioned above, the phone holders by Maxboost bring in the beauty of using a magnet. It has two rubberised-claws on the rear that can grip onto any air vent whilst ensuring that there aren’t any scratches. Also present are 4 powerful magnets in the mount head that stick to the back of your phone, whether your phone comes with a metal back cover, or you’re using a protective cover. It’s incredibly light, portable, and durable as well. Another noteworthy feature is its mount head that allows 360-degree rotation so that you can comfortably look at your phone without stretching your neck.

7. Mpow Cellphone Holder For Car

Mpow Cellphone Holder For Car
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Having a flexible arm on a phone holder has its own advantages. This phone mount has one that can reach out to 8 inches. Moreover, it’s flexible and made from aluminium for more strength and durability. It also comes with a suction cup that allows you to pin it down on any surface. As an added advantage, there’s also a sponge dashboard support so that your phone doesn’t wobble when you drive on the worst roads imaginable. You can conveniently place your phone between 4-6 inches and get a 360-degree rotation for improved views.

6. Mpow Car Phone Holder

Mpow Car Phone Holder
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This phone mount weighs 3.8 ounces and measures 4.8 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches. That’s quite lightweight and suitable for a variety of phones. But what’s interesting about this phone mount is that it goes on top of the CD slot. This has an advantage over other products that go on the dashboard, air vents, or other higher surfaces as you can easily reach your phones. Moreover, there are three side grips to hold your device in place. A little button along the sides can be pushed which prompts the phone to pop out of the mount. What’s more, you get a 360-degree rotation for great viewing angles.

5. Safergo Heavy Duty Air Vent Phone Holder

Safergo Heavy Duty Air Vent Phone Holder
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The Safergo phone mount has a tiger teeth metal clip made of zinc alloy that grips the air vent so that you can mount your phone securely. You can conveniently place devices ranging between 3.5 to 6 inches in width without having to worry about it falling off on bumpy roads. You get a 360-degree rotation as well with the option of mounting it on vertical or horizontal air ducts. One drawback of this phone mount is that it cannot be placed on air vents that have slats bigger than 0.79 inches.

4. iOttie Easy One Touch Windshield Phone Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch Windshield Phone Holder
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In many ways, this phone mount is way above the rest of the competition. Firstly, it comes with an easy one touch mounting system that envelops your device with ease. Releasing the device is easy as well. At just the push of a button, the device pops out without any scratches. There is also a sticky gel pad on the bottom that can stick to any surface, including textured. Amazingly, this gel pad can be rinsed and dried which returns it to its out-of-the-box condition. You also get a 360-degree rotation, with grips that can secure devices upto 2.9 inches wide.

3. Mpow Universal Car Phone Holder

Mpow Universal Car Phone Holder
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Magnets are cool, aren’t they? This phone mount has one; powerful in fact so that your device is glued on. It also has a sturdy rubberized-base that can be slipped into an air vent. This base is also pretty strong as it upholds the weight of the magnet and your device. To get this mount up and running, simply let it lock on the air vent. To place a phone you’ll have to insert a metal plate between the protection film and your phone, stick the metal plate on the phone’s rear, or opt for a phone case with an embedded metal plate.

2. Koomus Pro CD-M

Koomus Pro CD-M
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The Koomus Pro phone mount is a handy little beauty. It slips into your CD slot on the push of a button. Removing it will also require you to push the same. Moreover, the entire mount is covered in silicone so that neither your car nor your device develops scratches. As with all magnetic mounts, you’ll have to either opt for a metal-plated phone cover or stick the metal plate onto the rear. The 360-degree rotation on this phone mount offers tremendous viewing angles. This phone mount stands out as compared to other similar products, but unlike the others, it blends in perfectly.

1. Wizgear Magnetic Mount

 Wizgear Magnetic Mount
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Two is always better than one. That’s right, you get two of these mounts in a pack for your air vents. These phone mounts have 4 powerful magnets and a sturdy base so that your devices don’t slip, fall, or wobble on the worst roads. The magnetic mount on the base has a tremendous attractive force that latches on to devices of any make: Android, iPhone, Windows, or Blackberry. You also get a rotation and swivel motion for portrait or landscape views without you having to worry about your vents’ slats moving around or your device losing grip.

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