Thanks to technology now one can quickly get the best and high-quality images with the aid of the digital drawing tablets. This device is designed with drawing features that allow you to edit, draw, shape, and also Photoshop the images according to your taste. It is quite easy to use the tablet unlike in PCs since it has a pen and customized buttons that enable the user to have a smooth drawing process.

Below are some drawing tablets with a lot of good features, and they are the best ones as well on the market, Moreover, these products are also customers’ most favorite drawing tablets.

Table of the Best Drawing Tablets:

[amazon template=”table” box=”B075WSRLC6,B01MQU5LW7,B07L77GTTY,B077P6BQP7,B06ZZQN916,B071GY6994,B00H4LAF9O,B06WLGJDX5,B07RXZC12J,B015FP25V6″ /]

10. GAOMON PD1560 IPS Screen Drawing Tablets

Drawing Tablet

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GAOMON PD1560 is not just for advanced drawing, outlining, illustrations structure, and the sky is the limit from there. It is likewise comprehensively utilized in internet teaching and meeting. It works with most internet meetings and live-stream programs, front model zoom, etc. You can learn and show an online exercise by means of whiteboard inside these projects or have a distant gathering with your colleagues. 

You can share your screen with other people, sign and clarify in exceed expectations, word, PPt, pdf, and more. It is joined with a battery-powered pen. It offers a more exact development of the pen slider. This makes your drawing line smooth and natural.

What We Like:

  • This tablet is ideal for a lot of things including internet meetings and other live-stream programs.
  • The pen itself is very stable which allows you to draw the line better.
  • After a full charge, you can use it up to 2.5 hours.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This requires an extra HDMI adapter.

9. Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablets 

Drawing Tablet

[Azonasinid asinid=”B01MQU5LW7″]

The expert standard in imaginative pen tablets Wacom Intuos Pro. It sets another standard for proficient illustrations tablets. The new Wacom Pro Pen 2 highlights impressive pressure sensitivity and for all intents and purposes. Gain characteristic inventive power while you outline, alter, or structure carefully with Intuos Pro. It will create individualize your computerized working environment adaptable express keys. The contact ring outspread menus and pen side switches give simple alternate ways. 

A multi-touch surface allows you to zoom and explore. Three diverse texture sheets customize your tablet surface feel. The included Wacom Pro pen 2 has compatible pen tips. A wonderful new pen stand is incorporated. Moreover, it associates with your PC or Mac with worked in remote Bluetooth or a USB link. The standard Intuos Pro and the paper version visual computerization tablets are accessible in medium and enormous sizes.

What We Like:

  • The touch surface also enables users to zoom as well as explore.
  • There are 3 different sizes to choose from including small, medium, and large.
  • The pen also adopts the technology of lag-free tracking. So, you can control the lines of drawing a lot more precisely.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The warranty is only offered with the purchase directly from any resellers with Amazon authorization.

8. Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablets with Screen

Drawing Tablet

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Wacom Cintiq is an imaginative pen show that encourages you to regenerate your thoughts. It is ideal for individuals who love to draw in their free time. Or it is suitable for art and design students. Also for those who are looking for a premium on-screen experience. This high goal (1920×1080) drawing tablet with a screen show accompanies the overly responsive Wacom Pro Pen 2. This will be giving you the exactness and control as you want. 

In addition, it has 8, 192 degrees of weight affectability, and a low initiation force. It perceives even the lightest pen strokes and with decreased parallax. Thus, your cursor shows up precisely where you would anticipate. Besides, it builds solid and scratches safe materials. Wacom Cintiq drawing screen connects effectively to your Mac or PC with a straightforward 3 in 1 cable. Last but not least it is an illustrations tablet with a screen you can depend on for a long time.

What We Like:

  • There is also a tilt recognition with the pen.
  • The display is very precise and clear which even enables you to see any mistakes made on your work.
  • It also has an anti-glare feature on the screen surface as well.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The warranty is only available with the purchase directly from any resellers with Amazon authorization.

7. XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 with Battery-Free Passive Stylus

Drawing Tablet

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XP-Pen Deco 01 is an advanced illustrations drawing tablet that gets numerous exceptional highlights. The highlights Type-C input plan which is easy to plug in and out. The Deco 01 V2’s is huge and super smart. Yet it’s still intended to get through the breaking point between express keys and drawing region. It is the thickness one of all the significant level graphic tablet. Therefore, you can take it to any place with no concern. This tablet is perfect with Photoshop, SAI, painter, artist, cut studio, and more. It likewise underpins associations with Android telephones and tablets 6.0 or more. This thing is designed for both right and left-hand users. 

It comprises of 8 completely adaptable express keys make a highly ergonomic and advantageous work stage. Only a single click permits you to switch among Pen and Eraser quickly. The driver offers the alternate way keys to be receptive to very different programming.

What We Like:

  • This drawing tablet arrives with a pen stand.
  • It is compatible to use with Windows and Android devices.
  • You can switch from a pen to an eraser very quickly with an inbuilt one-click toggle.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not compatible with IOS devices.

6. GAOMON M106K Painting Digital Graphics Drawing Tablets 

Drawing Tablet

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GAOMON M106K is the new rapid processor that permits the tablet to peruse information quicker. There is basically no slack in the difference of drawing programming. There are 12 hotkeys on the left side of this graphic tablet. Furthermore, 16 soft keys on the top accessible to be tweaked as you like. They are simple to set and simple to utilize. Apart from this, it gives convey the ability to the pen along with a tablet advantageously. What is more, it can be utilized for around 350 hours after around 2-hour full charging. There are 4 additional pen nibs for substitution. It is entirely convenient with 780 g net weight. The tablet associates with the PC by a smaller than normal USB link. 

It additionally supports windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS 10, 12, or more. It is good with the most significant drawing programming. Both beginners and experts can utilize this sort as well. It is extensively utilized in photograph editing, portraying, advanced drawing, and more.

What We Like:

  • It is best for personally drawing or online teaching.
  • The product works up to 350 hours once it is done with its 2-hour full charge.
  • This tablet is very light in weight as it weighs only 780g.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and IOS.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a little complex to pair this tablet with IOS devices. You need to include GaomonTablet & TabletDriverAgent into the Security and Privacy setting on your mac.

5. Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablets and Stylus Pen

Drawing Tablet

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Simbans Picasso Tab turns into the first principal moderate Android tablet with an energetic pen and palm rejection. It comes with the pre-introduced drawing applications. Picasso Tab can be utilized as a drawing tablet. You may likewise download other pen-accommodating applications for note-taking. There are 3 extra items inside the box. It comes with its excellent tablet case, all-inclusive force connector, and pre-introduced screen defender. It additionally has high force media Tek Quad-center processor helps the multitasking capacities of the tablet. 

Additionally, you can interface your tablet to your home Wifi system. And, you can take this tablet any place you are by claiming this tablet your amusement consistently goes with you. You can use to connect your tablet to the TV by means of the smaller scale HDMI port. Also, view your motion pictures on the huge screen. It perhaps the best tablet for watching movies on Netflix. You can likewise play around and browsing the web.

What We Like:

  • The box provides you the case, the connector, and a screen defender.
  • Thanks to its Tek Quad-center processor, this will be ideal for multi-tasking. 
  • Users can also connect this drawing tablet to the TV as well not just the monitor.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is fairly expensive.

4. Monoprice 110594 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet

[Azonasinid asinid=”B00H4LAF9O”]

Would you like to get an amazing precision and performance from this Monoprice graphic drawing tablet? This tablet includes 5080 lines for each inch (LPI) drawing goal. Plus a 200 RPS report rate, and 2048 degrees of weight affectability. It has six client assignable express keys on the left side of the drawing territory. The Express Keys can be allocated out to include explicit keystroke mixes, dispatch applications, open pages, send an email, and more. The tablet accompanies driver and programming utilities for use with Windows and Mac OS X. 

More than this, it utilizes a USB interface and is genuinely perfect with Linux. Its position disc for Windows, Mac OS X. Microsoft and Windows are enlisted brand names of Microsoft Corporation in the United States or potentially different nations. Apple, Mac, and OS X are brand names of Apple Inc., enrolled in the U.S. and other nations.

What We Like:

  • It has a very affordable price tag.
  • This tablet is ideal for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • The drawing solution of this tablet is up to 4000 lines per inch.

What We Don’t Like:

  • If you want to use this with Macbook OS x el captain, you might need to download Huion 610 drivers.

3. UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

Drawing Tablet

[Azonasinid asinid=”B06WLGJDX5″]

Ugee M708 graphic tablet is an easy to use drawing table. It isn’t only for specialists and creators, yet for students and children. It contains a huge dynamic zone with a smooth paper-like surface. This advanced drawing tablet isn’t just furnished you with enough working regions, but also with brilliant paper-like drawing experience. It structures for your necessities as it accompanies 8 adjustable press keys on the left side of the table. You can set up the alternate ways as per your tendency. You don’t need to stress over the effectiveness of the tablet.

To add up on this, the paper-like surface of the graphic tablet gives with a more characteristic and sensible experience. You simply like drawing on genuine paper. This graphic tablet is good with windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS 10 or above. Likewise, it is perfect with Adobe Photoshop artist, Comic studio, and more. It is convenient to set up which known as the easy to use for both ways of hand users. The pen holder, perfect for proficient artists, newbie designers, and beginner specialists of all ages.

What We Like:

  • The active area of this tablet is very spacious giving you the freedom to draw.
  • Its has a paper-like surface which makes your drawing experience feel realistic.
  • The product is best paired with either Windows or Mac.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This is not for Chromebook.

2. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablets

Drawing Tablet

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07RXZC12J”]

Huion KAMVAS has full-overlaid and Anti-glare glass. The full-covered innovation decreases parallax to the most reduced level and makes your pointer more correct. The Anti-glare glass’s function successfully reduces the glare harm to natural eyes.  And it abbreviates the separation between the pen nib and the cursor. It’s causing you to feel like drawing on paper and offer a better drawing experience. 

Also, Tilt works without a battery pointer. KAMVAS Pro 16 drawing tablet monitor accompanies 8192 degrees of pen pressure. 1 touch bar and 6 press keys elements of the touch bar. With 15.6 inches IPS screen, spare your time as well as improve your profitability. Moreover, the heaviness of Kamvas master 16 is about 1.2 kg and 11.5 mm of thickness. You can utilize this tablet to educate online and work. Its highlights address every one of your issues for each subject with internet coaching software.

What We Like:

  • The glass surface is an anti-glare type.
  • This tablet includes a touch bar that enables you to drag the page up and down. Plus, you can also adjust the canvas and brush size

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is no joke.
  • It is a bit of heavyweight.

1. XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Graphics Drawing Tablets

Drawing Tablet

[Azonasinid asinid=”B015FP25V6″]

XP-PEN Artist 22 genius pen show capacities, for example, drawing, outlining, painting, plan, and altering. It would now be able to be performed straightforwardly on the outside of your screen. This tablet can grow your inventiveness and work naturally and automatically. It addresses the issues of a wide range of advanced artists at any expertise level. This graphic drawing tablet gives 8192 degrees of moment pen pressure affectability. 

Furthermore, P02S is a battery-powered pen providing you with vital control and smoothness to grow your imaginative yield. What’s more, the Max report rate has expanded to 266 RPS. This makes lines stream smoother and perform better working quickly and effectively. Its driver can bolster 4k shows under broadening mode. In addition, your screen will keep on looking clear and delightful regardless of whether it’s brilliant out. The durable, customizable and ergonomically structured stand forestalls shaking and sliding. It gives a happy drawing experience.

What We Like:

  • The pen enables you to draw, edit, sketch, and a lot more.
  • This product comes with instant pen pressure sensitivity which allows you to control your work neatly.
  • It is able to handle up to 4k displays.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price is only what matters.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Best Drawing Tablet

The Size

Before buying any product, size is the thing that you should carefully think of because that is a really necessary thing. The size of the display determines the kind of images or the features that you can add to your drawn images. Therefore ensure that you purchase a digital tablet that has the right size. The majority of their sizes range between 8 to 10 inches in width. Not only do you need to look at the size of the screen, but you also need to know the size of the body of the drawing tablet too. What we would like to recommend to all of you is the tablet which comes with a thin and small body.

The Features

These devices are designed with different features like the pressure level of a pen, the customized buttons, and also compatibility with other devices. So know what you want to achieve with the use of the invention so you can be able to buy the right digital drawing tablet. You have to clearly look at it before buying one. If you do buy the drawing tablet that is lacking features, you would regret spending your money on it.


This point, we are going to talk about the weight of the tablet which is really important. Why is it really important? That is because you need to know if you are able to bring it out with you or not. If you are going to use this drawing tablet at home, that is fine to choose anything you love. However, if you are going to bring it out with you when going anywhere, then choosing the one that is portable and lightweight is the only thing.

Included Pen Latency

The next thing we really want you to know is the included pen latency. Well, you might ask what you should do then? The thing that should do is to buy the drawing tablet that comes with a stylus pen with low latency. That is because when you draw on the screen, the screen will respond back to the pen is a very fast period of time. Furthermore, that thing will also make you feel very comfortable and feel like a professional. But, we want to tell you not to buy the tablet that has a high latency pen. That kind of pen will annoy you because you will not see the thing that you draw on the screen at the time you draw it. There will be a noticeable delay.


Last but definitely not least, you have to consider the battery of the drawing tablet before buying it. The first thing you need to look at is how long the battery would last. Well, what you need to remember is that the bigger the battery is, the better it will be. So, we want you all to buy the drawing tablet that can last up to more than 8 or 9 hours straight. The second thing you have to care about in the battery section is the type of battery.

There are a lot of types of battery, but the one that seems to be very safe is the Lithium-ion battery. We also recommend that one as well since it performs well at keeping the heat low. The third thing to know in the battery section is the charging speed. It is simply that all users would want to charge their devices in a short period of time because they do not need to wait. Also, that will help you as well when you are in a hurry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best drawing tablet for beginners?

A: You might choose any drawing tablets above. Especially, the UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet. 

Q: Can you use a drawing tablet without a computer?

A: It is totally YES.

Q: Is a graphics tablet the same as a drawing tablet?

A: Graphics tablet is a device that comes with a pen-like stylus. This will make you feel very realistic, similar to how you draw with a pencil on paperwhite.


If you want to venture into drawing or editing, then consider getting the above digital drawing tablets. They are easy to use and come with excellent features that allow you to control and get the drawing or sketches according to your preferences. These tablets are designed with different sizes to select from plus the majority of them are compatible with other devices like the pcs and TVs for comfortable drawing and viewing of the images and videos. Make sure you buy the smart gadget from a reliable dealer and also check to ensure that all the features are functioning well.

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