Keeping your keys under the mat or in the plant pot has become clichéd and such a move is predictable. When it concerns the security of your home, you should invest in buying a key lock box where you can keep the keys of your home securely so that any family member can come and unlock it to fetch the keys. There are various types of key lock boxes available in which some are wall mountable while others are in the form of a door lock itself. The following list contains the top ten best key lock boxes in 2021 that you should consider buying based on your requirements.

Table of the Best Key Lock Boxes:

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1. ORIA Key Storage Lock Box

ORIA Key Storage Lock Box
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The product is a bestseller in the drop slot safes category. It is basically a 4-digit combination lock that can be mounted on any surface and the code is resettable. The material is highly durable thanks to zinc alloy and premium steel combination. The lock is sustainable against heavy hammering, prying and even sawing. The paint applied on the lock is environmentally friendly. You can choose between ten thousand combinations and you can keep 5 keys at most. It is extremely easy to install and has versatile application.


2. Master Lock Box For Doors

Master Lock Box For Doors
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This is the most highly rated lockbox and the product has featured under Amazon’s Choice. The lockbox is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also be carried with you as it is highly portable. Other than keys, you can store access card. The internal cavity is large enough to let you store multiple keys at once. It has 4-digit resettable configuration and the construction is done with a metal alloy. On top of that, there is a vinyl coating which prevents scratching and there is also a combination dial for prevention against various weather conditions.


3. Kingsley Realtor’s Lockbox

Kingsley Realtor's Lockbox
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The lockbox has metallic construction and you can key five keys comfortably inside it. There are ten thousand combinations available due to the presence of five digits for locking. Even though it looks compact, the interior has more space than conventional ones. The knob fits in perfectly on any standard door and the black body stays camouflaged against darkness at night. The lockbox is weather-resistant and hence, it stays unaffected in cold and hot seasons.


4. Kidde Permanent Key Lock Box

Kidde Permanent Key Lock Box
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This is one of the unique lockboxes that are available currently. The product has also featured on Amazon’s Choice for its premium-quality and super high rating. You can choose between 2 and 5 keys for storage. It is designed for keyless entry with the customized combination. There are 5-digit key combinations available which mean you can set among one thousand combinations. The setup is easy and so is the mounting. A manual is provided to understand the usage of this unique lockbox completely.


5. QERI Key Lock Box

QERI Key Lock Box
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This is an elegant looking lockbox for keys and it has a premium silver coating to make it weather resistant. For the construction, high-grade steel alloy has been used and it is sustainable against any weather condition. The mounting and setup are very easy and it is mainly designed to mount on the walls rather than wrapping around door knobs. The PIN is easy to reset and the storage space is relatively large.


6. Master Lock Box For Walls

Master Lock Box For Walls
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Master Lock is a popular brand and we have already covered a product which was made for doors to be locked. This one is primarily designed for mounting on the walls and there is an entire keypad for setting and using the key combination. You can store keys or cards as per your convenience. The keys in the keypad are made large for the aged people to access it without any effort. The design is durable and the installation can be permanent. It comes with weather cover for keeping the functionalities and components intact in all conditions.


7. KeyGuard Wall Mount Lock Box

KeyGuard Wall Mount Lock Box
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This is a quite a sturdy lock box that has to be mounted on the wall. The product comes with a very strong weather cover which fits in seamless on the front side. There are push buttons for entering the numbers and there is no need for spinning the numbers and the interior space is quite large. The exterior frame has ABS plastic coating and it is resistant to scratches and the box can be fitted anywhere.


8. Linnai Products Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

Linnai Products Wall Mounted Key Lock Box
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This is a permanent lock box that should be mounted on the wall. It is made for all weather conditions and the construction material is zinc alloy. The front door is removable and the product has featured under Amazon’s Choice for outdoor lock box category. It is sustainable against heavy impact like hammering and prying. It can endure any weather condition without getting jammed. The keypad is provided to make it more convenient than a dialer. It is easy to install on indoor or outdoor walls. It can hold multiple keys as the interior space is quite large.


9. Lockforce Key Lock Box

Lockforce Key Lock Box
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This s a rather compact key lock box and the construction has been done for making it a heavy-duty lock box. The steel is tampered and hardened and it is suitable for outdoor usage. The interior can hold two keys at a time and it is difficult to break the lock box open easily. The product is completely weatherproof and it is sustainable under extreme heat, cold and rainy days. There are 10,000 combinations possible and the use is versatile and hassle-free.


10. Kidde Entry Key Locker

Kidde Entry Key Locker
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This is not just any usual key lock box, it is an entire key cabinet that can hold as many as 30 keys. This is required for commercial purposes like in a hotel and large building. It is needless to say that the construction is of superior quality. For the material, the 16-gauge steel of extremely high-quality has been used for durability and heavy-duty usage. It can sustain against hammering and prying. There are dedicated keys on the keypad for entering the combination. The keys can be hanged in the rings provided so that all the keys stay organized and all the wall anchors and screws are provided for easy setup and mounting.


Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

Buying a key lock box may seem to be an easy decision when you have to choose only the design as per your liking. But if you do not check out eh following parameters while buying, you are likely to regret after you make the purchase.


  • The first thing you have to check the interior size of the lock box. There are some which can hold only two keys at a time. But if you have more keys to keep locked, you have to buy the ones having space for five keys. In case you use a swiping card, you need to buy the one that has enough space to accommodate it. Just because a lock box looks bulky does not mean that there will be enough space to accommodate everything.


  • There are two types key lock boxes available in the market. The first one is the common one which is wall mountable. You can use them indoor or outdoor as per your requirement. You need to mount them on the wall with screws and accessories provided and most of them have a keypad for entering the right combination to unlock it. Furthermore, most of them have rings to keep the keys in place. The second type is a lock-designed box which is a door lock with which you can lock the front door of your home and keep the keys inside the lock. They generally have dial system to unlock the key combination. They are designed to sustain in any weather condition without jamming.


  • The main reason for buying a key lock box is protection. First of all, the more number of combinations possible, the better is the security. In other words, a five-digit combination is more secure than a four-digit. The material of the box is extremely important as it has to be sturdy enough to sustain against strong hammering and prying as they are more of the tricks robbers apply to break the locks open to get the keys. Furthermore, the color is also important as some of them can become almost invisible in the dark. Apart from these, it must be sustainable against rainy season, hot and cold seasons so that it should not get jammed.


When it comes to the security of your home, you should never comprise and adapt the old unsecured methods. Buy a good-quality key lock box as listed above and most of them are having sturdy material build quality and they are protected against hammering and prying. As per the number of keys you want to keep and required applications, you should buy accordingly to serve all your purposes perfectly.

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