A combo square is a tool used in carpentry, which works with metals and stones in different ways. At least one combo square includes a ruler (or a set blade) and a head or handles attached to it. With these features in a simple and lightweight square, why would not any amateur or DIY enthusiast have one of these important devices? You need to consider the type of work you must do when you choose a combination square.

Ensure you have one to manage the amount of work you do. To wrap all this and guide you get the best, you need to go through the Top 10 Best Combination Squares in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide below and make an educated decision.

Table of the Best Combination Squares:

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1. Starrett C33H-6-4R

Starrett C33H-6-4R
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The Starrett C33H-6-4R is one of the largest and most exceptionally open combination squares available today. The C33H-6-4R stainless steel blade features a matte finish which will never corrode or rust. The vial is a trademark of Blue brand vial which boasts of being among the most durable and accurate level vials on the planet with simple visibility and dominant accuracy. This 6-inch device comes with a lifetime warranty from Starrett.


2. Irwin Tools 1794469

Irwin Tools 1794469
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The Irwin Tools 1794469 come in size of 12 inches to satisfy the customer needs. This square combination features a rustproof stainless steel blade or ruler. The head body or the handle is made from durable cast zinc. The edge measurements on are precisely engraved in the dark. The Irwin Tools Combination square weighs only 14.4 ounces, making it ideal for portability. Irwin 1794469 device also contains a vial to function as a level and a plastic button.


3. Empire Level E280

Empire Level E280
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The Empire Level E280 square combination is small in size for incredible portability. This Empire Level E280 is equipped with a precision machined square head featuring a self-aligning removal bolt for precision and hardened tracer to create imperfections on delicate surfaces. Its stainless steel blade is engraved with calibrations to prevent discoloration. The edges have notches to use as a counter. Empire offers the Level E280 a lifetime warranty.


4. Starrett 11H-12-4R

Starrett 11H-12-4R
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Starrett 11H-12-4R has a machine-separated tempered and hardened steel blade or ruler on which a customizable square head is mounted. Also, it features a reversible locking bolt which allows the blade to rotate or move from one end to the other without ejecting the bolt or locknut. The Starrett 11H-12-4R head is made from a molding press for remarkable durability. This square combination can function as a level line or plumb line with its integrated bottle.


5. Kapro 325M with Magnetic Lock

Kapro 325M with Magnetic Lock
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This Kapro 325M combo square comes with a molded zinc body for the head/handle and a 12 inches stainless steel blade or ruler. The Kapro bolt which allows the customer to modify the head at different points on edge is made of bronze. The vial which fills at the level has resistance to acrylic. The Kapro 325M is designed to engrave on hard surfaces and also made of brass. The spring blade ensures a firm and precise fit, and the edge also features engraved lettering that won’t wear out.


6. PEC 2 Piece Combination Square

PEC 2 Piece Combination Square
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The PEC 2 Piece has solidly engraved markings on its 12 inches blade (or ruler) with hard chrome. It is said that this blade resists oxidation to build its useful life. PEC 2 Piece, no doubt, is confident that this will continue to work as long as this combo square is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. The head or handle is colored with high visibility yellow color to make it easy for you to find the tool on the job site easily. The head or handle is also has brass and die-cast fittings.


7. iGaging 4R Premium 4-Piece

iGaging 4R Premium 4-Piece
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This 4-Piece iGaging combo square is a top priority for the temporary worker. Its hard chrome blade resists corrosion and is deeply etched with measures for long-lasting legibility. Each work surface is precisely machined for greater accuracy. The molded metal handles are equipped with brass fittings. The handle also contains an easy-to-read bottle, to use as a level and as an integrated marker to control surfaces. This iGaging 4R comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


8. IRWIN Tools 1794471

IRWIN Tools 1794471
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The IRWIN Tools 1794471is an incredible 16-inch long with a stainless steel ruler/blade with engraved marks for reliable accuracy. This combo of squares also comes with a high strength square head machined with hardened grader and a self-aligning bolt. IRWIN Tools 1794471 combination squares include a trademark of True Blue vials to ensure accuracy. IRWIN offers it a lifetime warranty.


9. Swanson Tool TC132

Swanson Tool TC132
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Swanson Tool TC132 is almost the grandfather of all the combined paints. He has three different heads (mangoes). It has a traditional square handle/head but also has a conveyor head and a square head. it includes a slotted, 12 inches stainless steel blade. The Swanson Tool TC132has a second conveyor scale of 180 degrees. It incorporates a height gauge, a depth gauge, a tracer and a vial that fills as a level. Swanson offers it a lifetime warranty for this product.


10. Stanley 46-131

The Stanley 46-131 is a 16-inch combo square with a single element. This combo square has rare earth magnets which are incredibly powerful and help with specific abilities. These powerful magnets facilitate the sliding of the ruler and let you to give up the molten zinc body of the handle is treated on 5 sides for more precision and has a bottle to be used as a level line or lead. The blade or ruler is stainless steel made and engraved permanently.

Best Combination Squares Buyer’s Guide

The square combination is incredibly versatile in carpentry and should be a staple in your toolbox. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the combined square will be useful in almost every project you do. By buying the best tool, you will get the best result possible. So, what should you consider when selecting?


Most of the combined squares are made of steel. They consist of a ruler and a square zinc sliding head. However, not all are made of steel. You must make sure to choose the correct combination box. Good materials make it easier to loosen the bolt to slide the square head up and down the ruler, then tighten to lock it.

Bubble level

The basic combination square will usually have a square bubble level. If the one you are looking at does not have the level, then you should probably reconsider. The level is very useful, and you will probably lose it if your combo does not have one.

45-degree angle function

Another thing you should look for in a basic combination box is a 45-degree angle function. Some will only have a 90-degree face and are less useful. The last thing you should look for in the basic combination box is the plotter. The artist is a little wand sharpened to a point. The tracer is used to cut a thin guide into your wood project.

Center Heads

The last square piece of the optional combination is the central head. This attachment is used to determine the center of a circular project, such as a plate or the center of memory. Pins and other round pieces for woodworking should be measured in a central head because it is challenging to determine the exact center of something without it. If your project is not perfectly round, you can use the center of the head around each edge to define the most central point.


A Carpenter or a woodworker who is searching for the best combo square need to go through the above guide. It will ease their process. If you are buying the item online, you will need to consider buying from a reliable and reputable store. Research well for the best shop.

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