A well made water transfer pump is not the first thing that pops up in mind as an essential appliance for your home or business. Yet these machines can come in quite handy when the need arises, or simply make your every day life easier. Water pumps basically take water from one area, the source, and move it to another, called the discharge point. The utility pumps are extensively used for both residential, home and recreational use, as well as for certain hobbies. Whether you need to pump water out of an overflowing sink, or water your garden choosing the best electric water pump can mean the difference between spending hours with a bucket and mop, or simply transferring the water with no mess or hassle.

The Top 10 Electric Water Pumps for 2021

Water transfer pumps are a useful addition to your home or business. These pumps can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from small and portable to large pumps to handle large jobs. So choosing the right water pump for you depends on what you need it for. For instance, if you are an aquarium hobbyist, and have several aquarium tanks which need to be maintained, simply purchase a small, portable, non-submersible water pump to quickly remove water from the tank. These pumps are also used to clear flooded basements, move water from outdoor tanks, or to maintain the toilets, showers and sinks in your recreational vehicle or trailer.

In our review of the best electric water pumps and buying guide, we’ll do our best to guide you to the perfect pump. Pay close attention to the features involved, so you don’t pay for a pump with assets you don’t need. Note that there are submersible and non-submersible pumps, as well as those which automatically detect the presence of water and flip on automatically, while others are built to handle waste with particles from RV plumbing systems, ponds and pools.

Table of the Best Electric Water Pumps:

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1. Flojet 18555-000A, Portable RV Waste Pump Macerator

Flojet 18555-000A, Portable RV Waste Pump Macerator
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The CSA and USCO listed Flojet 18555-000A, Portable RV Waste Pump, 12 Volt DC, Macerator helps take the headache out of emptying your recreational vehicles holding tank. The macerators stainless steel cutter nicely turns your waste, including toilet paper, into ground particles, particle size a max of 1/8 of an inch, which means it will easily move through a standard garden hose. As for the pump, it’s self priming with a wearplate constructed of stainless steel. Those with recirculating toilets will notice how fast it empties, usually in under 2 minutes. As for larger 40 gallon holding tanks, you can expect it to empty in under 5 minutes. Features include a 3 inch inlet, garden hose outlet, 12Vdc enclosed motor, Jabsco Niltrile impeller, and weighs 6 pounds. This unit is not made to handle sanitary napkins, or any material, and comes with a handy carrying case.

2. WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump

WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump
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The 1/10 HP Wayne PC2 Portable, self-priming, non-submersible transfer water pump is versatile, easily handling many of your household jobs, from emptying aquariums, to sucking out the water from a clogged up kitchen drains or basements with its 6 foot suction attachment, leaving only 1/8 of an inch of water behind. This unit cannot be submersed in water, so not to be used for pools or waterfalls. The corrosion resistant PC2 is capable of emptying up to 340 gallons of water per hour. This CSA listed pump comes with a 115 volt motor is encased in a durable metal housing, entire unit encased in thermoplastic, 6 foot suction hose and attachment, and can transfer water over 35 feet.

3. WAYNE PLS100 1 HP Portable Lawn Sprinkling Pump

WAYNE PLS100 1 HP Portable Lawn Sprinkling Pump
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If you are looking for the perfect water utility pump to take water from a nearby creek, lake or pond, and use it for your garden, or suction out standing water, then the Wayne PLS100 is the pump you should be looking at. This corrosion resistant pump transfers water for 20 feet, but cannot be submersed directly in water, so keep away from pools and other areas which require a submersible pump. Lightweight and easy to transport via a comfortable handle, the PLS100 is driven by a 115 volt motor, has 1 inch NPT inlet and outlet threads, and a .75 inch garden hose adapter. At 1 HP, the PLS100 has a flow rate of 720 gallons per hour, with 520 gallons per hour at a 10 foot discharge lift, dynamic head of 180 feet, pressure remains steady at 80 psi.

4. WAYNE PC4 1/2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump

WAYNE PC4 1/2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump
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The self-priming Wayne PC4 1/2 HP Multi-Purpose Utility Pump is especially built for the bigger jobs as it is capable of removing up to 1450 gallons of water per hour at 0 feet, with a 15 foot of suction lift at the inlet. So this is absolutely perfect for those who suffer from frequently flooded basements, as well as for use on boats and stock tanks. The strainer is great for straining dirt and debris. The PC4 comes with an air cooled, single phase 115 volt motor encased in cast iron, thermoplastic impeller, .75 inch NPT brass inlet and outlet openings, the entire pump is encased in cast iron, with the motor shaft composed of cold rolled steel. If needed, you can also give your line pressure a 50 psi boost to water your foliage.

5. Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump

Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump
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The Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump can also be called the plumbers friend, especially when it comes to handling sewage. The Zoeller is a very solidly built 47 pound sump pump, made from durable cast iron and stainless steel parts, so will last you many years of efficient service. Made to handle waste water, the 2 inch NPT can move solids up to 2 inches with ease, powered by its 1/2 HP motor with thermal protection. The M267 sump pump is built for power and can move up to 128 gallons per minute. Features include a plastic vortex impeller, anti-clog design, vertical float switch, and 10 foot cord.

6. SHURflo Industrial Pump Model# 2088-594-154

SHURflo Industrial Pump Model# 2088-594-154
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While the name states ‘industrial’, gardeners will also love this pump for the ease with which to transfer water from rain barrels or nearby natural water sources and sprinkle their foliage. The SHURflow industrial pump is a self-priming up to 9 feet up, standard diaphragm pump giving you a speedy 3 gallon per minute which can be used to transfer water over distances. The pump design is a 3 chamber diaphragm pump, with a 0.9 Amp motor, and thermal protection. The SHURflow is encased in a polypropylene housing, with a zinc metallic finish, has an intermittent duty cycle, comes with .5 inch 14 NPSM ports, a santoprene diaphragm, zinc plated fasteners, santoprene valves, and is NSF, UL, and listed. Integrated pressure switch with control pressure is 45 psi.

7. SHURFLO 1202.1005 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

SHURFLO 1202.1005 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump
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For efficient transfer of water for use in your recreational vehicle, or trailer this is a light, handy little pump to use when dealing with your RV plumbing. The affordable, eco-friendly SHURFLO 1202.1005 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump is an easy to use, self-priming, 4 chambered diaphragm water pump that transfers 3 gallons per minute , using its 12 VDC 7.5 Amp motor. This pump comes with thermal protection technology, auto restart, .5 inch 14 NPSM ports, and can run dry if needed without incurring damage. It features an integrated check valve, has internal by pass low cycling, does dry primes up to 6 vertical feet, integrated check valve, and its Flow Reaction Technology ensures you won’t be interrupted with unnecessary noise or unpleasant vibrations.

8. WAYNE EEAUP250 1/4 HP Automatic Water Pump

WAYNE EEAUP250 1/4 HP Automatic Water Pump
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Anyone with flooding issues in their home, will find this automatic water pump takes much of the worry out of your life. The Wayne EEAUP250 1/4 HP Automatic Electric Water Removal Pump is very useful in situations where you cannot be in constant contact with the pump. The iSwitch Technology uses sensors to detect if water is present, and if so, proceeds to remove it until only 3/8 of an inch is left. In situations with overflowing basements, boats, tanks, etc. you are free to leave this pump unattended to clear the area of water, as this is a fully submersible, corrosion resistant pump with sealed thermoplastic build. At .25 HP the flow rate is a healthy 3000 gallons per hour, with 1850 gallons per hour at 10 feet vertical.

9. Meditool 1.6HP Shallow Well Pump

Meditool 1.6HP Shallow Well Pump
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Built for people who live in rural areas, or will regularly use the water for washing down sheds, cars, to irrigate gardens, or wells, the Meditool handles it all without effort. The fully submersible Meditool 1.6 HP Shallow Well Pump, is an electric centrifugal pump. You can remove and transfer water from pools, stock tanks, wells, sprinklers, irrigation systems, or rain barrels. The head is constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel, and housed in aluminum. The Meditool transfers 845 gallons per hour, working down to 23 feet below ground level for use in wells at 66 psi. Designed to be portable for easy transport from job to job, this pump features a 115 volt motor with thermal protection technology. Features include 1 inch inlet/outlet, works quietly.

10. Trupow 1/2HP Electric Water Pump

Trupow 1/2HP Electric Water Pump
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The Trupow 1/2 HP, 115 volt powered Transfer Pump is a heavy duty, durable piece of equipment which you’ll find is also easy to use. This pump is constructed of cast iron, and has a maximum flow rate of 1450 gallons per hour, maximum delivery height is 120 feet, so it’s made for the big jobs. Use this versatile utility pump to drain basements, backed up sinks, stock tanks, rain barrels, or irrigating your garden. The .75 inch brass connectors make it easy for you to hook up a standard garden hose, and the compact, portable, lightweight build of 17.6 pounds makes it easy to move to wherever necessary.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Water Pump

Choosing the right water pump for you depends on what you are planning to use it for. For instance, if you are an aquarium hobbyist, you can choose a smaller, non-submersible model to transfer the water from the tanks to a bucket, or to your garden. If you have an issue with a patio or home flooding, they you might do with a submersible pump with an automatic switch that will automatically switch on when the sensors pick up water. If you live in a trailer, or use a recreational vehicle, then choose a pump that can handle its plumbing, emptying toilets, showers and sinks.

Types of Water Pumps

They best water transfer pump for you is directly connected to the type of pump. They do one thing: Move water from one area to another, so you won’t have to be concerned with features, so much as with function. If you will only be transferring water, you won’t need a pump which handles solids. If this is only for your trailer, you won’t need a pump that transfers water for 20 or 30 feet. Water Pump it is for consistently flooding areas, then it will have to be submersible, powerful and automatic.

Transfer Utility Pumps

The transfer or clear water pumps are great for general use. You can use them to empty a pond, a fish tank, water your lawn or remove shallow flooded water. These pumps can only handle clear water, not water which has dirt particles, so cannot be used for your recreational vehicle or trailer.

Semi-solid Water Pumps

These water pumps can handle particles from .25 to .75 inches. Some have macerators, which can cut up waste and toilet paper. Especially useful for use in recreational vehicle and trailer plumbing systems, as well as removing water from your basement area or patio.

Trash Water Pumps

This is the water pump you want if you will be transferring water which has larger particles floating in it, say from .75 to 2 inches. This is the utility pump most often seen on construction sites or farming.

High Pressure Pumps

Choose this type of water pump if you need a pump that has a high pressure at a low volume. Many in agriculture often choose this type of pump for irrigation, as the high pressure pump is designed to move water over a long distance.

Home or Business Use

First, decide if this water pump will be used in the home, recreational vehicle or your business. If you are using it for the home, you can settle for a less expensive, lightweight, compact and portable model. Pumps for the home are used to clean fish tanks, water your lawn and garden, help with pool draining and basement flooding.

Pumps used for business reasons include water transfer from streams, lakes or ponds to irrigate gardens, or to fill up stock tanks. Contractors use these pumps to remove excess water from areas that need to be clear and dry. For business purposes, you can choose either a high pressure pump or general use, depending on your needs. Generally, you would be looking for a pump that moves a good deal of water in the shortest time possible.

Basic Considerations

Discharge capacity is referred to as Gallon Per Minute (GPM) or Gallons Per Hour (GPH), and refers to the flow rate, and how fast the water is being transfered from the source to destination. Vertical suction lift refers to the vertical distance between the flooded area to the pump. If you are using this to remove water from a pool, pond or flooded basement, then you want to pay attention to vertical suction lift. Finally, the maximum head lift refers to the total distance from the flooded area to the discharge point. Maximum head lift is what you’d pay attention to if you had to transfer water for a distance.


After our review of the best electric water pumps for 2021, we hope that its cleared up some issues, and made your selection a bit easier. All of the water pumps on our list are made by companies which back up their products with excellent customer service and warranties. Final choice is simply a matter of knowing what you’ll need.

If you live in a rural area, you’ll require a pump that can move water over distances, if you are using it for your home, then all you’ll need is a small transfer pump. If waste water is involved, then you’ll require a tough, durable pump with a nice sized discharge port to handle solids. All in all, the utility water transfer pump is a purchase that will definitely make your life easier.

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