But only if you are wearing the right footwear. Using sneakers is not a good idea when you are at the beach. They block the sun and get a lot of sand inside. This makes them hard to clean. Using one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021 is a good alternative.

These flip flops will let your feet soak up the sun’s rays and give them a nice tan. Plus, you do not have to clean the sand out of them. How do you find one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021? Just keep reading our review. It is designed to provide you with the information you need.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some helpful tips on what to look for. Your search for one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021 should be easier.
Our Flip Flop Review

Table of the Best Flip Flops For Men:

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1. Skechers Fray Cotton Thong

Skechers Fray Cotton Thong
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The frayed look is still the cool look. You will be part of the in crowd when you wear these fabric thongs. The fabric attaches to the foam padding to provide you with durable beach walking footwear.

The foam base provides your feet with a cushion to protect them from hard impact.
Then the rubber soles give you the traction to step on wet, slippery rock and not slid off. You may want to get a half to a full size larger than your regular shoe size. These thongs do not run true to size.

Comfortable fit for any wide feet.


2. Sanuk Latitude Flip Flop

Sanuk Latitude Flip Flop
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The synthetic material adds a touch of class to your feet. You can walk around in style with these nicely designed flip flops. The toe post and strap are stitched tightly for durability and strength.

Then the rubber soles provide you with the traction you need as you wade through the ocean. Wet rocks are not a danger t you when you wear these flip flops. The midsole provides your feet with an organic experience. Keeping them comfortable while protecting them from any hard impact.

These flip flops are flexible and will bend when you need them to bend.


3. OOFOS Ooriginal Flip Flop

OOFOS Ooriginal Flip Flop
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Men or women can wear these impact absorbing foam padded flip flops. The heels are approx. 1” thick. This design helps protect your heels as you walk, while providing the comfort you need. Then the arch support will keep your arches nice and secure as well as supported.

Plus, the toe post is made to cut down on any chafing you may have experienced in the past. Another good feature is that these machine washable flip flops hold their shape and capability wash after wash.

Also, the foam construction helps keep stress away from your knees, hips, and lower back.


4. Sanuk Yoga Sling Flip Flop

Sanuk Yoga Sling Flip Flop
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These flip flops are for those women who love yoga. They are designed to bring a little yoga influence to your beach life. The stretch fabric is comfortable on your feet and the toe post should not chafe as you wear them.

You get the full yoga flavor with the yoga padded midsoles. These midsoles provide the cushion and comfort you desire. Plus, the rubber soles help you keep your footing as you walk to your next destination.

The sponge designed outsole helps soften every step you take. The overall design keeps you looking stylish every time you put them on to go outside.


5. OluKai The Classic

OluKai The Classic
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If you like classic cars, classic rock, and roll, you may like these classic flip flops. There is nothing out of this world about them. They are classic flip flops for the beach. The toe post and strap are made from synthetic materials for durability, strength, and comfort.

Then the rubber outer sole lets you walk with confidence. You should not slip even on slippery surfaces. They are so light you won’t know you have them on. Then these flip flops contain no animal products and are vegan friendly.

These flip flops are designed with the utmost comfort in mind.


6. Teva Pajaro Flip-Flop

Teva Pajaro Flip-Flop
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The extra thick rubber soles help cushion the impact that comes when men walk to their next destination. The tread is thick to provide you with great traction and comfort. Then the toe post is made of fabric while the wide strap is made from leather and fabric materials.

The sporty look will keep your feet looking good all day long. You will also impress the ladies with your taste. Its midsole is designed to provide comfort. Plus, their lightweight will have you thinking you are not wearing any footwear.

The raised toe helps protect your feet from bumps.


7. OOFOS Ooriginal Sport Flip Flop

OOFOS Ooriginal Sport Flip Flop
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Both men and women can bring a sporty look to their feet with these original styled thongs. The extra thick arch and heel provide healthy support and protection to your feet. The cushion they provide also helps soften any impact you feel as you walk.

Its synthetic strap and toe post should help to reduce any chafing you may get as you wear these flip flops. Then the tread is designed to whisk away any water that is on your foot path.

To keep these thongs clean, just toss them in the washing machine and let hang dry.


8. Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip-Flop

Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip-Flop
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If you like simplicity, then these simple designed thongs may meet your need. There is no flair, no outlandish colors, just a plain simple thong that brings comfort to your feet. Its strap’s neoprene lining combines with the yoga mat constructed foot pad to bring you the ultimate comfort experience.

The toe post and strap are made with nylon textile materials to keep the thong durable and strong. Then the synthetic outer sole provides you with the traction you want. Some arch support is added to these flip flops.

Plus, you get protection from sharp objects with this tough construction.


9. Reef Men’s Slammed Rover Flip Flop

Reef Men's Slammed Rover Flip Flop
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Synthetic materials were used to create the toe post and strap. This helps in cutting down on any chafing you may have experienced in the past. The strong stitching keeps pot h the strap and toe post from wearing out too soon.

A thickened heel works to keep any hard impact from bringing discomfort to your heels. Then the triple molded design brings the comfort you want in a flip flop. Plus, the rubber sole gives you traction as well as help protect your feet from sharp objects.

All of these features combine to give your feet the comfort and support you need as you walk along the beach.


10. Reef Fanning Sandal

Reef Fanning Sandal
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This nice-looking pair of thongs will enhance the look of any man’s feet. The synthetic made strap has holes placed on them to aid in your feet’s breathability. Plus, the toe post is made of fabric, which helps to cut down on chafing.

Then the elevated heel has an added layer of cushion to protect against any hard impact you may experience. This combines with the synthetic sole to give your feet the comfort and protection you want.

Also, the midsole is designed to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. Its raised toe aids in protecting your toes from any bumps that can happen.


Our Buyer’s Guide

Thongs are thongs, right? Not necessarily. All you have to do is compare regular thongs with one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021 to see the difference. Here are some helpful tips to guide you to the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021:


– will you be using them for the beach, wading in water, or around the house?

Construction materials- cheap materials may save money but they do not last. You need those flip flops that are made to last with quality materials.


– do you want to look sporty, fashionable or just go for the simple look? This is up to your preference.


– look for those thongs that have thick soles, good tread, and heel cushion protection.


– What is covered and how long is your coverage? What is the return policy and what is normal use?


– even affordable items can ruin a budget if you buy too many. Make sure you can fit the cost in with your budget.

Some Final Words

Some men like to look good at the beach, park or wherever they wear flip flops. One way to help them look their best is for them to wear one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021.

These thongs are designed to make your feet look good and keep you looking stylish. Switching to one of the top 10 best flip flops for men in 2021 is a smart move to make.

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