Your long car ride can be really boring and tiring if you do not have something for entertainment. There is no better way of making your long ride fun than watching movies and videos of your liking. That is where headrest DVD player comes into the picture and they are going to bring the theater experience right in your car sitting on the rear side of the front seats.

Not only that, you can listen to music and even connect a gaming console to play games. You can plug in your USB device, SD card, and of course, DVDs to get started. Some of them have inbuilt speakers while others need headphones or both. The following is the list of top 10 best headrest DVD players in 2021 that can make your journey entertaining.

Table of The Best Headrest Dvd Player:

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1. NAVISKAUTO 10.1-inch Headrest DVD Player

 NAVISKAUTO 10.1-inch Headrest DVD Player
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This DVD headrest player has HD resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels on TFT LCD screen. There are touch keys with 16:9 aspect ratio with wide view angle. It can be used in the car as well as home and there are two mounting brackets provided for the same.

The design is sleek with round edges. It has a USB port, SD card reader, MMC card slot, IR receiver, FM radio, HDMI, and speaker input port. You can play game disc and has wireless games function. You can synchronize with audio and video of your mobile phone, computer, TV, and all other similar devices.

2. Rockville 7-inch Car Headrest DVD Player

Rockville 7-inch Car Headrest DVD Player
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The headrest DVD player has IR transmitter and HDMI input. The screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. The aspect ratio is adjustable between 16:9 and 4:3. It is a universal fit system and has all the essential part to attach it to your car. It is a set of two headrest and a remote is provided to control everything effortlessly.

You can adjust the viewing angle and there are USB and SD card port. It also supports multiple languages and there is a built-in game system with game disc and controller. You can also play the audio through your vehicle stereo system.

3. eRapta 10.1-inch Headrest DVD Player

eRapta 10.1-inch Headrest DVD Player
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This headrest DVD player has HD resolution display with HDMI, USB and SD card port. It supports DVD and VCD and it can not only be used in a car but also at home as a tablet. There is also a socket for wall charging. You can 2 years of warranty and lifetime support. There is a special game mode and a universal remote is provided with it.

4. AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player

AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player
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This is 9-inch headrest DVD player with HD 1080p display. You can play music, watch videos, and play games. It is easy to install and operate as it has touchscreen as well as remote control. Wireless joystick can help you play games effortlessly.

All the popular video and audio formats are supported and there is built-in speaker. Apart from these, it supports wireless headphones and has FM transmitter for car support.

5. OUTAD 10.1-inch Headrest Monitor DVD Player

OUTAD 10.1-inch Headrest Monitor DVD Player
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This is a very slim headrest DVD player with 1080P HD display and two of these can play the same movie in the DVD mode. It has all the standard ports like USB, SD card, HDMI. It supports wireless gaming and you can sync it with your TV, computer, smartphone and audio system seamlessly.

The product has memory function such that it will start from where you stopped the last time. The power has to be supplied from an external point like cigar lighter or electric socket.

6. Koramzi Portable 9″ Dual DVD Player

Koramzi Portable 9
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There are two monitors provided in the set with two different remotes to play different items on each of them. The batteries are rechargeable with a backup of 3 hours and it has crystal clear display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. There are built-in speakers and all the different ports are available. There are AC adaptor, car adaptor, AV cables and earphone sockets.

7. NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Headrest DVD Player

NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch Headrest DVD Player
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This headrest DVD player is extremely easy to play as it plays the disc automatically. The screen has HD display at 1080p. You can sync it with your TV, computer or smartphone as there are HDMI input and AV in and out functions. It is very convenient to set up with mounting brackets and buttons provided. You can also remove it quickly.

The design of the DVD player is attractive and compact and it is very sturdy to take the bumps when the brake is applied.

8. AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player With Leather Cover

AUTOWINGS Touchscreen Headrest DVD Player With Leather Cover
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This is another dual set of headrest DVD player with a leather cover to fit your car interior perfectly. It has HD resolution and it is very easy to install and operate. The touchscreen is highly responsive and all the different video formats are supported.

You can play the same video on both of the DVD players. You can connect your wireless headset and gaming console seamlessly. Both of them are 9 inches size.

9. Sokesi 10.1 Inches Car Headrest DVD Player

Sokesi 10.1 Inches Car Headrest DVD Player
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We have already covered on Sokesi DVD player above but this one is rather a new version with a stronger built to take bumps comfortably. It has the resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and instead of a touchscreen, it has touch keys. All the essential ports are available so that you can enjoy videos on the go.

You can connect to your computer, TV, and smartphone. The removable design makes it suitable to be used as a tablet as well. The round design makes it look amazing.

10. XTRONS Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player

XTRONS Black 2X Twin Car headrest DVD player
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This is a set of two headrest DVD players of 9 inches each. The monitors have HD screen resolution and there are three color options available to suit your interior. It supports 32-bit games with your game joystick wirelessly.

The IR infrared transmitter function helps to connect Bluetooth headphones and remote control. It has USB port, SD card slot, touch screen, multilingual support and support for popular audio and video formats.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

If you want to make your boring car journey entertaining, you need to get a headrest DVD player for your car. Since it is an electronic device, you have to watch out for several parameters so that you can buy the best one that fulfills all your purposes completely. The following are the parameters you need to check out before purchasing.


The size of the headrest DVD player matters even though you do not have to buy a headrest DVD player that has the same or smaller size than the headrest of the seat on whose rear side you will mount the player. You can also buy a bigger one but make sure that it looks ergonomic and not odd. The standard size is 9 inches but there are 10 and 11 inches monitor also available. You can also buy a small one like 7 inches which is a standard size of a tablet if your car is small.


Charging is an important factor as different headrest DVD players have different sources of charging. Most of them have battery backup and you can charge them with a USB port. Some of them have to be detached and charged from the electric socket and put them back. Furthermore, some have no battery and runs purely from the socket present in the car that is supplied from the car battery. You must buy with whichever you are comfortable with. Also, check the backup time so that you can enjoy your entire ride watching videos uninterruptedly.


While some headrest DVD players have touch screens, other come with remote control. There are even some which have touch keys. If you want to use your DVD player as a tablet too at home, you need a touchscreen. But if it is purely for your car, you can have the one with remote or even touch keys to reduce the price.

Ports and Connectivity

Not only should you be able to put in the disc and play video or games, there should be USB port and SD card reader as movies are carried mostly through them now. Other than that, it should have HDMI port to sync it in with your TV and IR transmitter to sync wireless device like game console and headphones. Having built-in speakers are must and some also have FM transmitter to sync with the audio system of the car.

Apart from these, you need to check the resolution of the screen. After all, a poor resolution one will ruin all the fun you could have. It must be at least HD resolution to offer great video quality.


You can choose any of the above-mentioned top 10 best headrest DVD players in 2021 as they have the best quality and functionalities. But make sure you check out the dimensions, resolution and all the other factors mentioned so that the product you buy is the best one for you.

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