Mails in, so you’ll need a dependable and reliable cart to deliver it to those in your office. Mail carts are simply made, but serve an important function. They cart everything from copier paper, files, coffee and office supplies as well as cleaning supplies. Indeed, while you need it for the mail, no use it sitting in a corner doing nothing on its off hours. This means that when you look for your mail cart, keep in mind of all the other ways you intend to use it. This way you’ll be certain to get a cart which will serve you well for many years to come. In our top 10 best mail carts for office in 2021 reviews and buyers guide, we’ve assembled the top carts on the market today, to help you get started in making your choice.

Best Mail Carts for Office

In our mail cart review below, we’ve included mail carts as well as a utility cart. When you go over each review, consider your needs and the capacity. How many folders will you be carrying? How much weight capacity do you need? These basic considerations can make a big difference in your final choice. Don’t forget that these carts can be used in the home as well for sewing and craft rooms, wood workshops, garages as well as small restaurants doubling as utility carts.

Table of the Best Mail Carts for Office:

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1. Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Utility Cart, NSF Listed

Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Utility Cart, NSF Listed
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Sometimes you just simply need some form of mobile storage unit in your home, and the Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Utility Cart, NSF Listed, rills that need just fine. This three tiered utility card measures 32.25 inches high, 33.75 inches long and 18 inches wide. Made from industrial strength steel, it’s made to take quite a pounding in the home, office or warehouse environment. With the ability to hold up to 500 pounds, and a convenient push handle, it’s perfect to hold everything from power tools, paints, art and craft supplies or to be used in your plant room as a lovely, attractive mobile stand. No tools are necessary with this easy to assemble, NSF certified cart, and the heavy duty casters made from tough PVC come with wheel locks to ensure it stays where you want it to.

2. Safco Products 5238BL Scoot Mail Cart

Safco Products 5238BL Scoot Mail Cart
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The Safco Products 5238BL Scoot Mail Cart is specifically built for use as a mail cart, but can be used for other applications as well, such as a mobile storage spot for your craft and hobby items, light weight woodworking tools or gardening supplies. With regards to office use, the top basket interior measures 15 x 31 inches, and is designed to hold up to 75 legal sized (14.75 inches wide), folders with a side pocket for extras. Made from durable, powder-coated steel, it funs on two 3 inch locking front wheels and 2 larger, 8 inch rear wheels.

3. Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart

Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart
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If you’ve got some heavier packages to move about the office, the Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart can easily oblige as it holds up to 250 pounds. This cart is constructed from tough 18 gauge, 1 inch diameter tubular steel, and supported by two 5 inch rubber casters and two 10 inch semi-pneumatic back wheels. This cart measures 43 inches long, 24 inches wide and 38 inches tall. The top basket includes rails for hanging folders, and the padded grip handle makes for easy mobility.

4. Safco Products 5236GR Wire Mail Cart, Legal Size

Safco Products 5236GR Wire Mail Cart, Legal Size
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The Safco Products 5236GR Wire Mail Cart, Legal Size gives you the ability to cart up to 150 legal-sized folders from room to room with ease. Made to be versatile, this mail cart has two handles, one on either end which makes maneuvering quite simple. Use the 36 inch long top to hold the legal folders, while placing any parcels and packages on the bottom shelf. This NSF listed mail cart is of welded wire steel construction with a powder coated finish, has four, 4 inch swivel casters, 2 with locks and is rated to hold up to 600 pounds. Product dimensions are 39 inches wide, 18.75 inches deep and 38.5 inches high.

5. Fellowes 40922 Steel Mail Cart

Fellowes 40922 Steel Mail Cart
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The Fellowes Steel Mail Cart, model 40922 is constructed out of durable steel, and is capable of holding up to 200 pounds of mail. Fellowes designed this cart to be able to handle mail rooms which handle a large amount of mail per day. The cart measures 20 inches wide x 40.5 inches deep and 39 inches high, and is capable of holding up to 150 legal sized folders with ease on the top shelf, and packages and parcels on the bottom. The front wheels are double casters, with 2 larger rear wheels.

6. Safco 5239BL Scoot Mail Cart

Safco 5239BL Scoot Mail Cart
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The Safco 5239BL Scoot Mail Cart is more than capable of handling your basic mail delivery needs. It comes with an all steel construction with a black, powder coat finish, and a top basket which easily holds up to 120 legal sized folders. If you have parcels, or mail bundles simply place them on the bottom shelf. There is also a side pocket to handle extras. It runs on 3 inch front swivel wheels and 8 inch rear wheels. For offices that use other Scoot Line products, this mail cart is designed to compliment your other products, keeping a uniform look. Product dimensions are 22.5 inches wide x 39.5 inches deep and 40.75 inches high.

7. Fellowes Economy Office Cart (4092001)

Fellowes Economy Office Cart (4092001)
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The Fellowes Economy Office Cart (4092001) is just perfect for those of you with limited office space, or home offices. This small, but sturdily built cart can hold up to 125 pounds with the top shelf able to hold 75 pounds, and the bottom shelf 50 pounds. The product dimensions for the all steel office cart is 19.5 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 40.3 inches high. Light weight and very simple to maneuver in tight spaces, you can use it for mail, coffee room supplies, or even at home in your office, craft room or woodworking shop.

8. Lorell LLR84857 Wire Mail Cart

Lorell LLR84857 Wire Mail Cart
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This helpful, easy to assemble mail cart is just what you’ll need to deliver office mail. The top shelf can hold both letter and legal size hanging folder, and the bottom basket works quite well for parcels and bundled mail. Constructed of durable steel, this wire styled basket is able to withstand daily use with ease. Mobility is provided by four 4 inch wheels, with 2 locking wheels. For simpler maneuverability, each side of the basket has a handle. This cart measures 34.25 x 12.5 x 40 inches, and comes with a sharp, shiny chrome finish.

9. ALERA MC343722CR Carry-all Cart/Mail Cart

ALERA MC343722CR Carry-all Cart/Mail Cart
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The easy to assemble, ALERA MC343722CR Carry-all Cart/Mail Cart is simply perfect for hauling a variety of goods around your office or workroom. This cart measures 34-7/8 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 39-1/2 inches high. Made from heavy-duty steel, this cart sports a sturdy wire, metal tube design, with a bright chrome finish. It runs on four, durable 4 inch nylon casters, with 2 locking. The bottom basket holds your packages or bundles, and the upper basket takes care of your letter and legal-sized hanging folders with adjustable file rails.

10. Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart

Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart
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This is a fantastic choice for offices who are required to handle a good amount of mail. Made of tough, 18 gauge 1 inch diameter steel tubing construction, it sports a glistening chrome finish. Mobility is provided by two front 5 inch rubber swivel casters, and two 10 inch semi-pneumatic rear wheels, and the padded Comfort Foam Grip Handle makes delivery easy. The top basket has rods to support hanging file folders, and the bottom basket can be used to haul boxes, bundled mail and office supplies. The lower basket measures 36 inches long x 17.25 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep for the lower basket, and the upper basket measures 36 inches long x 17.25 inches wide and 11 inches deep.


Tips on How to Select the Best Mail Cart

Shelves or Baskets

Consider what it is you’ll be moving and how much. For a mail cart, you’ll need an upper basket that can hold both legal and letter sized folders. These will usually have adjustable rails, or rods where you place your hanging folders. The hanging folder capacity for each cart varies, so read the specs carefully before you buy.

The bottom basket should have a nice sized lip so your boxes, bundles of mail or packages do not fall out and get lost during transport. The deeper the bottom basket, the more support you’ll get. If you are moving supplies as well, consider a mail cart that has a shelf in between the top basket and bottom.


Most of the carts in our review have a combination of smaller front swivel casters, with larger rear wheels, while some simply have all 4 wheels the same size. No matter which you select, make certain that you have 2 wheels that lock. This prevents your mail cart from being accidentally moved by well-meaning individuals, or from simply drifting away while you are delivering mail.


You are investing in a mail cart, so you’d best consider how you can reuse your investment. Once the mail has been delivered, perhaps you’d like to use it to move coffee supplies, office supplies, or help set up for events. Think of these other uses before you make your final choice. You may not get much mail, but you may need to use this cart to move other items around from place to place. It can save time, legwork and even your back.


A nice cart with comfort foam grip handles makes delivering items much more pleasurable, than a solid, cold chrome one, such as the Global Industrial Deluxe Mail/Office File Cart. Also consider purchasing a cart that has 2 handles, one on each side. when you purchase a cart with 2 handles, maneuvering will be much more simpler, especially in tight areas.

Weight Capacity

What type of deliveries will you be making? If you’ll be handing out reams of copier paper, then look for a sturdy, heavy-duty unit that has a high weight capacity. Some of these carts can hold 125 pounds, while others can go up as high as 600 pounds, such as the Safco Products 5236GR Wire Mail Cart, Legal Size, . So choose wisely.

Overall Construction

Most of our offerings have what is called, ‘wire-welded construction’. With wire-welded construction, you can handle both delicate and fragile items, along with heavy boxes, and do it with confidence. This way, important files, fragile equipment and bulky boxes can all be handled by the same cart. Also, look for a model that has a powder-coated finish, such as the Safco 5239BL Scoot Mail Cart. These finishes are designed to be resistant to the knocks and scratches of everyday wear and tear.


Finding the perfect mail cart for you has never been so easy. Our top 10 best mail carts for office in 2021 reviews and buyers guide provides not only the top products available, but also a few hints on selecting one of them for you. Selecting your own cart is a simple affair. Just consider what you’ll be using it for, besides mail. Consider the weight carrying capacity you’ll need as well as it’s overall construction, including wheels and external finish. These mail carts are useful for the office, but can also be purchased for use in the home as a utility cart for gardening, toting power tools, or in craft or art rooms.

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