Winter is one of those seasons that you need to be equipped with clothes that will help you keep warm and attend to your duties as usual. Talking of the winter clothes this includes; jackets, winter gloves and also winter boots that will enable you to walk easily when snowstorm strike. Winter gloves is one of the most tricky winter requirement to purchase because winter gloves may vary according to the duties and the features it has. Some winter gloves may be the best won when attending to duties, some are just meant to keep your hands warm and also vary in designs and durability. Therefore before purchasing a winter gloves it is good to consider its features.

The following is a list of top ten best men winter gloves.

Table of the Best Mens Winter Gloves:

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1. Compression Lightweight sport running gloves

Compression Lightweight sport running gloves
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Keep your hand warm in this comfortable well-fitting gloves that are designed in such a way that are very light and therefore anybody can use them including the old men who do not like heavy gloves. This item has a double layer to help keep your hands warm. Also, this pair of gloves is made from a superfine fell thumb and also very flexible and comfortable when you wear them.


2. Carhartt Men’s W.P waterproof insulated gloves

Carhartt Men's W.P waterproof insulated gloves
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Keep your hands dry and warm during the winter with this gloves. The gloves are designed in such a way that they are waterproof therefore you can walk around during a snow storm and also have a lining in the inside that wicks the sweat away keeping your hands dry and comfortable. In addition the gloves are made from a material that is durable and can be cleaned only with Luke warm water and a mild detergent and hang it to dry. In order to maintain its features it is advisable not to use a dryer to dry it and don’t use hot water to clean it.


3. Smart wool Liner gloves

Smart wool Liner gloves
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this pair of gloves is made from wool and this makes it the best pair of gloves because wool is known to have the ability to wick moisture therefore you will be sure to maintain dry hands even when you sweat making it perfect to have them on when attending to duties. The gloves are made of lightweight knit to allow easy movement. This pair of gloves has an added advantage because you are free to use your smartphone with the thumb and index finger.


4. Timberland Men’s magic glove

Timberland Men's magic glove
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Keep your hands from freezing with this comfortable pair of gloves that are zero point five inches high and four inches wide therefore have a good fitting. This item does not limit you to use your phone because it is designed in a way it has a touch screen conductivity of three fingers. Maintaining the gloves is very easy because they can be cleaned using a machine. In addition the gloves are made from Acrylic and have a logo that is above the cuff.


5. Bionic the official glove of Marshawn Lynch

Bionic the official glove of Marshawn Lynch
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This another pair of gloves that will keep your hands cool during your workouts because of the material between the fingers. When you are out and in this pair of gloves you will not be limited to use your smartphone because they are screen touch friendly. These gloves are designed in such a way that the palm is pure leather and the fingers are fitting, therefore, you will always have perfect gripping. Maintain this item is easy because they are machine washed.


6. LETHMIK men’s winter gloves

LETHMIK men's winter gloves
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Keep your hand warm and comfortable in this pair of gloves that is made from Acrylic and a warm wool lining material. Also the fitting of this item is good because its elastic fitting most hands and therefore offers a good grip. This item is available in different unique colors and are lightweight are good for sports activities. This pair of gloves is hand washed and it is recommended not to use machines or brush to avoid pilling.


7. Mountain made outdoor gloves

Mountain made outdoor gloves
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this another warm glove that is designed with a zipper with a great fitting, talking of great fitting the glove it stretches to fit in any body’s hands. It is very comfortable, lightweight and preserves heat, therefore, it is the best for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. In addition, it has a touch screen technology hence you will not need to remove the glove in order to use your smartphone.


8. Fantastic zone men winter gloves

Fantastic zone men winter gloves
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Keep your hand warm with this pair of gloves that has an elastic wrist cuff that keeps the gloves closed to your hands. This pair of gloves is available in different sizes that are well fitting hence offer a perfect grip. The glove’s palm is made of suede leather to offer grip and a polar fell that offers warmth and comfort. These gloves are the best for outdoor activities such as running, cycling and any other outdoor activity because of their comfort and a stylish look.


9. SKYDEERE winter glove

SKYDEERE winter glove
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Avoid freezing and numbness of the fingers by using this gloves that have a shirred elastic wrist keeping the gloves close to your hands. It is made of a polar fell that is very comfortable, windproof and also very warm. This pair is designed in such a way that the inside has a layer that wicks moisture therefore in case of sweating your hands will remain dry and comfortable.


10. Baraca men’s leather gloves

Baraca men's leather gloves
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This pair of gloves is made of high quality leather that feels smooth on skin. They are stylish and have a luxurious feel. Talking of fitting it has the wrist shirred to keep it close to the hand ensuring maximum warmth. The gloves have the touch screen technology therefore you can use your smartphone or tablet.

Factors to consider before purchasing winter gloves


Comfort means your hands will move freely and also perfect grip. Therefore always choose the best gloves that are comfortable.

The material used to make the gloves

Winter gloves are mainly made from polar fell and leather, therefore, you should always consider material that is durable.

The size

The size of the glove matters considering the fact that you will be moving around and you have to have confidence and feel comfortable in them

The design of the gloves

Looking at the design you choose a glove design that will fit the activities that you will be doing.

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