Finding the best gift for a farmer isn’t easy. Ask them what they want, and they will always say better weather as if it’s possible to buy rain or sunshine. Anyway, when getting a gift for a farmer, you have to think outside the box. Make sure you not only get him/her something unique but it should also be relevant to his/her line of work. However, gifts are an excellent way to show care and concern for the ones you love. Plus, everyone loves receiving gifts. If you have a farmer on your gift checklist, below are excellent gift ideas for farmers. We will also provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you pick the perfect gift.

Table of the Best Gift Ideas for Farmers:

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1. Born to be A Farmer Inspirational Wooden Decorative Wall Art Plaque

Born to be A Farmer Inspirational Wooden Decorative Wall Art Plaque
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Inspire him/her with this inspirational decorative wall art plaque. It’s made of wood and can be hang on a wall. This elegant piece of art contains motivational quotes that will inspire him/her to be more determined in their work. Inspiration is one of the best gifts that you can ever give somebody. This wall art gift is suitable for any occasion, be it a birthday or holiday.


2. A Farm Lover Tee

A Farm Lover Tee
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Get your farmer a Farm Lover T-shirt written,” I’D RATHER BE ON MY TRACTOR.” It’s the best gift for die-hard farmers. They can wear it proudly wherever they go and boast about their profession. It’s made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester. It’s comfortable and suitable for men, women or even kids. It’s double needle sleeve, and it’s very lightweight.


3. Proud to Be a Farmer RUHE Men’s Quartz Pocket Watch

Proud to Be a Farmer RUHE Men's Quartz Pocket Watch
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The pocket watch features an exquisite vintage design. It’s engraved with the letters, “Proud to Be a Farmer”. It’s an excellent gift for a farmer who has been in that line of work for a while or even a newbie. It comes with a gift box. The pocket watch is ideal for farmers because they do love to get their hands dirty. Therefore unlike other watches, it won’t be exposed to water or soil. Additionally, the watch is manufactured by RUHE which is a well-known company.


4. 3dRose Mug

3dRose Mug
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This high quality and well-designed mug will ensure he/she enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea before heading to the farm. It features a high gloss finish on the handle and the interior. It also has the markings, “BEST FARMER EVER” written in black on the side. Give this gift to a farmer, and you can be sure that he/she will use it every day.


5. The “Goat Lover” Street Sign

The “Goat Lover” Street Sign
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Does your farmer have a sense of humor? Then this street sign is the perfect gift. He/she can hang it outside for everyone to see and appreciate the humor. The street sign is from SignMission which is a well-known manufacturer of funny, cute or hilarious novelty signs. It’s long lasting, scratch resistant and very sturdy. It’s also rust and fade resistant. The sign comes with precut mounting holes, you can, therefore, mount it with ease.


6. The Fair Game Still Plays with Tractors Long Sleeve T-shirt

The Fair Game Still Plays with Tractors Long Sleeve T-shirt
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You can get this heavyweight pre-shrunk long-sleeved t-shirt for your farmer. It’s ideal for a farmer living in cold areas. The long sleeve t-shirt comes in different sizes, you will, therefore, find a perfect fit for your farmer. The t-shirt also comes in seven different colors. It’s made of 100% cotton, and it’s unisex. It also features “still plays with TRACTORS” design on the front.


7. The Chicken Crossing Sign Zone

The Chicken Crossing Sign Zone
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This is another hilarious novelty sign. It’s a great gift for farmers who have specialized in poultry farming. Its 12inch tall and 12inch wide, you can, therefore, be sure that it will be visible enough. The sign is well-decorated with a bright yellow and black color. The chicken crossing sign will leave people smiling and laughing every time they see it. It can be used outdoors and indoors.


8. The Vintage Farm Tractor and Wagon Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Holder

The Vintage Farm Tractor and Wagon Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Holder
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This salt and pepper holder is well decorated and is one of the best gifts you can get a farmer. It’s a fine detailed work of art that will style up the farmer’s kitchen or dining table. The holder features a well-crafted john-deer tractor with a wagon at the back that holds the pepper and salt shaker.


9. The Cows Lover T-Shirt

The Cows Lover T-Shirt
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The “I Never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super cool cow lady, but here I am killing it” is a fantastic gift for a farmer who really loves cows. It’s a unique t-shirt for lady farmers. It’s light and comfy. Its double-needle sleeved. The design at the front is written with an appealing font with white and pink colors.


10. The Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book

The Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book
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Farmers are a different lot, mostly because their recipe is entirely different from those of regular people. The Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book can be a great gift to give a farmer. It contains more than 1000 recipes. It also includes additional tips on housekeeping, setting tables and much more. It’s ideal for both beginner and expert cooks.


Tips on the Best Gift Ideas for Farmers


The only way to fully grab the attention of a farmer is by getting him/her a gift that is farm related. A great gift is something that a person will use and see on the regular. Therefore farm-related gifts are things that the farmer will always see or use and be reminded of you.


Farmers are different from regular people. You should, therefore, get them something that is out of the ordinary. Getting him/her a unique gift will ensure that they treasure it for the longest time possible.


Just because it’s a gift that doesn’t mean you buy anything you come across. Make sure you conduct thorough research. You don’t want to end up giving your farmer relative/friend/lover, a gift that will only last for a week or two.

Personalize It

Get to know what he/she loves. Tailoring the gift will make it have a more personal impact. For instance, if the farmer is into poultry keeping, the chicken crossing sign will be a great gift idea.


The above are the ten best gift ideas for farmers. You can be assured that he/she will like them. They are unique and have a personal touch. As mentioned above, farmers are different from regular people. You should, therefore, get them a gift that will appeal to their nature and profession.

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