Yet you never hear them complain. Oh, you get the odd creak now and then but no complaints. Isn’t it about time you put them together carefully? One of the best laminate cutters in 2021 will help you put your floor together properly.

If you are not sure what a laminate cutter is, just keep reading. Our guide is designed to give you the information you need. Not only can you learn what a laminate cutter is. You can learn how to find the best of the best.

Not only that but our buyer’s guide will provide you with some tips on what to look for when you need to buy a laminate cutter yourself. Getting one of the best laminate cutters in 2021 is not going to be that difficult.

Table of the best  Laminate Cutter Review:

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1. EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade Laminate Flooring Cutter

EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade Laminate Flooring Cutter
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Floors do not exactly come in exact measurements all the time. That is why you need a laminate cutter. This 21 x 10 x 3.5-inch cutter handles a variety of materials up to 9 inches wide. You can cut tile, vinyl, wood, PVC and many other flooring surfaces.

The carbon steel blade will handle it all. You can either cut your pieces at 90 degrees or adjust the blade to cut at an angle. The choice is yours. The long handle will also provide the leverage you need to make those cuts. The 21-inch deck allows you to cut longer pieces with ease.

2. QEP 10-35 Laminate Cutter

QEP 10-35 Laminate Cutter
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You can handle flooring pieces up to 8 inches wide and 10mm thick with this 27.6 x 10.2 x 5.8 in laminate cutter. Its heavy-duty frame will handle any material you throw its way. To help keep the flooring material level a V support is included with the cutter.

The long handle is easy on the hands with its comfortable handle. Plus, you get plenty of leverage to make cutting your flooring pieces a lot easier. Rubber or hard plastic caps cover any possible sharp edges on the steel frame. The limited warranty only offers replacement due to manufacturer’s errors.

3. Bullet Tools EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

Bullet Tools EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter
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To be the best you need versatility. Not only will this 29 x 12 x 18-inch laminate cutter handle flooring materials. It will also handle siding. The 9-inch cutting bad will cut on angles between 45 and 90 degrees on material up to 5/8” thick.

Plus, the adjustable aluminum fence will keep your material square. Being a manual laminate cutter, there is no cutting dust to interfere with your eyes or work. The long deck helps keep your flooring material level for a better, more even cut. Made in the USA, this unit is backed by a one-year warranty. Be careful, the blade is razor sharp.

4. Virutex Portable Handheld Plastic Laminate Slitter

Virutex Portable Handheld Plastic Laminate Slitter
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Flexibility is also a key ingredient to being one of the best. This 9 x 7 x 6-inch laminate cutter will go where you go. Weighing only about5 pounds, the laminate cutter works best on laminates and veneers.

The cutting thickness can be adjusted for better cuts using the metric and inches scale placed on the cutter. The built-in fence helps keep your materials square for the best cut possible. The knob assembly locks everything into place. Backed by a one-year warranty, you will get precision cuts from this unit. One thing to remember, this laminate cutter snot for very wide flooring materials.

5. D-CUT Laminate Cutter

D-CUT Laminate Cutter
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Measuring 28.5 x 8 x 3.6 inches, the D designed blade will handle most flooring materials. You can do typical straight cuts, notch cuts, angle cuts and more with this unit. A V-shaped materials holder helps keep every piece level for that perfect cut.

You can cut flooring materials measuring up to 10 mm in thickness. The blade is designed not to wear out. A couple of things to be concerned about. The blade cannot be replaced. Plus, the blade may not be razor sharp. It feels more like a chopping block than a cutting blade.

6. EAB Tool Multi-Purpose Flooring Cutter

EAB Tool Multi-Purpose Flooring Cutter
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The sturdy aluminum and steel construction sports a razor-sharp blade for precision cuts. This 25 x 16 x 6-inch laminate cutter will handle materials up to 13 inches wide and 5/8” thick. It will cut angles or straight, your choice.

The cutting handle is long for quick leverage. If you need more leverage, simply extend the adjustable handle. This cutter will cut through a variety of flooring materials. From wood, laminate, to vinyl flooring, cement board, wood moldings, and rubber. But that is only a partial list of materials it will cut. Its wide deck keeps every piece level.

7. Roberts 10-64 Pro Flooring Cutter

Roberts 10-64 Pro Flooring Cutter
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Another laminate cutter that will handle flooring materials up to 13 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. This 24 x 15.5 x 3.8-inch unit has a replaceable blade that can also be re-sharpened. The adjustable cutting guide ensures that you get perfect cuts from 45 to 90 degrees.

The adjustable handle provides all the leverage you need to make those difficult cuts. The wide deck also keeps your flooring materials level. Like other units, it will handle a variety of flooring materials. From engineered wood to vinyl to whatever you need to cut.

8. D-CUT LVT / Vinyl Cutter LT-180

D-CUT LVT / Vinyl Cutter LT-180
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The D designed blade is located in the middle of the cutting deck. This allows you to make middle cuts and not just end cuts. The steel blade will cut a variety of materials with a straight, angle or notch cut. It will also handle length-wise cuts.

The 25 x 4 x 10-inch dimensions hold a blade that will not wear out. You can cut flooring up to 10mm thick and approx. 8 inches wide. These manual cutters are all eco-friendly, make no real noise and use no electricity. Plus, you do not need to wear a dust mask when using these cutters.

9. Bullet Tools EZ Shear Siding Cutter

Bullet Tools EZ Shear Siding Cutter
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The good thing about these manual laminate cutters is that they go where you are. No need to waste time walking back and forth to get a piece cut. This 25 x 5 x 17-inch laminate cutter makes no dust and comes with a one-year warranty.

It can handle materials up to 13 inches wide and 1 inch thick. The adjustable fence guides you to perfect cuts each time you use the cutter. Made in America, this laminate cutter also sports an adjustable handle for complete leverage. The wide and long deck keeps your materials level, even when you elevate the cutter.

10. TOTOOL 47 Inch Manual Tile Cutter

TOTOOL 47 Inch Manual Tile Cutter
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You can get precision cuts with the infrared laser measuring guide. The ergonomically designed handle and soft grip won’t wear your hand out as you cut 47” pieces. The maximum width is 1.38 inches and the maximum thickness is just over ½”.

This is not a laminate cutter but a tile cutter. It will handle a variety of tile types. From stone materials to normal floor tiles, polished tiles, to vetrified tiles and more. You can even cut porcelain and ceramic tiles. The steel rails provide both durability and stability as you cut.

What to look for

As you can see, not all laminate cutters are the same. There are things you need to look for as you sort through the numerous choices available. To get to the best laminate cutters in 2021, just remember the following tips:

  • Purpose – will the laminate cutter meet the duties of the job
  • Size – will the cutting deck and blade be large enough
  • Materials – what materials will it cut? Will it cut the materials you plan on using?
  • Blade – are they replaceable? Can they be re-sharpened? Are they durable?
  • Cuts – can you make a variety of cuts with the laminate cutter?
  • Construction materials – will the cutter be strong enough and last?
  • Price – this is always going to be on the list. You do not want to over or under spend
  • Warranty – is there one? How long is it? What does it cover

Some Final Words

No, that you know what a laminate cutter is and what they do. The search for the best laminate cutter in 2021 just got a lot simpler. By using the information above and following our buying guide, you should have little difficulty getting the right laminate cutter.

You will also probably save a few bucks because you were able to find one that will last for many years. Also, make sure the laminate cutter is versatile and flexible. If it can do more than cut flooring, then you are ahead of the game.

Buying the best laminate cutter in 2021 is not something to dread. As long as you are informed and know what you want you won’t be talked into an inferior product by an aggressive salesman.

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