And you want to take him or her everywhere you go. But you do not like to clean the dog hair off your seats. There is a way to keep your car clean and take your loving pet with you on road trips. Just use one of the top 10 best dog car seat covers in 2021.

These seat covers will protect your car from any mess your dog makes. Dog hairs included. How do you find one of the top 10 best dog car seat covers in 2021? Simply continue to read. Our review is designed to provide you with all the information you need.

Then as you shop, our buyer’s guide will give you helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for the perfect seat cover is not that difficult.

Table of the Best Dog Car Seat Cover Reviews:

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1. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover
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This 54 by 58” car seat cover is designed like a hammock. It spreads over all your car seats covering the front of the rear and the rear of the front seats. The car seat will fit most standard sized cars as well as SUVs.

The seat cover attaches to the headrests of your car and has anchors to keep it in place. There are Velcro slits to accommodate seat belts. No dangerous dyes or minerals are used in making this product. It is easy to clean and machine washing friendly.

The waterproof seat cover will protect almost all messes your dog makes.

2. Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers

Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Covers
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Another hammock styled dog car seat cover which has extra flaps to protect the sides of your back seat. This car seat will attach to a bench back as well as a seat with headrests. The 54 by 60” car seat is waterproof and will feet most standard sized cars and SUVs.

Then the non-slip back and anchors keep the seat in place where you put it. Plus, the buckle snap locks keep the seat cover attached to your headrests. The waterproof seat cover will keep your dog comfortable and secure.

When you machine wash it, use the gentle cycle and hang dry.

3. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover
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This 54 by 58” seat cover has side flaps that fold up and place your dog in a rectangle shaped box. But its hammock/box design does keep your dog’s messes off your car’s interior. Zipper closures allow you to lower the sides to give your dog an easy entry or exit.

Built-in Velcro slits accommodate the seat belt attachments to protect your dog. Its non-slip interior keeps your dog from sliding all over your back seat when you stop. Made from heavy-duty oxford fabric, the seat cover is waterproof and tough. It will handle your dog’s treatment with ease.

4. Gorilla Grip The Original Non-Slip Pet Car Seat

Gorilla Grip The Original Non-Slip Pet Car Seat
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The design of this 56 by 63” car seat cover will help protect your dog from sliding between the seats. It comes with a handy pocket to hold any pet supplies you think you may need. Plus, the non-slip interior helps provide security for your dog.

Then the anchors, headrest locks, elastic straps and exterior design hold the dog seat cover in place. The zipper allows you to make the seat cover smaller to allow passengers to ride with your dog.

You can clean with a damp cloth or throw it in the washer. It will not work with non-adjustable headrests.

5. URPOWER Pet Seat Cover

URPOWER Pet Seat Cover
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4 straps attach this 54 by 58” dog car seat cover to your car seats. You get a lot of protection from this waterproof polyester, oxford fabric dog seat cover. The triple layering keeps your dog comfortable as they enjoy their road trip.

The PVC netting helps keep the seat cover locked into place. While it will keep your seats protected, it does not come with extra sides to protect all interior spots. It also does not have anchors to hold it in place. But it will keep your dog from sliding between the seats.

This dog seat cover will work with all breeds of dogs.

6. Go Buddy Dog Car Seat Cover

Go Buddy Dog Car Seat Cover
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This waterproof car seat cover will protect your back sat from most messy dog problems. It covers a bench seat with ease with its adjustable straps, anchors, and elastic straps. There are two of each to easily attach this car seat cover to your rear seat.

The size of this dog car seat cover is 56 by 47” and can be machine washed to keep clean. Just do not throw it in the dryer. Slits in the fold of the cover will help you fit it around your rear seat belts.

The cover is made from heavy-duty polyester and should stand up to any treatment your dog may give it.

7. AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets

AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets
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This 56 by 47” dog seat cover works best on rear bench seats. It is not a hammock style cover, but it will cover the back and seat rest of a bench car seat. 2 elastic straps, two anchors, and two headrest straps hold this cover in place.

The slits will allow you to slip your rear seat belts through the cover. This unit should fit most SUVs and cars that have a rear bench seat. The 100 percent polyester construction will protect against spills, dirt and other messes your dog makes as it rides.

Spot clean only. Do not throw in the washing machine.

8. iBuddy Dog Seat Cover for Cars

iBuddy Dog Seat Cover for Cars
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You get full back seat coverage with this hammock style dog seat cover. Plus, you can zip up the ends to make sure your doors remain clean as well. The waterproof seat cover has its own carrying case when not in use.

Measuring 54 by 58”, this dog car seat cover is compatible with most standard cars, trucks, and SUVs. The rubberized no-slip exterior helps keep your dog seat cover in place. There is a window to allow your dog to see where they are going. Also, you get a pocket to put any dog supplies you may need.

9. Epica Luxury Car Seat Cover

Epica Luxury Car Seat Cover
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A 100 percent money back guarantee makes this an easy purchase to make. Its high-quality fabric cover is designed to last for years as it brings comfort to your car riding dog. It is washing machine friendly as well.

A plastic underside helps keep any damp material off your seats. You keep it on your rear seat through its headrest straps. As well as side hooks that lock on the lower car seat cover. Then the padding makes sure your dog rides in style and in comfort.
It also has slots to let your rear seat belts slide through.

10. Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers

Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers
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This car seat cover has an extra strap to hold the side panels up to protect your doors. Then the zipper closures allow you to let one side down so your dog can enter or exit with ease. The 3 foam layers have durable, double stitching to keep the seat cover together.

Then the usual straps and anchors hold this 54 by 58” dog seat cover in place. You get total protection for the rear of your car. Plus, two headrest protectors are included just in case your dog likes to put its paws on your front seats.

Our Buyer’s Guide

You may think that all dog seat covers are the same, but they are not. That is why you need some helpful tips to find one of the top 10 best dog car seat covers in 2021. Here are those tips:

  • Purpose- will you need to cover the whole seat or part of it? What size of dog will it need to accommodate?
  • Design- is it hammock style or bench? is it waterproof or water-resistant only? Will it cover the whole rear of your car or just the rear seat?
  • Construction materials- what is it made of? Does it have triple layering for comfort? What is the pad made of?
  • Size- how large is it? Will it be large enough to protect your car?
  • Warranty- how much protection do you get? How long is that protection? What is the return policy on the product?
  • Price- is it affordable?

Some Final Words

Dogs are worth the effort you put into their care. They give so much without asking anything in return. One way to show your love for them is to purchase a top 10 best dog car seat covers in 2021.

It isn’t that your car is more important than your dog, but you still want your car to look its best. A top 10 best dog car seat covers in 2021 will protect your car without excluding your dog from its favorite road trips.

Both your car and dog are worth the extra care.

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