The laptop has become the most essential tool in our everyday life, we use it for work and entertainment, and we can all safely say that we cannot live without it. Though that might be true, a laptop can also cause us a little discomfort from time to time when you are on it. More often than not, our neck and back are hurt from hunching over your computer. Then that begs the question, how are we going to get rid of the pain in our neck? A quick solution to this problem is that you can buy laptop stands.

Laptop stands can help because it raises your laptop to your preferred angle so that you feel more comfortable using it. However, because of the vast amount of laptop stands in the market, choosing the best quality one is super hard, thus we would like to introduce you to our list of the top 10 best laptops stands in 2021. With this list, you will know which laptop stand is best suited for you.

List of Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in 2021

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10. Tatkraft Laptop Stands

Tatkraft Laptop Stands

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This piece of product will help you position your laptop to your most comfortable angle. It has a 160-degree tilted laptop tray and can rotate at 360-degree so that you can change to whatever position you want. It also has 4 wheels for mobility and a height adjustment for you to change it to whatever height you wish from 27.6 to 39.2 inches. This will allow you to have a comfortably positioned laptop even if you are in bed.

The laptop tray fits most of the standard laptop size (7-17”) and in addition to that, it also has a mouse pad attached to the stand. It is safe for your laptop because the tray has a safety bar at the end to prevent your laptop from sliding off the tray. This stand makes it perfect for anyone who has not yet buy a desk or simply wanting to change their workstation from a desk to a laptop stand.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable and rotatable laptop stand
  • Movable with 4 wheels and adjustable height
  • Wide laptop tray and a mouse pad
  • Anti-slip

What We Don’t Like:

  • The laptop table tilt forward, and cannot adjust it to left or right without moving the whole stand

9. Jelly Comb Laptop Stands

Jelly Comb Laptop Stand

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With the Jelly Comb laptop stand, you can adjust it to 9 different eye levels to suit your comfortable position which will help you release some of the paint on your neck and back. This laptop stand is also designed with bottom hallow so that your laptop could breathe, and it keeps your laptop from heating up. It not only can be used for your laptop but also with tablets and books which makes this laptop stand so versatile. In addition, there are also phone holders for you to access your phone within reach. You can work and at the same time keep taps on your phone.

The metal material and high-quality ABS make this laptop durable and sturdy. It can support a laptop up to 22 lbs., and it is anti-slip so that your laptop will not slide off from the stand. It fits with any size laptop up to 17-inch whether it is a MacBook or ThinkPad. So, with all of these functions, you can work on your laptop and not suffer from any more neck or back pain.

What We Like:

  • 9 adjustable angles
  • It multifunctional
  • Bottom hallow design and phone holders
  • It strong and sturdy
  • The stand supports laptops up to 17-inch and weight up to 22 lbs.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no mouse pad

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8. HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

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Cheap and simple looking, the HUANUO monitor stand offers you a laptop that is stable and durable. It is made out of powder-coated steel, and a perforated hole underneath the table for your laptop to let in some air so that your laptop will not overheat when you are on it for a long period of time. This monitor stand is wide and it can raise your monitor by 3.8 inches which are good for your back and neck. However, because of how the stand is built, there is no height adjustment to it.

What a lack in the adjustment is this monitor stand makes it up with its incredible solidness. It not only can hold your monitor but also you can use it to hold your printer which can withstand the weight of up to 44 lbs, other than that, you can also use it as your personal storage on your desk. It can hold your folders, books, or even decoration. Installation is super easy; all you have to do is connect the two legs to the table and you are done. Saving space on your desk with HUANUO monitor stand riser today.

What We Like:

  • It is stable and strong
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to install

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have height adjustment.

7. NEARPOW Laptop Bed Tray Table

NEARPOW Laptop Bed Tray Table

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Raising your laptop to your comfort level with NEARPOW laptop bed tray table. With this laptop stand, you can adjust this laptop stand to 5 different levels from 9.4 to 12.6 inches, and even more than that, you can also change the position of the table to a 30-degree angle. If you worry that if you tilt the table forward your laptop might fall off, do not worry about it. At the bottom of the tray, there are wristbands and ledges that prevent your laptop from slipping off. The table itself is wide enough to hold both your laptop and a mouse comfortably.

It is user-friendly because of the wide table; you can place your laptop on the right and mouse on the left of you are handed. This laptop stand is very versatile that not only you can use it for holding your laptop, but you can also use it as a mini tablet as well. Additionally, the NEARPOW laptop stand can save you some space as you are done using the stand, you can fold it up and store it in your counter or under your desk.

What We Like:

  • 5 different height adjustment and tilted table
  • Anti-slip
  • User-friendly and multifunction
  • Space-saving

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not fit laptop the size of 17-inch and above

6. Halter Portable Lap Desk Versatile Laptop Stand

Halter Portable Lap Desk Versatile Laptop Stand

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This laptop stand will give you the most comfortable position as you work on your laptop. With 8 different angle adjustments, you can work with your laptop for hours without having the pain in your neck or back. It is also lightweight and traveling-friendly so that you can carry it anywhere and work anywhere you want.

In addition, at the bottom surface, there is a premium dual bolster cushion for when you need to set it on your lap. It is comfortable and gives you extra height from your legs. This is perfect if you like to work anywhere other than our desk. Halter laptop stand does more than just for your laptop. It is very versatile, you can use it for reading, holding your tablet, notebook, and so much more.

What We Like:

  • 8 angle adjustment
  • It is lightweight, travel-friendly, and bolster cushion in the bottom
  • Versatile

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not fit with a large and heavy laptop.
  • The product is plastic.

5. Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stands

Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand

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The Plye brings you a portable and adjustable laptop stand to help you ease up on your neck and back. Despite the name, this stand is actually pretty versatile. It is 9.25 (w) x 10.8 (d) inches, so you can put more than just a laptop, you can use it with computers, turntable, DJ equipment, and so much more. the strong aluminum makes this laptop stand quite durable than other laptop stands, and it can hold the weight of up to 44 lbs with ease.

In addition, this stand has a height adjustment that you can adjust to whatever height you feel at most comfortable. There two anti-slip legs that prevent your laptop from sliding off the stand. It is super easy to assemble and disassemble, there is no need for use of extra tools at all. If you are looking for an affordable laptop stand, this one might be the one for you.

What We Like:

  • Versatile.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Anti-slip legs.
  • It is easy to install.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It cannot adjust the angle of your laptop, you can only adjust the height.

4. AmazonBasics Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics mesh Laptop height supporter

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This basic yet highly versatile laptop stand is the most benefiting for those you work long hours on their computers. It is designed with a metal-mesh platform that helps draw away heat from your laptop to prevent overheating and keeps your laptop cool. You can adjust the stand to different angles from 12 to 35 degrees. At the back of this laptop stand there is a cord organizer which have 6 slots for you to keep your cord tidy and not a complete mess. It helps keep your desk clear and organize.

What We Like:

  • Metal-mesh platform
  • Adjust to different angles
  • It has 6 cord organizer slots

What We Don’t Like:

  • You cannot adjust the height

3. Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stands

Executive Office Solutions computer riser

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If you are on a hunt for a laptop stand, then why not give Executive Office Solution laptop stand a look. With this tool to help to hold your laptop, never again will you experience neck and back pain. With fully adjustable legs, you can change the height of the stand to whichever height you want, and there is also a mouse tray that you can just clip it on to the stand.

It does not only serve as a stand, but it also has a CPU cooling fan equipped in it to keep your laptop from heating up as you use. This laptop is also multifunctional, you can use it as a mini-tablet, and do not worry about your laptop might fall off because it will not. This stand has non-slip feet at the bottom preventing that from ever happen.

What We Like:

  • It is an adjustable height, mouse tray.
  • The stand also has a built-in cooling fan.
  • It is versatile.
  • The base is anti-slip.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The mouse pad given is a bit small for some people.
  • It does not fit a large size laptop.

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2. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design mStand computer Stand

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Rain Design mStand laptop stand offers you a sleek looking stand that is stable and solid due to the fact that this product is made from the aluminum panel. There is a hole in the tray and the back of the stand. The hole in the tray helps airflow to your laptop and prevent it from overheating, and the hole in the back is to keep your desk organize and neat.

It raises your laptop to your eye level with its fixed tilted angle so that you do not have hunch over laptop whenever you on it, plus there is a bar that protects your laptop from slipping off. Because if it is a sand-blasted and silver anodized finish that matches Apple devices perfectly, we would recommend this one if you own Apple devices.

What We Like:

  • It made from aluminum which gives it the stability
  • Protect laptop from overheating and stay organized
  • It is designed to match with Apple products
  • Anti-slip

What We Don’t Like:

  • It cannot adjust height or angle
  • The stand does not fit with large size laptop

1. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy computer table

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Premium Aluminum alloy makes this particular strong and durable. The Nulaxy laptop stand is compatible with the size of the laptop from 10 to 15.6 inches which are most of the standardized laptop. This laptop stand tilts to raise your laptop 6-inch to your comfort eye level so that your neck or back will not experience any more pain as you work on your laptop. However, if you type on your laptop keyboard, you might feel a little awkward, so we suggest you use Bluetooth or USB keyboard and mouse instead.

The aluminum alloy makes the stand strong and durable; it can support the weight of 8.8 lbs. and it also has large rubber pads to prevent your laptop from sliding off the stand. The stand is bottomless which helps with the airflow so your laptop will not be overheating. It is easy to install, just put the pieces together and you will have the laptop stand of your dream. So, stop putting up with your back/neck pain by purchasing the Nulaxy laptop stand.

What We Like:

  • It made from an aluminum alloy which is strong and durable
  • Raise your laptop to your preferred eye level
  • It helps your laptop not to overheat and anti-slip

What We Don’t Like:

  • It cannot change the height or angle

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Laptop Stands in 2021

You know that putting your laptop directly on the mattress, desk, or your laps is not good. By doing so, it does not provide any holes or space for the exhaust air to ventilate. Thus, it can result in your laptop getting heated up which is why it gets hot after you use it for awhile on the desk or bed.

The correct way to locate your laptop on the working desk is to give it a stand so that it will not set completely on the surface without air ventilation. Before buying, check out some of the useful tips below.

Ergonomic Design

The world of business and technology has got a lot of benefits from the use of laptops. However, it does not mean that all laptops come with very good designs that go well with our daily use. That might be one of the reasons why most people often look for laptop stands so that they have more options for adjustability.

While looking for a good stand, you need to think of the ergonomic design. This means that you may want to get the product that can be adjusted in height or other settings. However, you still want to maintain its sturdiness or versatility to the fullest to reach the ergonomic working station.


Do you want to carry around a bulky laptop stand when you need to move from one place to another? The answer would be definitely a no. That is why always consider the portability when you want to look for a laptop stand.

If you are always on your laptop every day, getting a portable product should be one of the most important factors you should never skip. For this reason, you should choose the one that is lightweight, slim, small, and is folding. If a stand comes with these designs, it would be easy for you to pack it in your backpack or a laptop case conveniently.


If you happen to sit at the desk, in front of the laptop of the computer from 9-5, and from Monday to Friday, you sure know your body posture never maintains its correct form. And eventually, your back or neck starts to get hurt. Getting a laptop stand that can be adjusted in height and angle allows users to choose their desirable height suitable to their sitting position. Thus, it will reduce the pains from their neck and back that had to bend down to meet the right angle of their laptop.

Weight of the Product

When you decide to choose a portable laptop stand, you surely already consider the weight of the product. It would be the most incredible satisfaction of all when you can get a very lightweight laptop stand, not to mention the fact that it can be folded and easily transported. This case may apply to a lot of people who often move around a lot.

However, if you have a permanent working station, we highly recommend that you choose a heavier stand since it can prevent the stand from tipping or breaking.

Constructed Materials

There are two types of laptop stands – metal and plastic. Some stands that are made of softer materials are more likely to encounter scuff marks as well as breakings. Still, there is also some quality product that is made of solid plastic yet still keep a very good resistance against all of these harms.

Other than this, a lot of manufacturers have constructed the stands with a lot of quality materials that can cool down your laptop. Some even built a cooling fan with the stand to function as an ultimate cooling system for your computer. In the case that you always spend long hours working on your laptop, invest a little of your money, and get the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should you use a laptop stand?

A: As recommended, you can put your laptop directly on the desk, but it would be better and cooler for the laptop to have a stand. This will give more room for the exhaust hot air to ventilate through. Thereby, improving your laptop’s performance to the next level and saving you from disaster.

Q: Are Vertical Laptop Stands safe?

A: You can keep your laptop at all height and all angles so long as it does not hurt your neck or back and as long as the ventilation hole is not closed completely.


Enjoy working on your laptop without the aching pain on your neck and back anymore after you buy one of these laptop stands. These laptop stands will help you greatly in your working process, furthermore, some of them can be used as mini tables as well. Our goal of this list of top 10 best laptop stands is to guide and help you to find the best laptop stand that offers you the best benefits. Just a reminder that all of the laptops stand we mentioned above are different, thus they perform differently from each other.

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