Double Boilers, Cooking the food without direct contact with flames is an amazing technique to generate healthy and delicious foods. The process of cooking the food with the application of mild heating is known as steaming. This type of cooking is comparatively healthy than the direct cooking methods as the vitamins and minerals of the food are preserved. Double boilers are essential tools that have made it possible for everyone to steam cook the food in their own little kitchen space.

Unlike the saucepan cooking, the food items melted in a double boiler is tastier because there is no chance of burning or scorching of the delicate items during the melting process. If you are thinking of adopting the healthy and tasty way of then you should check out our compilation of top 5 double boilers.

Table of The Best Double Boilers in 2021

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5. Norpro KRONA 1.5 Quart Stainless Steel Double Boiler

This restaurant-style double boiler from Norpro will make you feel like a professional chef in your kitchen. The product includes a three-part double boiler system that is optimal for the melting of delicate foodstuffs like chocolate, caramel, cheeses, and custards.

There are two big setbacks in this cookware set, the first being, and its conical shape that makes the utensil uncomfortable to clean. The second set back about the cookware is the high price tag. Along with these negative points, some people complain about the sticking of food in the cooking pot.

Norpro KRONA 1.5 Quart Stainless Steel Double Boiler
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4. Calphalon Simply Calphalon 2-Quart Small Stainless-Steel Double Boiler Insert

This is a well-designed high-quality item, and the pan is the perfect match for the Calphalon lid. There is no need to make adjustments to fit the pan with the lid. It has a capacity of two quarts. This product from Calphalon is a suitable double boiler for gentle cooking and heating.
The setback about this product is that you cannot expect other saucepans to fit nicely with this product. So you need to buy a Calphalon 2 and a half quart saucepan additionally with this item.

Calphalon Simply Calphalon 2-Quart Small Stainless-Steel Double Boiler Insert
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3. Norpro Stainless Universal Double Boiler

This universal double boiler set is perfectly appropriate to befit pans having a diameter of 6-8 inches. A utensil is a suitable tool for baking and melting purposes due to its three quarts capacity.  This cookware set from Norpro is ideal for melting butter, chocolates, caramel, and stocks. The utensil has a handle that does not heat up during cooking, thus, saving your hands from burning. The negative aspect of this product includes a non-riveted handle.

Norpro Stainless Universal Double Boiler
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2. Farberware Classic Stainless Series 2-Quart Covered Double Boiler

The classic double boiler set from Farberware is a marvelous multitasking tool that can be used as a saucepan and double boiler both. The mirror finish of the cookware set and a self-basting cover on top contributes to the retention of heat and moisture inside the pot for better cooking. The product can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but there are several places in the cooking set that makes it hard to clean.

Farberware Classic Double Boiler also includes a thick aluminum core that is double coated with stainless steel that supplies fast and even warming of food and meals. The unit is also oven safe up to a maximum temperature of 350° Fahrenheit. The only minus point about the item is the long handles that makes it hard to store in small and cramped kitchens.

Double Boilers
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1. Cook N Home 4 Quart/8-Inch Double Boiler and Steamer Set

The combined boiler and steamer set from Cook and Home steals the top spot in our best double boilers list of 2021, The combo is made from Stainless steel, and this kitchenware works perfectly with all types of cooktops.

Cook N Home 4 Quart/8-Inch Double Boiler and Steamer Set
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The kitchenware combination has a huge capacity of four quarts. The set comprises of a four-quart stockpot, a steamer insert, and a double Boiler insert to make your kitchen experience super fun and fast. A glass lid is also provided with the steamer double boiler duo that will aid you to monitor the cooking progress without lifting the lid. Each insert of the set comes with three steps, and it is easily compatible with all the three provided pans. The polished stainless steel gives an amazing sheen and luster to the product, offering it a classy finish making it an absolute winner.

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