There are many companies that manufacture nursery rocking chairs out there. From Gripper and Hotian to Songmics and Belham Living, the list of brands that specialize in these types of chairs is almost endless. As a result, things can get pretty much confusing for you if you are shopping for a chair that best suits your kid. Remember this is a situation where you are presented with an overwhelming number of product choices.

Each product looks great in design, quality and other things that matter to you as a buyer. So, you cannot quite seem to decide what to select and what to leave. Luckily, the list of best nursery rocking chairs below will get you out of the dilemma.

Table of the Best Nursery Rocking Chairs:

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1. The Gripper Nursery Rocking Chair

The Gripper Nursery Rocking Chair
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This is one of the best nursery rocking chairs. It is a brown wooden chair with a beige cushion that is made from synthetic fabric. Classic design with a series of stretchers makes the chair stand out. Plus the brown paint coating enhances the look of Gripper’s chair and protects the wood from the damaging effects of moisture.


2. Haotian FST15-DG Rocking Chair

Haotian FST15-DG Rocking Chair
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The Haotian FST15-DG chair features a cute modern design with a cozy grey cushion comprising a head pillow. The cushion is made from a synthetic material, whereas the rest of the chair is wood, which is coated with a light brown substance. This indoor rocking chair can be sat on by babies and adults. Plus, it will enhance the look of your wooden floor and interior in general.


3. SONGMICS 5-Way Adjustable Rocking Chair

SONGMICS 5-Way Adjustable Rocking Chair
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This is a cute rocking wooden chair with a dark grey synthetic cushion that stretches to create a leg rest. It is a nice indoor rocking chair designed for babies and adults alike. The wood is protected by a smooth beige coating that gives it an incredible look, which can enhance your interior style substantially. You will also love the compact design which requires minimal space in your room.


4. Belham Living Baby Nursery Rocking Chair

Belham Living Baby Nursery Rocking Chair
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This grey rocking chair is designed to be perfect for your kid’s indoor play. Featuring a classic design with a series of stretchers, Belham’s rocking chair rocks just as the name implies. Plus, it is very ergonomic and comfortable with cute arm support. Finally, this chair is compact, lightweight and easy to move from the living room to your kid’s bedroom after your kid has finished playing.


5. USA BEST SELLER Adjustable Lounge Rocking Chair

USA BEST SELLER Adjustable Lounge Rocking Chair
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This is another important product on our list of best nursery rocking chairs. It is very similar to the second product in terms of design and look. The chair is characterized by a wooden material that is coated with a smooth beige coating. Additionally, it features a grey synthetic cushion with a head pillow and leg rest to provide maximum comfort for your kid. Finally, the right armrest is equipped with three stylish pockets made from a synthetic material. This chair is built for indoor use for babies and adults. It is actually one of the most ergonomic rocking chairs you will ever come across.


6. Butterfly Nursery Rocking Chair

Butterfly Nursery Rocking Chair
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Designed for babies under three years of age, this nursery rocking chair features a unique, butterfly design with a synthetic fabric back and wooden rockers. The brown butterfly has a head with a wooden handlebar, which your baby can hold safely while rocking back and forth. While it can be used outdoors once in a while, especially when the surface is dry, this chair is specifically built for indoor use.


7. Animal Ride Nursery Rocking Chair By Rockabye

Animal Ride Nursery Rocking Chair By Rockabye
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This product is very similar to the above, in design. Like the preceding chair, it features an animal design with a handlebar and a backrest to allow your baby to rock back and forth safely and comfortably. The rockers too are designed with your baby in mind, enabling your little one to play with ease.

The bear is made from a synthetic fabric whereas the handlebar and the rockers are wooden. This chair is best for kids three years and below. It is designed for indoor use. You will love its compactness and ease of transporting.


8. Rosie The Elephant Nursery Rocking Boat

Rosie The Elephant Nursery Rocking Boat
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This chair features an elephant design with a gorgeous set of rockers. The elephant is made from a synthetic fabric material, whereas the rest of the chair is pure wood with a brown coating. It is very small and ideal for tiny kids of ages below 3 years. Just like its two preceding sisters, this chair is mostly good for use indoors.


9. America Sailboat Nursery Rocking Chair

America Sailboat Nursery Rocking Chair
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Made by the same manufacturer of the three preceding nursery rocking chairs, this chair can enhance your child’s marine-themed bedroom substantially. The upper part is simply a traditional boat that is made from a synthetic fabric material. The lower part is accounted for by a quality pair of wooden rockers. America sailboat rocking chair is suitable for babies under three years. Plus it is designed with mostly indoor applications in mind.


10. IC’s Brown Traditional Style Rocking Chair

IC's Brown Traditional Style Rocking Chair
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Ideal for babies and adults, this brown rocking chair comes with a classic design that can enhance your classic interior design substantially. The fact that it is compact means that it will not take up much of your living room space. Plus it can also look good in your veranda, patio and or another spot in your yard.


3 Quick Tips to Consider When Buying a Nursery Rocking

1. Design

When shopping for a nursery rocking chair, pay attention to design. These chairs are available in three different designs i.e classic, modern and modern-classic. Classic chairs have an old, traditional look, whereas their modern counterparts have the latest appearance. Modern-classic chairs, on the other hand, are characterized by both looks.

2. Your Baby’s Age

Secondly, keep your child’s age in mind. Some chairs are built for kids under three years, whereas others, kids of any age plus adults.

3. For Indoor Use or Outdoor?

Thirdly, where is your child going to be using the chair mostly? Is it indoors or outdoors? Ask yourself these questions before choosing the right rocking chair for your little one. If it is indoors, narrow your list down to indoor rocking chairs and vice versa.


We have done the heavy lifting part for you by compiling a list of ten best nursery chairs from which to select, narrowing your choices down to only ten great products. You will certainly not regret choosing one of these chairs.

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