Don’t get confused with HDMI switch as the splitter & switch are made for two different purposes. HDMI splitter is used for sharing the content from one source to multiple sources. In simple words An HDMI splitter takes the signal information of Blueray, cable box or satellite box & distribute it to multiple TVs of screens. It is used for sharing the personal as well as professional content to more than one monitor at the same time. If you are the one in need of splitter & don’t know how to buy the one for satisfying your need then you have come to right place. Here is the list of top ten HDMI Splitters to make you choose best of all.

List of The Top 10 Best HDMI Splitters in 2021

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10. FARSTRIDER MINI HDMI Splitter + Amplifier 1 in 2

FARSTRIDER MINI HDMI Splitter + Amplifier 1 in 2
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If you are looking forward to a splitter which has long coverage range as your display will be further than this one is best suited for you as it works for long ranges too. It is very small in size which makes it convenient for travel. It does have a buffer as well as signal amplifier. This one is best suited for those professionals who need to carry HDMI splitter for arranging seminars & sales displays.

9. StarTech HDMI Splitter

StarTech HDMI Splitter
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This one is integrated HDMI source cable which allows you to split the audio & video source into two different HDMI displays which are why it is expensive compared to most other splitters. It is compatible with desktop, laptop, televisions & monitors too. It provides high definition video clarity to make your video clearer. If you need the four cable variant by the same brand then that is also available.

8. Expert Connect HMASPDK104B

Expert Connect HMASPDK104B
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This device comes with 1 input 4 output advanced technology that supports every content starting from 480i up to 3D 1080p full HD signals. It is compatible to support as far as 130 feet distance without compromising on the picture quality. It comes with 2 years warranty & life time technical support.

7. OREI HD-102 HDMI Splitter

OREI HD-102 HDMI Splitter
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The product is the best seller at with as many as 1500 5 star ratings & reviews. It is due to the features that the product is intact with. It provides two output for one input. It works on its own power supply. It supports all audio formats. It comes with a metal case which is designed to control the heat while you are using it.

6. J-Tech Digital JTD-PRO 4×8 HDMI Splitter

J-Tech Digital JTD-PRO 4x8 HDMI Splitter
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It is the most advanced version of HDMI splitter with 4 ports for input & 8 ports for output. It also supports 3D video content to ease your usage. It comes with lucrative one year manufacturer’s warranty which offers a free replacement. It comes with a remote control to ease your efforts of changing the inputs again.

5. Goronya 4-Port

Goronya 4-Port
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This smart looking device is capable of splitting one input into 4 output without any quality does support HD resolution starting from 108p to 480p. It is something which is compatible with almost all available options like HDTV, DVD, PS3, PS4 & even Apple TV. It does come with the warranty of 18 month but it is limited.

4. SZOIL Hdmi Switcher Splitter

SZOIL Hdmi Switcher Splitter
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It is user-friendly as it comes with plug & play system to support the need for your quick assembly. It can connect up to three devices with one output at the same time. It starts automatically when you connect it with devices & it has a manual switch for changing the input manually. The brand offers 100 percent money back guarantee for 90 days if you feel that it does not work up to your expectations.

3. Cable Matters 4-Port HDMI Splitter Supporting 4K

Cable Matters 4-Port HDMI Splitter Supporting 4K
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This device is capable of playing similar video & audio from one source to other up to four sources at the same time. You can set up four different devices like set top box, Blu ray player or even satellite in different locations & still this will work. It supports the video resolution up to 1080p along with 3D content. It supports almost all the audio formats starting from Dolby till surround sound. It comes with gold plated HDMI connectors to ensure safety. It is compatible to coordinates all the outputs mechanically.

2. ViewHD 1X2MN3D

ViewHD 1X2MN3D
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It is built in durable metal case which has common power adaptor. It can split one signal into two & supports almost all video formats including 3D. it is perfect for the in house usage where you don’t need many outputs at the same time you are looking forward for something which is inexpensive.

1. SOWTECH HDSP0001 HDMI Splitter

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If you are worried about the signal crashing while buying the HDMI splitter & want to have the constant output than this one is something customized just to suit your comes with 15 meters long distance signal transfer & this is something which is tested & proven to satisfy your query. It is designed in a metal case which makes it look appealing. It is compatible for creating the mirror image to make your experience better without compromising on quality of output. The product has 4.5 stars with more than 650 five star ratings & reviews & many positive feedback & praises.[/lazboy_item]


It is very important to consider your usage & need for the splitter before buying one. There is no point in buying very advanced splitter with 4 output options if you are going to use in at your home for connecting not more than two devices at the same time. While buying such gadgets budget is also an important aspect. Do consider your budget & compare it with the price of different splitters before taking the final decision.

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