Oscillating tools are indispensable power tools found in almost every workshop, which are designed to handle a myriad of very different tasks around the home or workplace. Indeed, this tool is known as one of the most versatile power tools on the market. With the oscillating tool, you can sand, polish, drill, cut, engrave, deburr and much more. What makes these little workhorses so favored, is that just one of these little, lightweight power tools can do the work of many different tools, so it makes sense to purchase one, as it saves the DIYer money in the long run.

Top 10 Best Oscillating Tools and Guide

The oscillating power tool is not only used by DIYers or renovators, but also by hobbyists. For instance, these tools are used to carve wood, clean and polish metals like copper, do detailed engraving, deburr metal surfaces, polish glass, drill drainage holes in flower pots and birdhouses, create lovely doll house furniture, etch glass, sharpen blades and much, much more. That being said, it is extremely important that you purchase the rotary tool which will perform the task asked of it.

For instance, if you require a oscillating tool to accompany you outside, to a barn or shed where there might be no ready source of electricity, then you will need to purchase a cordless rotary tool. if you are a hobbyist and intend to use it for finishing jewelry, making models or to buff up and prepare the surface of miniatures before painting them, then a kit with many accessories, especially sand paper will be necessary. If you plan on using it to cut drywall, perhaps a oscillating tool which has a guard to prevent you from cutting too deep, risking slicing electrical wiring, is needed. No matter what your concern, we believe you’ll find ourTop 10 Best Oscillating Tools and Guide of great assistance in giving you an idea of what you might need.

Table of the Best Oscillating Tools:

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1. DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool

DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool
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This is a gem of a tool for workshops everywhere. This cordless, 20 volt, variable speed, oscillating multi-tool by Dewalt, has this fabulous feature called the ‘Dewalt Quick Change Accessory System’, which means you’ll be able to switch up from sanding to trimming moldings in seconds, and do it all by hand: No wrenches. You get complete control over the tool due to it’s Dual Grip Variable Speed Trigger, plus an LED light helps you keep tabs on your handiwork. There is also a Universal Accessory Adapter which actually lets you connect oscillating accessories from competing brands quickly and easily. This cordless oscillating multi-tool is powered by lithium ion batteries, and is light and easy to maneuver at 2.976 pounds. We like this model especially for its quick change system and Universal Accessory Adapter which means you’ve more choices for accessories, and a quicker way to switch them up!

2. The Rockwell 4.2 Amp F80 DuoTech Sonicrafter

The Rockwell 4.2 Amp F80 DuoTech Sonicrafter
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The Rockwell 4.2 Amp F80 DuoTech Sonicrafter oscillating tool has what it’s competition does not, and that is the ability to choose between 2 different oscillating angles: 5 degree or 3.4 degree. This gives the crafter much more control over their project. For instance, if you are working on a project which requires exact control, then you’d employ the 3.4 degree angle. But, if you were just looking to make quick, powerful cuts, then you’d use the 5 degree angle, and as it’s driven by a tough, 4.2 amp motor, you are secure in knowing that your cuts will be continuous without balking. Features include the Hyperlock clamp, variable speed dial, and universal fit for accessories. Your purchase also includes a durable case which stores 10 accessories. This is a great favorite, and we believe you’ll like what the 2 different angles can do for you and your projects.

3. Bosch MX25EC-21 Oscillating Tool

Bosch MX25EC-21 Oscillating Tool
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Do you work with oscillating tools a lot during the day or week, does your hand or writer get sore? If the answer is ‘yes’, then we might have the perfect oscillating tool for you. The Bosch MX25EC-21 Oscillating Tool is driven by a powerful 2.5 Amp motor, and is manufactured to have a lightweight 3.3 pound, ergonomic design to maximize the task at hand, without putting too much stress on the hands and wrists. This power tool can handle everything from flush cuts, grinding, polishing, sanding, scarping and more. Features include and OIS 12 point accessory system, OSCAD1 adapter for additional accessories, Constant Response Circutry Technology, accessory holder, and convenient, ball-joint cord feature, variable speed dial. The Bosch is designed to get you access to hard to reach areas due to its size, weight, 30 degree incremental adjustment feature, and overall design, which makes your DIY tasks much simpler especially when corners are involved, by way of it’s flat, ‘no-mar’ nose.

4. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool
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The ETL Listed, Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool with it’s 1.5 amp motor, is handy, versatile and hardworking. Whether you are using it to trim wood, scrape, sand or remove grout, and does it quickly at 21,000 OPM, or oscillations per minute. Light weight and easy to handle at 3.6 pounds, this reliable and durable tool sports a tough, die cast aluminum gear housing, 4 pin flange accessory change system, 7 foot cord, and comes with a universal accessory adapter. Accessories included in your purchase are a 3 inch sanding pad, sandpaper, 30mm ECut blade, steel segment blade, Allen wrench and scraping blade, all housed conveniently within a durable accessory box. This kit is a favorite among craftspeople due to the accessories which accompany the tool, as well as the ability to use accessories from competitors with it’s accessory adapter.

5. Dremel 3.8 Amp Multi Max Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel 3.8 Amp Multi Max Oscillating Tool Kit
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All woodworkers know the name of ‘Dremel’. This company has been producing fine tools for the craftsman for many, many years. The Dremel Multi-Max, MM40 lives up to the hype with its powerful, 3.8 amp motor, and extra wide 3.2 degree angle. The Quick Boost feature keeps your MM40 running smooth, constant and even as you tackle your projects. Features include a Quick-Lock accessory change system, Quick-Hold magnetic flange, and Quick-Boost which maintains a constant work speed. Your purchase includes various blades and assorted sandpapers. This model is compatible with current competitors oscillating blades, comes with a 10 foot cord, and weighs in at 6.67 pounds. This is the perfect tool for those looking for a versatile oscillating tool, heavy duty, tough and durable to handle a good many diverse tasks.

6. Tacklife 12 Volt Oscillating Multi-Tool, model PMT01B

Tacklife 12 Volt Oscillating Multi-Tool, model PMT01B
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The Tacklife 12 volt Variable Speed oscillating multi-tool can handle tasks ranging from cutting, cleaning, sanding, polishing and much, much more. This one, light weight, ergonomically designed tool weighs in at 4.21 pounds, and comes with a Quick-Change Accessory System to you can quickly and easily switch up from one accessory to another while you’re doing a task. To help you to see what you’re doing, a bright LED light is built-in as you work in low light areas. A battery indicator light keeps you abreast of available battery power. Variable speed means that the comfortable, dual grip has a variable speed trigger where you can control up to 6 speeds. Your purchase will include a massive 23 piece assortment of various accessories from blades, sandpapers, and pads, all in a durable, tough carrying case.

7. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Oscillating Tool

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K Oscillating Tool
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Say you’re tasked with having to embark on a weekend DIY project where you will need to trim door jams, scrap away old paint and finish with a little sanding. To handle all of that and more, simply employ the use of a Porter-Cable Oscillating Tool. This tool has a powerful 3 Amp motor, ample 10 foot cord, plus a variable speed feature which allows you to control the force or delicacy of the work involved. The variable speed dial goes from low 10,000, to a high speed 22,000 Oscillations Per Minute. To speed things up when changing accessories, it has a Tool Free System, where you do not need to use a wrench to change from blade to sandpaper! Another great feature is it’s depth and cutting guide, which prevents your blade from cutting too deeply and damaging what lies behind the surface, such as wiring.

8. Dremel US40-03 7.5 Amp 4 Inch Ultra Saw

Dremel US40-03 7.5 Amp 4 Inch Ultra Saw
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If you are looking for powerful tool of 7.5 Amps and at a budget friendly price, then the Ultra Saw from Dremel has your name written all over it. This is a 3-in-1 tool which will assist you in making precise cuts to more heavy duty cuts with its large 3.5 inch and 4 inch cutting wheels. Drive confidently through woods and metal with great speed and dexterity one moment, and switch up to prepping surfaces by removing dirt, debris, paint and rust. If you’re concerned about the friction when speed cutting through plywood or metals, don’t be as this Dremel comes with a specially designed metal foot and guard for these applications. Accessories include a 4 inch cutting wheel for wood, 3.5 inch wheel for metal, 3.5 inch wheel for masonry, 4 inch cutting wheel to cut flush wood, aux handle and a handy storage back for everything. Features include a keyed blade change, weights 4.625 pounds, 7 foot cord, and CSA certified.

9. FEIN Starlock FMM 350QSL MultiMaster Start

FEIN Starlock FMM 350QSL MultiMaster Start
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The 350 watt Fein MultiMaster 350qsi is a beautiful oscillating power tool. In fact, it was Fein who gave us the oscillating power tool, and did so well over 40 years ago, and its built on the quality of its product ever since. Whether you need to buzz some rust off a surface, do some DIY renovation, or simply sand some trim, the Fein can handle it all for you. The Starlock Mounting System is well favored among craftsmen with its pinless and tool free method of switching up accessories, and doing it under 3 seconds! The overall design is made to cause less vibration and be quieter than competitors. Features include a 16 foot power cord, oscillates between 10,000 to 19,500 OPM, weighs in at 7 pounds, and CSA certified.

10. WEN 2309 50 piece Variable Speed Multi-Purpose Rotary

Tool Kit
WEN 2309 50 piece Variable Speed Multi-Purpose Rotary
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Cord Free! Polish, cut, sand, drill and more all without concern for a gangly electrical cord. This means you no longer have bring all of your work near the closest outlet, nor do you have purchase a heavy duty extention cord. The Wen 2309 can go right where you need to use it, which is very important with rotary tools such as this and the tasks they perform. Just plug it into its very own 9.6 volt battery charger when done. This kit contains a whopping 50 piece assortment of necessary accessories, all within a durable, hard plastic carry case. Accessories include cutting wheels, collets, brushes, various bits, polishing and grinding wheels. Whether you’re crafting intricate doll house furniture or cutting drywall, the Wen can handle it! Not only that, it weighs a light 0.8 pounds so your hand/wrist will not be overworked, which means more time for the project.

How to Choose Your Oscillating Tool

Well, you’ve decided that your workbench just cannot be without the benefits of owning an oscillating tool. Next comes the part where you try to figure out which is the best oscillating tool for you. This will be an entirely personal matter of course, so we’ve laid out a few guidelines below to give you something to think about while you shop. These are direct and specific to task type power tools, so there is not much in the way of distinguishing features. However, there are a few basic elements to consider before making your purchase, and we’ve listed them below.

Corded or Cordless?

When you read our review for the best oscillating tools above, you’ll notice that some are corded and some cordless. This is a personal preference. The corded tools are always up and ready to work, but you require access to an electrical outlet. On the other hand, the cordless tools can be taken anywhere, but if you neglected to charge them up, you’ll have to wait until they are fully charged to get on with your task.

Attachments Available

Accessories are what the oscillating tool is all about, it’s why you are using them in the first place, so take great care to see what accessories come with your purchase, and what additional accessories are available for purchase later on. Companies like Dremel, for instance, are packed with additional accessories to purchase, and are always looking to add more, and improve on design, as they know that is what drives sales.

Ease of Accessory Change

This is personal. Some do not mind using an Allen wrench to switch up from one accessory to another. Other workers, however, find that it is tedious and prefer to look for oscillating tools that have quick-change options, especially if their work involves speed, and working with a diverse variety of accessories.

What Will You Be Using it For?

This is the first and foremost consideration, as it influences all other purchase factors. If you are a professional woodworker, and will need a rotary tool for day to day work, your needs will be much different from the weekend warrior hobbyist. If you need it for professional work, you’ll be looking for a powerful model driven by a durable motor, so your unit will be heavier and larger. If you need it to create scenery for your model train or slot car layout, you may need a versatile model loaded with accessories, with cordless, portable one to get into small spaces without concern a cord will knock anything over.


Thank you for reading ourTop 10 Best Oscillating Tools and Guide. Now that you know a bit more about these versatile, necessary and cost efficient power tools, choosing one that fits your particular needs should be a breeze. Remember, it’s important to know what you want it for, how it will be used, accessories available, and ease in switching up the accessories. If you will be using it to buff and polish, then look for one that has the accessories to do it right. If you are planning on using for work related tasks every day, then make certain that you choose a heavy duty, durable unit with low vibration and ergonomic design. All in all, we are quite confident that you’ll make the right decision for you, and will soon be enjoying all the benefits that the right oscillating tool can offer you.

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