Insect killer devices are the new way to rid homes and businesses of all disease carrying and nuisance flying insects. These devices work by attracting mosquitoes, flies and other insects with high intensity LED light and zapping them as soon as they come into contact with the device. Whether you are looking for a quality indoor or outdoor mosquito killer, here are ten best MKs to choose from in 2021.

Table of the Best Outdoor Mosquito Killer:

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10. Pestnot Electric Mosquito Killer

Pestnot Electric Mosquito Killer
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The Pestnot Bug Zapper electric mosquito killer is a great way to rid your indoor and outdoor living areas of mosquitoes and other flying insects that are a nuisance. This device features a 20 watt LED bulb that produces high intensity ultra violet light, attracting the insects and killing them as soon as they go through the electrically charged metal grid to reach the lamp. Advantages of this mosquito and insect killer include, waterproof construction, no pesticides or chemicals used, hence no strange odors as well as works great.


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9. DOUHE Mosquito Killer with Insect Trap Intelligent Control

DOUHE Mosquito Killer with Insect Trap Intelligent Control
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Douhe’s 2021 upgraded indoor mosquito killer is an advanced device for eliminating all disease-carrying insects. This sophisticated device features an in-built fan, intelligent insect trap, UV light, and a USB port for power purposes. The beauty of this portable mosquito killer is that it even eliminates flies, making it a very practical device for domestic purposes. After all, who is not tired of flies? Plus, it is odorless, non-toxic, and does not involve electric zapping, hence safe for comfortable for your family.


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8. Hoont Indoor/Outdoor 3-Way Insect Killer with Stand

Hoont Indoor/Outdoor 3-Way Insect Killer with Stand
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This amazing three-way mosquito and other flying insects eliminator device by Hoont is praised by consumers for working great. It is incredibly powerful and effective, featuring a bright UV bulb that insects will not resist, a fan that sucks in insects as soon as they land on or get closer to the bulb, and a dedicated fly trap that will ensure every fly in your room is trapped. Other features include an optional tray for adding attractants like liquids, food particles, etc and a solid weatherproof overall construction.


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7. Livin’ Well Electric Mosquito Killer

Livin' Well Electric Mosquito Killer
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Livin’ Well 4000V is a super powerful electric insect killer with an ability to wipe all disease-carrying and nuisance-causing flying insects, including mosquitoes, out of your home. This device comes with a special UVA zapper lantern that is more than effective when it comes to attracting insects and bugs. Additionally, the 4000-volt steel, galvanized grid is highly charged electrically, making sure no insect that lands on it lives. Finally, you can place or hang this incredible mosquito killer anywhere indoors or outdoors with ease as it comes with a base for setting up the device on the surface and a steel loop for hanging it, from a pole.


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6. Gogogu 2021 Upgraded Mosquito Killer

Gogogu 2021 Upgraded Mosquito Killer
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Gogogu’s 2021 upgraded bug zapper features an oval design with a steady base that allows the device to sit on a flat surface safely without tipping over. Additionally, it has a tiny steel loop that enables the zapper to hang from the ceiling. Other important features of this portable mosquito killer include a powerful LED bulb that emits high intensity purple light, capable of attracting insects up to 30 meters away. And when they get closer, the highly charged steel grid zaps and kills them instantly. One primary advantage of this insect zapper is that it covers a wider area up to 30 square meters.


5. Eravsow 3-In-1 Electric Mosquito Killer

Eravsow 3-In-1 Electric Mosquito Killer
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This ERAVSOW insect zapper hardly looks like one, but make no mistake about its kill power. The bucket shaped zapper has a higher capacity to kill flying insects than many zappers in its category, thanks to its 5 UV LED lights, and steel galvanized grid with higher voltage ratings above 4000 volts. Additionally, it boasts 4 different lighting modes i.e. 2 classic lighting modes, flashlight mode as well as SOS white strobe mode, meeting your lighting needs in various conditions. The fact that Eravsow’s mosquito killer comes with a 1 year warranty makes it a product worth checking out.


4. Spartan Mosquito Eradicator

Spartan Mosquito Eradicator
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The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator One effectively eradicates all mosquitoes from users’ outdoor living spaces, just as its name implies. This insect killer kit is not an electric zapper per se and works very differently. It entails 4 tiny tubes known as ‘eradicators’, which can be filled with a mosquito killer solution and then hanged from a tree. The solution will attract mosquitoes with its scent and then kill them as soon as they taste it. This product is said to have a capacity to eliminate up to 95% of mosquitoes within your property in 15 days.


3. GLOUE 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer

GLOUE 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer
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Gloue’s 2-in-1 mosquito killer lamp boasts an advanced technology that consists of LED Blue-violet band, emitting up to 365-420nm wavelength to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects far away. Once the insects make contact with the extremely powerful, high voltage electrically charged metal grid, they fry and die instantly. This chemical-free, eco-friendly indoor and outdoor mosquito killer works greater than many products of its kind, thanks to its advanced LED blue-violet band technology.


2. XMSTORE Mosquito Killer

XMSTORE Mosquito Killer
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The XMSTORE zapper attracts and eliminates bugs, mosquitoes and other flying insects like no other. This safe and eco friendly mosquito killer covers up to 500 sq feet, which is far wider compared to what many products in its category cover. It features high intensity UV LED light, heavy-duty plastic construction and a smart collecting tray at the bottom for gathering and removing dead insects. Advantages of this product include, low energy consumption, easy to clean, and money back guarantee.


1. Flowtron BK-40D Mosquito Killer

Flowtron BK-40D Mosquito Killer
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The Flowtron BK-40D insect eliminator offers a wider coverage up to 1 acre. This electronic insect killer features a heavy-duty metal construction with a steady base and a strong loop, for setting the device on a flat surface or hanging it from an object, respectively. Other features include a 40-word LED bulb, non-clogging killing grid, and advanced electronic insect control.


Expert Mosquito Killer Buying Tips

i. An Indoor Vs Outdoor Vs Multipurpose Mosquito Killer

Some mosquito killers such as Douhe are designed strictly for indoor use. Others like Flowtron are intended specifically for outdoor usage. However, there are a few multipurpose models such as XMSTORE that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You will need to make a choice between these three types of killers.

ii. Coverage

Mosquito killers offer varying coverage ranges, ranging from a few dozen to a couple hundred square feet. If you need an indoor killer, you would be better off with a product that covers a few dozen square feet, rather than waste too much money on something that is able to cover hundreds of square feet. Choose the latter only if you need a mosquito killer for your outdoor living spaces.

iii. Grid Voltage Ratings

Mosquito killers come with grids of different voltage ratings ranging from a few dozen to a couple thousand volts. The higher the voltage rating for the grid, the more effective the unit is. As such, it is better to go with something from the latter category.

Final Thoughts

Pestnot, Douhe, Hoont, Livin’ Well, Gogogu, Eravsow, Spartan Mosquito, Glove, Xmstore, and Flowtown are the ten best mosquito killers to choose from in 2021. Whether you are looking for a good indoor or outdoor mosquito killer, you will find one among these products. Just make sure to use the three expert buying tips above to get your hands on the right product.

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