It is more advanced than other laser systems and it reads a lot better as well. Now you can get a blue ray writer to help you stay current with technology. The best way to go in the blue ray push is to use one of the top best external blue ray drive in 2021.

These drives are the best of the best. To make good DVDs and CDs, you need the right equipment. These top best external blue ray drive in 2021 are the right equipment. How do you find these best of the best blue ray drives?

Simply keep reading. Our review will provide you with the information you need. Then our Buyer’s guide will provide helpful tips on what to look for. Keeping up with technology is not that difficult.

Table of the best External Blue Ray Drive Reviews:

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1. Pioneer External Blu Ray Writer

Pioneer External Blu Ray Writer
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This slim and lightweight blue ray external writer opens up like a clam. It uses US 3.0 to connect to your computer for the ultimate blue ray writing experience. Plus, it comes with CyberLink Software Silver software to get you started.

You can download blue ray imaging onto a hard drive. But that may be through Windows operating systems only. You can also burn and view regular DVDs with this external system. Works with Linux as well. Check the owner’s manual for complete compatibility.

There is a strict warranty and return policy on this unit. Make sure you read the instructions first before purchasing.

2. ASUS Computer Direct Blu-Ray Writer

ASUS Computer Direct Blu-Ray Writer
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This pop out external blue ray writer will help you preserve your memories and work for a very long time. You can write at 16x with a 25GB back up. Plus, with BDXL support, you will receive up to 128GB storage on one disc.

What you need to operate this external blue ray drive is an Intel Pentium® D 945 with 1GB of Ram. Also, you will need 10GB of hard drive space and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT or ATI X1600. This are all minimums requirements.

Check the owner’s manual for all the details on operating system compatibilities.

3. Pioneer BDR-XS06 Blu-Ray

Pioneer BDR-XS06 Blu-Ray
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To work with this external blue ray writer, you need an operating system Windows XP or higher. It will work with Windows 10. With BDXL capabilities you can reach 128GB of quad layering or 100GB triple layer.

But that is not all. This external writer will burn at BDR 6x, DVD 8x and CDs at 24x speeds. The corresponding reading speed is equal to the burn speeds. Plus, you get 4mb buffer and this writer can use either 3.0 or 2.0 USB connections.

Everything you need, USB 3.0 cable, software, and instructions are included in your purchase.

4. ASUS Computer International Powerful Blu-ray Drive

 ASUS Computer International Powerful Blu-ray Drive
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Its diamond shape will help spruce up your computer equipment layout. Its 8-disc Cyber Link Power2Go process will also provide you with extra privacy functions. Plus, with the BDXL support, you can burn up to 128Gb to a single disc.

This writer is Windows and Mac compatible. Also, it will work with Android cloud features as well. The external writer will also burn at BDR 16x speed while using a USB 3.0 port.

Again, make sure you read all warranty details and understand the return policy before opening. Strict rules apply when dealing with electronics and computer software.

5. Pioneer Slim Portable USB 3.0 Blu-Ray Burner

Pioneer Slim Portable USB 3.0 Blu-Ray Burner
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With this external blue ray writer, you will get BDR 6x speed on single and double layer burning chores. Then it will burn at 4x BDR speed for triple and quad layers. Plus, there is a 4MB cache with a BDXL storage of 128GB on quad layering and 100GB on triple layering.

It will automatically adjust disc rotation to cut down on noise and it will allow you to edit your home movies. You can transfer them to blue ray DVDS if you want. Then it will help smooth over sound problems with scratched or dirty discs.

A specially formulated cleaning cloth is included with your purchase.

6. MCE Technologies MCE Super-BluDrive

MCE Technologies MCE Super-BluDrive
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You get high definition quality when you watch blue ray movies on this external blue ray DVD/CD drive. With its Mac blu-ray player software, you can watch and record a variety of CDs and DVDs. But it does not record to blue ray DVDs.

Its easy loading tray makes placing your discs inside the machine very quick and simple. This reader is compatible with USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0. The necessary cables are included. It is compatible with iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto and much more.

Using a USB hub s not recommended as these do not bring enough power to the unit.

7. LG 6x Blu-ray Rewriter

LG 6x Blu-ray Rewriter
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This slim blue ray writer and reader uses USB 2.0 to power all of its functions. It will burn and read CDs at 24x as well as rewrite CDs at 16x. Then it will burn DVDs at 2x and read at 8x. It will also rewrite DVDs at 8x speed.

It has a triple layer support system inside. Unless things have changed you get the Cyberlink Media Suite 10 software included in the package. You can upgrade to more recent versions if you want.

If you want to watch blue ray movies on your HDTV then you will need HD cables for the right connection.

8. SEA TECH Aluminum External Blu-Ray Writer

SEA TECH Aluminum External Blu-Ray Writer
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Its aluminum shell houses a Panasonic UJ-260 drive. This drive supports BDXL burning and 3D reading. It will also read and burn regular CDs and DVDs. It has a USB 3.0 cable connection, but it is also USB 2.0 compatible.

The major drawback to this external blue ray writer is that it does not come with any software. You have to get your own software from another quality source. The external drive is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Check the instructions to find all the operating systems it is compatible with. Check the warranty claims as well before purchasing this unit.

9. Archgon External Blu-ray Combo

Archgon External Blu-ray Combo
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This pop out external drive will handle your tough blue ray reading needs. Powered by a Panasonic combo drive, works with either USB 3.0 or 2.0 connections. It will not burn any information to your blue ray DVDs. It will read them and only write and read regular CDs and DVDs.

This aluminum made external drive will work with most up to date operating systems. Check the package to find out which ones work best with this system. It is bundled with a Cyberlink Media Suite custom software but not the retail version.

Check the package to read and understand the return policy and warranty guarantees.

10. Pioneer Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer

Pioneer Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer
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To work with this external reader and writer you need a Windows 10 operating system. Plus, a 7th generation Intel processor, 6GB memory, Intel HD Graphics 630 and a lot more.

Once you have the correct equipment you can burn at speeds 16x for both BDR and DVD and 40x for CDs. Then you can read at 12x for BDR, 16 for DVDR and 40 for CDR. A 4MB buffer is added to the discs.

It will work with a USB 3.0 connection and supports ultra HD blue ray. It will also record the standard 128GB & 100GB for quad and triple layering.


Our Buyer’s Guide

If you are not a computer whiz, a few helpful tips will come in handy. To find one of the top best external blue ray drive in 2021 you will need to understand the basic technical language. Here are those tips:

  • Brand name- go with a brand name you know and trust
  • Capabilities- will it read and write blue ray DVDs? Will it do the same for other discs?
  • USB Compatibility: Doe sit work with 3.0 only? Or 2.0 Only? Or both?
  • Operating System Compatibility- Does it work with all operating systems or just one or two? Mac, Windows, Linux…
  • Speed- What burn speeds does it have? What read speeds does it use?
  • Special features- besides reading and burning, will it work with HDTVs or other electronic equipment or social media?
  • Warranty- Make sure you read all warranty information. These are strict
  • Price- make sure you can afford the unit. Cheap does not always mean bad and expensive does not always mean good.


Some Final Words

Technology has a way of making computer equipment better. Upgrading to a blue ray writer is not that difficult. Especially when you are moving up to one of the top best external blue ray drive in 2021.

You get great versatility, compatibility, and quality with each blue ray writer. Just make sure you understand all the technical language and what these units are capable of doing.

Using one of the top best external blue ray drive in 2021 will enhance your computer experience.

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