People spend many hours a day in their vehicles. Whether it is a day to day commute, running errands or being the neighborhood car pool, an excellent sound system can take the edge off, as it is the vehicles stereo system that provides their only entertainment. No matter if you still are using your factory installed stereo, or purchased a top of the line aftermarket unit, you won’t attain optimum impact unless you add a high quality subwoofer to the mix. It is the subwoofer that is designed to delivery the deep, rich, throttling bass in audio systems. Searching for the perfect subwoofer can be daunting, but we hope that by reading our basic guide, it will assist you in getting started.

Below we have made a list of the Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Basson the market today for 2021. Each of these subwoofers have qualities unique to their own, each designed specifically with a particular customer needs in mind. We have included Power subwoofers, enclosed subwoofers, as well as component. If you are concerned and are not sure what type you need, we have also included a basic buyers guide at the end of the review section.

Table of the Best Car Subwoofers:

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1. Rockville RW10CA 10″ 800 Watt Car Subwoofer

#Rockville RW10CA 10
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Rockville’s RW10CA 10 inch under seat subwoofers with bass remote is guaranteed to give you the absolute best in overall bass performance. Designed to be low profile, this small, compact subwoofer’s enclosure measures a tight 2.7 inches which makes it an easy slide under the seat. No need to purchase a separate amp, as the amplifier is integrated into the subwoofer.The RW10CA comes with 800 watts of peak power with 200 watts RMS, is CEA-2006 compliant which means you can expect to receive the power claimed by Rockville. Other features include high level inputs with auto turn-on technology, frequency response of 20 Hz to 150 Hz, phase switch: 0 to 180 degrees, low pass filter: 50 Hz to 150 Hz, adjustable input sensitivity and soft delayed remote turn-on. If you are concerned about burning out your woofer, no need as this model comes with 3 way protection: thermal, overload and short protection.

2. Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10 Powered Subwoofer

#Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10 Powered Subwoofer
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The Cerwin-Vega VPAS10 is a compact, low profile, low pass filter of 180 degrees, and measuring 13.6 x 9.7 x 2.6 inches. This slim 2 ohm subwoofer is specifically designed to slide right up under your car seat, out of the way. Power handling is 160 watts peak and 80 watts RMS, comes with an easy to use remote control, with adjustable input sensitivity, auto power turn on, phase switch, and RCA and high level inputs.

Powered by an MOSFET power supply, features include RCA plugins, dust resistant grill, frequency response of 75 to 150 Hz, impedance 2 Ohm.A major threat for subwoofers is overheating, but with the VPAS10, that’s not something which will concern you as it comes with precision thermal protection technology. This technology keeps your 10 inch subwoofer cool so you can confidently enjoy many hours of music enjoyment, without being concerned your speaker will burn out.

3. KICKER 11HS8 8 inch Powered Subwoofer

#KICKER 11HS8 8 inch Powered Subwoofer
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The Kicker 11HSi HideAway a small but powerful subwoofer, and at around 3 inches in height, can easily fit under the seats of most vehicles. The Kicker has an integrated 150 watt RMS amp, frequency response of 25 to 120 Hz, variable phase control, and bass boost control: 0 decibels to plus 6 decibels.

Other features include an auto turn on switch, and wired remote. You’ll find the remote bass especially convenient as you can easily control the bass output from your seat. Installation and use with this 11.5 x 5 x 18 inch model are simple with the remote, quick connect power plug and Velcro fastened nylon straps, and high and low level inputs to integrate with most head units.

4. Belva 1200 Watt Complete Car Subwoofer

#Belva 1200 Watt Complete Car Subwoofer
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Enjoy long drives with pulse pounding bass with the Belva 1200 watt Complete Car Subwoofer package. By complete, we mean no more purchasing an amp here, subwoofer there, an enclosure plus wiring. This package comes fully loaded with an amp along with all the supplies such as true-to-gauge wiring, you’ll need to make a quick and easy install. Package includes: Two 12 inch subwoofers, ported enclosure, amplifier, wiring and connections.

This is a very affordable solution for those looking for a budget friendly way to add high quality bass without a hefty price tag or difficult install. Power handling is peak 1200 watts, 600 watts each subwoofer, impedance 4 Ohm SVC, polypropylene cone with tough rubber surround, 1.5 inch black aluminum voice coil and 37 ounce ferrite magnet motor structure.The enclosure comes preloaded with the Velva subwoofers, tuned and ready, and measures 30.43 x 14.29 x 11.73 inches. The class A/B monoblock amp has adjustable gain, a pair of preamp outputs, high level, speaker level inputs, and remote bass knob.

5. Kicker 40CWR122 Subwoofer

#Kicker 40CWR122 Subwoofer
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The Kicker 40CWR122 is a part of the outstanding CompR line of subwoofers, which means they are specifically designed only for audiophiles who enjoy a loud, throttling bass. This 12 inch subwoofer gets its power from a durable, rigid, injection molded polypropylene cone, custom designed top and back plate, tough, ribbed santoprene surround, dual, high temperature 2 ohm voice coils (250 watts per coil) to handle the heat, and is well ventilated by quad venting to let heat escape. The Kicker does not come with its own amplifier, so when you shop for one it will need to be able to handle 500 watts of RMS power. Other details include frequency response of 25 to 500 Hz, sensitivity of 86.9 decibels with a mounting depth of 5.75 inches.

6. Belva BPKG210v2 Amplified Bass Package

#Belva BPKG210v2 Amplified Bass Package
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Belva is known to make some serious badass subwoofers with deep bass, and the affordable BPKG210v2 package is no exception. Everything from the subwoofers amplifier and 8 gauge amplifire kit wiring is included withing this stylish enclosure, along with compatible high level inputs.The amplifier is a powerful class A/B monoblock amp with adjustable gain, LPF of 40 to 300 Hz, bass boost of 0 to 12 decibels, a pair of preamp outputs and highl/low speaker level inputs. The Belva is easily controlled by way of an adjustable remote bass knob.

Power handling for this package is a peak 1000 watts, 500 watts each and RMS 500 watts with 250 watts each. Impedance is 4 ohm SVC, the cone is made from a tough, rigid polypropylene material with a rubber surround. The voice coil is 1.5 inch black aluminum, and a 37 ounce ferrite magnet motor structure.

7. SKAR Audio EVL-12 D2 12 inch Car Subwoofer

#SKAR Audio EVL-12 D2 12 inch Car Subwoofer
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SKAR is a familiar name in sound to many audiophiles who are looking for the best in stereo equipment. The EVL model has a peak power output of 2500 watts, RMS 1250 watts, a 3 inch 4 layer black aluminum CCAW voice coil, high flux double stack ferrite motor, double 2 Ohm configuration, high roll foam surround and single damper, signature 2 layer red spider. Frequency response is 30 to 300 Hz, sensitivity is 85.1 decibels, and a 23.55mm one way Xmax.

This powerful subwoofer is kept cool by a propelled wind stream cooling technology attached to the motor. Be mindful you’ll need to purchase an amplifier and enclosure separately. Make certain the amplifier can handle 2500 watts of peak power and your enclosure has a mounting depth of 7.75 inches, with a cut out diameter of 11.25 inches and magnet diameter of 7.35 inches.

8. 2002-2015 Dodge Ram Quad/Crew Truck Harmony R104 Subwoofer

#2002-2015 Dodge Ram Quad/Crew Truck Harmony R104 Subwoofer
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The Harmony R104 comes with an enclosure and is built for the 2002 – 2015 Dodge Ram Quad Cab and Crew Cab, but will not work with the Mega Cab model. This model belongs to the Harmony Stereo HA-R104 Car Stereo Rhythm Series, known for using excellent quality materials to produce a crisp, clear, rich bass sound. The R104 has a power handling of peak 500 watt, RMS of 250 watts, and single 4 Ohm 10 inch subwoofer.

Sensitivity is 86.1 decibels, frequency response 30 Hz to 1.5 KHz, metallic polypropylene injection mold cone with butyl rubber surround. Tinsel leads are interwoven into the spider, a 1.5 inch copper voice coil, steel basket, ferrite magnet and Kapton former material. This comes with a sealed enclosure built from good quality MDF, with mounting depth of 6 inches, overall dimensions 19.5 x 7.5 x 13.5 inches, ginding terminal cup and durable black carpet. As any audiophile knows, heat is the main culprit which can damage any subwoofer. Harmony uses large slotted vents which lie beneath the spider. These vents then direct the cool air to your speakers internal components.

9. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt

#Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt
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Founded in 1973, Fosgate continues to be among the top manufacturers of car subwoofers on the market. The P300-12 is a solidly built, ‘all-in-one’, affordable subwoofer that utilizes the powerful Punch 12 inch subwoofer designed with universal fitment in mind. To ensure the best sound quality, Fosgate housed their P300-12 in a vinyl covered, sealed ‘closed loop’ enclosure made with high quality 5/8 inch MDF box material, along with an integrated RMS 300 watt, 600 watt peak amplifier. The amp is a class D monoblock, CEA-2006 compliant with auto turn on and off. The amp also comes with gain and bass boost control, and an integrated adjustable bass boost equalizer.

Features include a variable low pass crossover, phase switch, variable bass boost, low and high level inputs make it easy to connect to most factory and aftermarket systems. Proprietary spider venting and cooling technique, high temperature 2 inch voice coil, durable polyester/cotton spider with interwoven tinsel leads, and Kevlar reinforced paper cone, The P300-12 also comes with a remote knob so you can conveniently adjust the subwoofers output to the bass level that suits you. The P300-12 is CEA-2031 compliant and Klippel verified.

10. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Subwoofer

#MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Subwoofer
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If you’re done with dealing with your dull as dishwater factory stereo system or your aftermarket stereo system needs a significant bass boost to reveal its best sound, then the MTX Terminator Series TNE212D dual 12 inch subwoofer with 2 inch aluminum voice coil and rubber surrounde may be just what you need. Housed in a sealed enclosure built from 5/8 inch MDF material with aviation grade carpeting, this subwoofer packs a powerful punch with 1200 watt maximum power, 800 watt peak power and 400 watt RMS, impedance of 2 Ohms and a frequency response of 37-150 Hz.

This unit has been designed to endure any trunk or cargo area, so may be a good choice for individuals who drive off road. Other features include Spider Plateau Venting technology, which cools your vital internal components, dissipating heat so you can freely use your TNE212D confidently, even on long road trips.

Tips on How You Can Choose the Best Car Subwoofer For You

Before you get started shopping for your subwoofer, you need to decide where you are going to install it. If you have a vehicle with little or no available space, an all-in-one powered subwoofer will work, but if you have plenty of room in your trunk or cargo area, you are free to build your own system, component by component. So, first and foremost take a few measurements and decide where you wish to place it, before you buy it.

What Type of Subwoofer Do You Need?

As mentioned, going for the best and biggest subwoofer can mean a return trip to the store if it won’t fit in your vehicle. This means, you need to be honest with yourself and decide what you need. For example, If you are a true audiophile, do-it-yourself type person, then a component subwoofer is probably up your alley. Component subwoofers are just the speaker. You must purchase the enclosure, amplifier and any wiring separately. The component style subwoofer has many benefits, including more elbow room to design your own system, and the possibility of purchasing a large subwoofer.

Enclosed subwoofers are next on our list, and come built with their own enclosures. This is the perfect solution for someone for someone who does not wish to bother researching or even building their own enclosure. The quality of the enclosure has a direct effect on the quality of audio.

Next, we have the powered subwoofer. This is the perfect choice for someone who is looking for a nice, full bass sound with minimal installation. A powered subwoofer is specifically designed for those who have little space. Powered subs are also known as all-in-one subwoofers, and come complete with an amplifier, enclosure, wiring, all with a low profile design. The low profile design allows it to be placed under seats, in compartments or other small area.

Finally, we have the vehicle specific subwoofer. This refers to a subwoofer which will only be compatible with certain vehicles. These subwoofers are great for individuals who don’t like the idea of having a subwoofer in their trunk, or simply want one that has an enclosure which will seamlessly blend into their vehicles design.


Lets face it, you are buying a subwoofer to beef up your bass, so this is important. When you read the specifications, only pay attention to the RMS power ratings, as that is the wattage you’ll be using. Peak power refers only to the absolute power out put of that unit. However, if you run your unit at peak power, it will probably burn out and die rather quickly.

Now that you understand the difference between RMS and Peak power wattage, it’s time to consider the amplifier. No matter the RMS, if you don’t have an amp to drive it, you’ll not get the bass sound you paid for. So if you decide on a component subwoofer, make sure you purchase the proper amplifier that can handle the RMS, so you get the best audio possible.

Frequency Range

This refers to how deep your bass will sound. Keep in mind that no matter what the specs say, variables such as enclosure type and placement of the subwoofer can alter the sound greatly. Since you are aware that frequency range means the range of sound, shop for a subwoofer that has a low frequency response.


The kind of enclosure your subwoofer has makes a huge difference on the sound you get, as it modulates the emerging audio. A high quality sealed enclosure will probably give you a much better bass than an enclosure made from plywood. As a rule, the sealed enclosure results in a clear, crisp and deep bass, while enclosures that are ported and bandpass will give you a louder sound. A poorly chosen enclosure will result in poor quality audio.


We hope you enjoyed our review for the Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass. Subwoofers are speakers which serve to create rich, deep low-frequency sounds. While it is possible to listen to a system without a good quality subwoofer, very few would choose to. It is the bass which gives you a feeling of ‘being there’ right where the music is produced. While each vehicle drops off the assembly line with an integrated subwoofer, they are usually designed for adequate performance. This is why purchasing a subwoofer and hooking it up to your system is the chosen route many individuals take.

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