Lawn mowers are great and convenient in mowing or cutting the grass at your yards or outdoor uses. With the increase of modern technology, there are a lot of types, models coming with different designs and functions of lawnmowers. Regarding this, sorting through the different models can be challenging. Therefore, we would like to recommend some sources of the top best lawn mowers that you might like. 

Table of The Top Best Lawn Mowers in 2021 | Buyer’s Guides

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10. Makita XML03PT1 18V Brushless Cordless (5.0Ah) 18″ Lawn Mower Kit

blue lawnmower

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This is a lawnmower by Makita that’s designed perfectly for cutting the grass or outdoor works with strong capacity. It consists of a heavy steel deck that’s durable and weather resistant. Besides the strength and durability, this lawn mower can offer you a perfect sound mode as well. It offers a quiet mode even at a high speed. It’s designed with a brushless motor that can mow faster between 2,500 to 3,300 RPM.

You can also control the speed as well. This great lawnmower has a controller that you can adjust or select within the 10 levels of cutting heights. That’s so convenient, easy, and controllable. It’s even powerful with the operation of 4 batteries powers. Moreover, there is a foldable handle that’s easy to store as well. 

What We Like:

  • It is powerful with 4 batteries operation source of the engine. 
  • This lawnmower is made of a heavy steel deck that’s durable. 
  • The design is amazing with brushless and cordless. 
  • It offers a new innovation of silent mode while mowing even within a high speed. 
  • The motor is strong and fast and can mow from 2,500 to 3,300 RPM. 
  • There’s an adjustable controller that you can choose the cutting heights within 10 positions. 
  • There’s a foldable handle that’s easy to store. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is slightly expensive. 
  • Bad service. 

9. Lawn-Boy Gross Torque Kohler, 3-in-1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mower

Green lawnmower

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This is an easy handle lawn mower that’s designed greatly for more effective and safe. That’s really perfect for outdoors with Self-Propel wheels that are drive faster and smoothly. Besides this, it offers you a great function with the new innovation engine of Kohler XTX OHV. That’s strong in mowing. There’re 6 levels of cutting height that you can select.

This lawnmower also offers a bigger bag capacity, allows you to keep up more grasses. Within this one lawnmower, you can save much time and money in mowing at yard works.  Moreover, there’s a 2-years warranty on this product.

What We Like:

  • The price is so affordable. 
  • There are 6 positions of cutting heights that you can adjust. 
  • It offers a big bag capacity to store the grasses during the mowing. 
  • It’s designed with the new technology of engine that’s strong. It made of a Kohler engine. 
  • With the Self-Propel wheels, it can perform well and faster. 
  • This Lawn-Boy offers a 2-years warranty. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Poorly designed with an inoperative engine that’s not really last long. 
  • It’s difficult to pull backward. 
  • The wheels are like the craps that couldn’t move effectively. 

8. Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower


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This product is a new innovative design lawnmower that’s perfect for mowing at your yards, garden, or outdoors. It’s even convenient with the quick charging system of the battery that’s easy to use as well. Besides this, it’s easy and compact with cordless that sounds great and modern. Since it’s a battery source of the engine, so it’s also made for a friendly environment. That you don’t need to add gas, oil to operate it.

Regarding its brushless motor, it can perform its function very well with more powerful and motor life extension. This brushless lawn mower can also reduce the noise during the mowing as well. It offers 6 positions of cutting heights that you can adjust as you want. Moreover, the design looks small, easy, but powerful with the green color that’s so attractive. 

What We Like:

  • It’s powerful with a brushless motor that can perform well in mowing and reducing the noise. 
  • This brushless lawn mower offers a great function with 6 different positions of adjustable cutting heights. 
  • There’s cordless that’s designed for easy operation. 
  • It made of battery engines with quick charging. 
  • The design looks attractive and stylish in mowing. 
  • The price is affordable. 
  • It is designed for eco-friendly that don’t need to add oil or gas to operate. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The grass catcher bag capacity is a bit small that’s easy to full within 2 or 3 min of operation. 
  • The handle is not foldable that’d be hard to store. 

7. Yard Machines 132cc 20-Inch Push Gas Lawn Mower

red lawnmower

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This is a gas lawn mower with a reliable engine that’s great for mowing at your yard house or outdoors. This small lawnmower is perfect for small or medium yards in mowing. With the gas engine, it’s powerful and performs well in mowing. More importantly, there’re 3 positions of adjustable cutting height.

That you can choose as your preference. It’s designed with a sturdy handle that’s easy to hold and operate. Besides this, it’s lightweight that’s designed greatly for easy use and store. With the durable rear wheels, it can perform its function. Moreover, there’s a 1-year warranty for this product. 

What We Like: 

  • This lawnmower is a type of gas engine that’s strong in mowing and great for small and medium-size yards. 
  • There are 3 positions of cutting height that you can adjust. 
  • It offers a great design with easy hold and operates of the sturdy handle. 
  • It’s lightweight. 
  • There’re durable rear wheels that make the mower performance more effectively. 
  • It’s included a one-year warranty. 
  • The price is affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The machine works not well in which it could not mow effectively, it runs sluggishly. 
  • The pull cord is easily getting stuck. 
  • The bolts and nuts are not tightening properly that the mower could not perform well with this poor manufacture.

6. TACKLIFE Lawn Mower

orange lawnmower

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This lawnmower is an electronic type of engine that’s strong and effective in mowing with the stylish design. You will like it more with the amazing design, stylish as a sports car with new innovative technology. It’s even easy with the tool-free installation. Interestingly, there’s an adjustable handle with 3 different lengths.

It is even convenient with the 6 positions of cutting heights that you can adjust as you need. The motor power speed is fast up to 3,300 RPM that can maw very well. It’s portable and flexible with the easy, smooth wheels. This electric lawnmower is easy to control and saves much space with light and foldable equipment. 

What We Like:

  • The price is so affordable. 
  • It’s an electric source of the engine with push-button start that’s easy. 
  • The design is amazing and stylish. 
  • There is a new innovative technology with a tool-free installation that’s easy to assembly. 
  • It offers 3 adjustable handles. 
  • The motor power is strong with the speed of up to 3,300 RPM. 
  • The wheels are durable, smooth, and easy in mowing. 
  • It allows us to adjust the cutting heights within 6 positions. 
  • This electric lawnmower is easy to store with foldable equipment. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It would be better if it’s cordless in which you need to be more careful in taking care of the cord. 

5. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

electric lawnmower

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This is a corded electric lawn mower that’s great for mowing with a powerful motor. This electric lawn mower made of a steel blade that’s durable. It is included a 13amp powerful motor that can operate the mowing very well. The design is cute that’s attractive. More than this, it’s included a grass catcher bag as well.  

What We Like:

  • This lawnmower is an electric source of power. 
  • This corded-electric lawn mower is powerful with a 13amp motor, strong. 
  • It is durable with a steel blade. 
  • The design looks cute. 
  • The price is affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The clipping bag is so small. 
  • The plastic cover of the design looks pretty but it is easily damaged. 

4. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 19″ Push Lawn Mower


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This lawnmower is an electric source of power engine that’s great for effective mowing. It offers 3 functions in one mower. It is durable with a steel mowing deck. Besides this, there’s smart technology with a sensor that’s so powerful and easy to adjust the cutting blades.

There are 7 positions of adjustable cutting heights that’s easy for you to select. It is easy to use with one push button to start. To add on, it is a brushless motor that is easy to operate. It is also included a big bag as well. 

What We Like:

  • It is an electric lawn mower that’s powerful. 
  • There’re adjustable cutting heights with 7 different positions. 
  • It is easy to operate with an easy push-button start. 
  • The product offers a brushless motor for the quiet mode in operating. 
  • It is included a big bag of grass catching. 
  • There is a smart technology with sensors and easy adjustable of cutting blades.  

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is slightly expensive. 

3. Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

red lawnmower

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This lawnmower is a gas source of the engine that is perfect for mowing the yards or outdoors with powerful. This gas lawn mower is included engine oil and bagger in packaging. It can perform 3 functions in one lawnmower as discharge, rear, or mulching.

It is equipped with an easy setup that is no assembly needed. It’s even easy and convenient in storing with foldable equipment. This gas lawn mower is durable with the 8inch size of rear wheels. What is more, you will like it with the easy push start power of lawnmower. 

What We Like:

  • It is a gas source of the engine that makes the lawnmower operates well. 
  • There’s a bagger included. 
  • There are 3 functions in one lawnmower. 
  • There is foldable equipment that’s easy to store.
  • It offers easy operation with an easy push button. 
  • This gas lawn mower is durable with 8inch of rear wheels. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • This gas lawn mower is missing the bolts and nuts. 
  • The price is fairly expensive. 
  • It made of plastic cheap that’s not really durable. 

2. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC, Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Black lawnmower

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This product is a gas lawnmower that offers a smart function for better mowing. There’re 5 positions of cutting heights that you can adjust. Regarding this, it is also durable that the deck made of steel, strong. The device is designed for effective operation with strong and durable wheels. It is easy to store with a foldable handle as well. More than this, it offers a 3-years warranty. 

What We Like:

  • It a is gas lawnmower that’s powerful in operation. 
  • The product is durable with a steel deck. 
  • It’s designed for strong and durable with strong wheels. 
  • There’s a foldable handle that is easy to store. 
  • It’s included a 3-years warranty. 
  • The price is affordable. 
  • The design is great. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Since its gas source of the engine, it would affect the environment. 

1. Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

green lawnmower

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This lawnmower is an electric corded engine that offers a great function in mowing. There’s a durable deck made of steel. It’s even powerful with a 12amp motor. There are 3 functions included in this one electric lawnmower. It’s easy operation with an easy push-button start.

There is an adjustable cutting height with 7 positions. It is even convenient to use and store with a foldable handle. More than this, there is a 4-years warranty on product quality. 

What We Like:

  • It is an electric corded mower that is powerful. 
  • There’re 7 cutting heights positions that you can adjust. 
  • It offers easy operation with just a push-button start. 
  • It provides a foldable handle that is easy to store.
  • There is a 4-years warranty. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is slightly expensive. 

Buying Guides in Choosing the Best Lawn Mowers

Since there are so many types, models, designs of lawn mowers, you might find it hard in choosing the best one. Choosing the best lawn mower is amazing in which it would worth your spending. On the other hand, it would be the worst of your spending and even your time if you choose the wrong lawnmower.

However, you would be hard in shearing for the best one without any tip. There are a few features that you might not skip to look at while choosing a lawnmower. Here, we would like to provide you some tips by looking at these features in choosing the best lawn mowers 


The motor of the lawnmower is important in operating and performing its function well. So, you should look at the motor capacity whether it’s powerful or not. By doing so, you can choose the best lawnmower. 

The Power Source of Engine

As there are many types, models, designs of a lawnmower, there are also different sources of powerful engines as well. Within this, we can see that some lawnmowers made of battery source types of engines. Some lawn mowers are gas; some are electric or electric corded.

The power source of the engine is so important for the great lawnmower. It is one thing you need to consider as some made for a friendly environment while some are not. So, you should take it for granted in choosing the best lawnmower. 

Adjustable Cutting Heights

Adjustable cutting heights is also an important key to choose the best lawnmower. There are different adjustable positions of cutting heights in which different models offer different positions. You need to choose the best cutting heights control as you need. The best lawn mowers should be the one that provides more options. It would be great in mowing as you can set the height for grass cutting as you need. 


The lawnmower needs to be strong and durable in operating for more effective. The best lawn mowers need to be weather resistant. As there may be some challenges during the mowing. So, you need to look at this feature as if the product is durable or not. You need to look at the materials that made the lawn mowing. The durability of the materials can be wheels, handle, covers, and other stuff. 

Foldable Handle

In order to choose the best lawnmower, you also need to use the foldable one. Regarding this, you need to look at the foldable handle that it would be easy in storing. It would be convenient to use as if there is a foldable handle coming with the lawnmower. 

Quiet Mode

Quiet mode is also important for the best lawnmower. It is another option that you should take it into consideration. Mostly, some traditional lawnmowers are so noisy. Especially, once you use the high speed of its motor, it’s even louder. That can be a distraction to the surrounding. However, the best and modern lawnmowers should be the quiet one even using high speed. You should look at the design of the new technology with a quiet mood. 


If you are looking for a great lawnmower, do not forget to check out the above sources as provided. You will find it easy with the sources provided as well as the buying guides. As we have provided you some tips in choosing the best lawn mower, it would be great with those special features. With the best lawnmower, you would feel relax with your mowing activity. You might enjoy mowing your yards’ house during the holiday. 

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