Electricity is one of the most revolutionary inventions in the world. It is quite frightening to try to think of a world without power. You may need to install and repair electrical appliances and systems from time to time. This is where the best clamping meters are useful.

A Clamp Meter is used to measure the current, voltage and various parameters identified with electricity, keeping it to the drivers. Current clamps are available in several models and with several features. There are many types of Clamp Meter clamps available.

It may not be easy for you to find out which is the best for measuring the clamp, especially if you do not have a clue about the technical specifications. However, no compelling reason to stress yourself. Here Top 10 Best Clamp Meters in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide to get you started with your clamp meter search.

Table of the Best Clamp Meters:

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1. AIMO MS2108A Tester

AIMO MS2108A Tester
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The AIMO MS2108A Meter clamp is a right meter for domestic applications. It measures the AC voltage and the DC voltage. AIMO meter also measures continuity and resistance. This AIMO comes with information retention and automatic scaling. The AIMO MS2108A opening of the jaw accommodates conductors up to 26 mm. The meter accompanies a transport box to be able to move efficiently. The AIMO MS2108A has all the features of a direct performance meter. It’s for fewer applications. AIMO MS2108A does not integrate all parameters into its measurement competences.


2. Klein Tools CL200

Klein Tools CL200
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Klein Tools for some time now has been an outstanding electrical measuring devices brand. The CL200 is an incredible digital counter that has a DC and AC voltage rating limit. It moreover measures the alternating currents. The Klein tools CL200 accuracy is enhanced by the electric range and the actual characteristics of the RMS sensor. It can measure continuity, frequency, resistance, capacitance and control diodes. It’s also comes with a thermocouple test which measures the temperature.


3. Sperry Instruments DSA500A Meter

Sperry Instruments DSA500A Meter
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Sperry DSA500A is a digital electricity Meter that measures both AC and DC voltages/currents. The Meter clamp measures up to 600 AC and DC voltage. It also measures the capacity and the resistance, as well as the continuity and the verification of the diodes. The RMS sensor guarantees high levels of accuracy. Process direct and non-direct charges, whether sinusoidal or not. It also allows start readings that show the measurements of the entire meter.


4. Amprobe AMP-210/ELSA2A/ST-102B

Amprobe AMP-210/ELSA2A/ST-102B
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The Amprobe is another internal and external clamp meter, with extraordinary levels of precision. The clamp meter has a good RMS sensor that guarantees the most exceptional accuracy. It can measure AC and DC voltages and currents. It also measures the capacity, resistance, continuity and diode checks. All of these features are incredibly desirable in a Clamp Meter. The Amprobe clamp meter is a phenomenal measuring device. However, he seems to have a limitation in measuring the current he can regulate. This makes the high-level electrical work unacceptable.


5. Fluke 323 True-RMS

Fluke 323 True-RMS
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Encapsulation of a decent counter-plier allows accurate readings. Fluke is a leading brand in electrical measurements. The Fluke 323 is a digital Clamp Meter that transmits extraordinary accuracy in analyses. Measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, amps, capacitance, and duty. The meter is equipped with a right RMS detection counter that allows it to show accurate readings, both in direct and non-direct loads.


6. Mastech MS2109A Meter clamp

Mastech MS2109A Meter clamp
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The Mastech MS2109A is true RMS Digital and automatic measuring clamp meter that measures AC, AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity and diode verification. The clamp measures up to 600V AC, with an accuracy of 1.7% + 2 of both closures. The opening of the jaw accommodates a conductor with a diameter of 26 mm without interfering with the current. It is equipped with information retention features and also comes with a large, comfortable-to-read LCD screen.


7. Etekcity C600 Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter

Etekcity C600 Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter
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The Etekcity C600 is where measurements and technology meet. The Etekcity C600 is a complete Clamp Meter. It improves your efficiency and yours too. Measure AC voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity and AC / DC voltage. The counter has an impressive ergonomics that allows you to sit comfortably on your palm. The Etekcity C600 is an incredible clamp meter whose only limitation is insufficient compared to the DC measurement parameter.


8. Tenma 72-7218 CLAMP METER

Tenma 72-7218 CLAMP METER
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The Tenma 72-7218 meter has an automatic range function and correct RMS sensor. These guarantee optimal accuracy in your meter. The meter measures AC, frequency, continuity, resistance, and DC/AC voltages. Tenma 72-7218 is also armed with a thermocouple test which reads temperature measurements. The Tenma meter is an input level meter, so it is suitable for simple household uses and light applications. The Tenma 72-7218 is an essential home meter. The meter will deliver impressive performance within these limits.


9. HDE Portable Digital Clamp Meter

HDE Portable Digital Clamp Meter
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In case you’re searching for the best digital Clamp Meter paying little heed to cost, the HDE Portable is an excellent decision. This is an unmistakable most loved among the online network and prepared experts alike. HDE Portable is the leading brand in the Clamp Meter classification. The majority of their items are very much cleaned and give precise readings. The auto-ranging framework is on point, however, can be turned off if you need to change to manual.


10. Uni-Trend UT203 Digital Clamp Meter

Uni-Trend UT203 Digital Clamp Meter
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In case you’re searching for the best Clamp Meter, you can’t beat the Uni-Trend UT203. This effectively won our honor for the best Clamp Meter for car applications. The Uni-Trend UT203 is phenomenal for estimating signal heartbeat width and deciding the soundness of an injector. If you are a technician or have a little auto encounter, you’ll know these annoying injectors require consistent consideration.


Best Clamp Meters Buyer’s Guide

You may have seen that the clamp meters are designed to be applied in various areas and situations. In this way, the best clamp meter will depend on your needs. The input and intermediate level meters are suitable for light domestic use, while the high-level meters are intended for professional use in electrical applications. Before choosing to buy a Clamp Meter, there are some factors you need to look at. They are:

Intended use

This should be the last factor to consider. As mentioned earlier, the type of meter that a professional technician needs and the kind you need to perform necessary repairs is extraordinary. There is no reason to buy an expensive clamp-Meter when you cannot abuse its maximum capacity.


Current clamps are designed to measure required electrical parameters. These are voltage, current, capacitance and resistance. The meters also check the continuity in the diodes and conductors. Different meters also measure the temperature. A counter which measures all the specified parameters is exceptionally desirable. The greater the measure, the more appropriate it is. A decent meter should, in any case, have these basic electric measurement parameters.

Meter accuracy

The meter accuracy levels are significant. You do not need a clamp meter that gives you incorrect readings. In general, no Meter clamp will be 100% accurate. However, the measurements provided by a meter must be as close as possible to the correct value. In professional applications, high precision is exceptionally critical. It would not hurt to have remarkable accuracy in your reading while doing simple installations and repairs at home.


A Clamp Meter interact with the electric current. It can take into account the damage that can cause electric shocks. Overall, the meter you receive must meet the established standard security requirements. Meters that meet the standard safety necessities are IEC certified. It is essential that you guarantee that the meter you buy has the certification. Your protection and safety is paramount. It is similarly prudent that you take prolonged use measures to ensure your safety. The closer the Meter clamp is, the better it is.


After going through the above shopping guide, it will be easy to get into an electricity tools store and select your Clamp Meter for you. The price of clamp meters are unique, and it is essential that you match them with the guarantee that gets the extreme value for your money that you paid. So, have fun now searching for the best item that meets all your need.

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