Load binders are suitable anchorages to avoid any load transportation mishap. It is a valuable tool for holding products in place and is coated with steel for maximum strength. Load binders are locking devices used to secure and maintain the load intact in a truck or trailer. They are typically used by offshore oil industries to protect loads on vehicles at the dock and to protect materials on the ship’s aft deck.

You can buy a file of your choice at a reasonable price via the Internet. But it will not be easy because there are many products and there are also many sellers. This will give you challenges. However, to eliminate this Top 10 Best Load Binders in 2021 & Buyer’s Guide below will offer you the necessary assistance.

Table of the Best Load Binders:

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1. GPD 2 Ratchet Chain Load

GPD 2 Ratchet Chain Load
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This is an amazing and robust heavy-duty load blinder that you definitely need to have. It accepts chains from 3/8 inches grade 70 up to half an inch grade 43. Its hooks are forged and heat treated to make them as robust as possible.

The retching chain blinders are also heat managed to offer it the strength and durability feature. It has a considerable load limit; 9,200 lbs. Working load. If you need a load blinder that meets all the CVSA/DOT/CHP requirements, then search no more.

2. Professional EZ Travel Collection Binder

Professional EZ Travel Collection Binder
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One thing that you will love about this chain loader is that it accepts 5/16 inches to 3/8 inches chains. It has a considerable working load limit; 5400 lbs. This is good enough to small truckloads. When closed its hook to hook length is 24 inches which give the required allowance. It has the capability of handling a diameter of 15.5 inches.

3. Elitexion Ratchet Type

Elitexion Ratchet Type
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This is yet another exceptional ratchet which has been contracted using drop-forged and heat-treated carbon steel to give it strength and make it as durable as possible. If you are searching for a ratchet or load blinder which will serve you for a lifetime, then you have met your item.

It has a quick release. Also, its fast ratcheting acting will ensure straightforward binding of your load.

4. GPD 4 Piece Ratchet

GPD 4 Piece Ratchet
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This is a four pack load blinder that is made of carbon steel to offer the best strength and durability. It is compatible with 5/16 inches to 3/8 inches chains. It is 45 pounds in weight which makes it portable enough. Its minimum breaking strength is 23100 lbs. And its working load limit is 5400 lb. It is a robust commercial quad pack of ratchet style binder, and you can trust it to hold your load.

5. Discount Ramps LOAD-BINDER

Discount Ramps LOAD-BINDER
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Discount Ramps LOAD-BINDER is one pack of ratchet style load binder which comes with a 33000 lb. break strength and large 9200 lb. load capacity. It has an adjustable length of 23 inches to 30 inches.

Its hooks can extend up to 8 inches to allow the fitting of 3/8 inches or 1/2 inches chain loops. If you need a commercial transport load binder, then search no more. This item is DOT approved so you can use it to secure your commercial truck/trailer load.

6. Advantage Rigging 4 Ratchet Binders

Advantage Rigging 4 Ratchet Binders
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Advantage rigging load binders are quad packs of ratchet style load binders which are the best equipment for tie-down hauling. They are transported grade 70 and compatible with 3/8 inches or grade 43 consistent with 1/2 inches chain. Their working load limit is 9200 lbs. It is DOT approved so don’t worry when using it for commercial truckload binding.

7. Advantage Rigging 4 Ratchet Binders with 10-foot chains

Advantage Rigging 4 Ratchet Binders with 10-foot chains
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This is yet another unique quad pack of advantage rigging load binder that is strong and durable. They are sold together with a 10-foot long chain that is attached to each package of the adhesive. All you need is to bind your load once you buy.

Item weight is only 50 pounds making it quite portable. It is compatible with 3/8 inches chain. You can use this load binder to hold your commercial loads since it is DOT approved.

8. US Cargo Control Lever Binder

US Cargo Control Lever Binder
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Are searching for a high-grade load binder and you are yet to discover one? Search no more. This item is a lever chain which is compatible with 5/16 inches grade 70 chain and 3/8 inches grade 43 chain. It has a 16200 lbs.

Break strength and a working load limit of 5400lbs. It provides you with secure and controlled binding and releasing without the need for other tools.

9. Vulcan Classic load binder

Vulcan Classic load binder
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A great way to ensure that you don’t lose you load during transportation is to provide you bind them correctly. That is why you need the Vulcan classic binder. It is strong enough for up to 6600 lbs. It is compatible with 3/8 inches grade 70 chains.

They are sold in a pack of 5 convenient ratchets. Also, they meet or exceeds the CVSA and DOT requirements. They are easy to use since all you need is to grab and hook on one end. On the other end, you slip and hook.

10. Peerless Folding Handle Binder

Peerless Folding Handle Binder
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This pack of 4 Peerless Folding binder is a folding ratchet Style binder with exceptional weight load limit of 7100lbs. It has two grab hooks which are compatible with 5/16 inches grade 70 chain, 3/8 inches grade 70 string, and 3/8 inches grade 80 chains. It also a feature that many looks for that is, it meets all the CVSA and DOT safety requirements.

Best Load Binders Buyer’s Guide

Traffic accidents are quite common these days, especially on the roads. If you are a truck driver, you certainly do not want to be held responsible for any setbacks along the way. Therefore, it is important that you associate the load of your truck in the most efficient way.

What are you going to transport?

Before choosing a device to attach the load of your truck, you must check what it carries. Depending on what to deliver and quantity, can pick efficient truck lanyards, commonly known as binder ratchet chain straps, capstan winch belts, D-rings and hooks, load binder, etc.

Strength and longevity

A chain binder is prefabricated in steel for strength and durability. These binders help keep the load in place and prevent it from slipping or sliding off the truck.

According to government rule, a mooring truck is required for every 10 feet of loaded level load on the car and flat metal loads, every 8 feet. The best mooring angle for vehicles is 45 degrees, which securely attaches the weight to any truck.

Types of binders

Two types of binders are available, namely the lever binder and the ratchet binder. These binders are just as dangerous and can cause fatal injuries if they are not used properly. The ratchet loading binder is more advantageous and is classified according to the size of the chain for which it is designed.

The mechanical advantage of the lever loading binder is 25 for one, while its mechanical strength is 50 for one. The easiest way to transport a heavy load safely is to use precise moorings for trucks. A 70-degree chain is an ideal choice because it is heat treated for its strength.

These chains are available in different sizes and lengths. The length and scope of the string depend mainly on the load to be transported.

Price option

The cost of the chains used to attach the cargo can be controlled once the price of the shipping costs and the weight of the shipments are known. The important thing to remember is that the longer and heavier a 70 quality chain, the higher the shipping cost.

Security requirements

These chains are very heavy and must, therefore, be handled with great care. Any human or mechanical error can threaten your life and the lives of others. You can choose any channel that fits your charging needs, but you must meet all the specifications set by the National Association of Channel Manufacturers. It must also exceed or at least comply with the safety rules mentioned by the transport service.


Once you have gone through the above review and things to consider selecting the best item will be as easy as buying candy. It is good that you ensure you buy the product from a reputable store. That will ensure that you get a genuine product with a warranty cover. Also, you most of the reputable shops offer a return policy for their items.

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