There is a wide inclination towards solar lights among people across the world. The reason is not far fetching as solar energy is renewable and there is a requirement for only one-time investments. Solar lights are one of the amazing inventions and there several multiple purposes at once. There are various types of solar lights available in the market and among them, solar flood lights are extremely popular thanks to their illumination intensity and brightness along with efficiency and waterproofness. The following is the list of top 10 best outdoor solar flood lights in 2021 that you should consider buying to turn your outdoor into a living sun.

Table of the Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights:

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1. URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Spotlight

URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Spotlight
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This outdoor solar light is waterproof and can be used throughout the year. You can easily mount it on the wall or place it in the ground. It can be recharged by lithium ion batteries (solar powered) and comes with an automated switch. It is able to reflect 200 lumens of light with four powerful LED lights. It is designed in an ideal way which also looks modern and beautiful. When fully charged, it can work for 6 to 9 hours.

2. Solar Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor

Solar Lights Motion Sensor Outdoor
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This product comes with a larger solar panel and offers longer light. Attached to the spotlights are double lamps which can be rotated in 360 degrees. You can set the lightning as per your preference. It is convenient to carry and easy to install. Once fully charged, you can use for 9 to 11 hours without any disturbances. It also has a built-in sensor which will turn-off automatically during the daytime. You can also use it in different modes and the brightest being 600 lumens.

3. Vivii 30 LED Solar lights

Vivii 30 LED Solar lights
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This is a very durable outdoor solar flood light which can be used in all the seasons. It is quick to install and is constructed with a heatproof plastic. It takes a maximum of seven hours for charging and can provide illumination up to 12 hours. This also has auto On/Off function which turns off automatically during sunrise. When there is no motion, then it gives dim light and in sensing motion, it provides bright light. It comes with hinge and screws.

4. Sunforce 150-LED Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 150-LED Solar Motion Light
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In this outdoor solar flood light, you can adjust the settings in two modes. The light duration mode and distance detection mode make it ideal to use outdoors. You can charge it during the daytime to get undisturbed light during the night time. The headlamp can also be adjusted and can be used in many locations like sheds, garages, entryways, and pathways. It has an amorphous solar panel which can get charged even without direct sunlight. It does not require any wiring and is maintenance free.

5. OPERNEE Waterproof Double Spotlights

OPERNEE Waterproof Double Spotlights
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It comes with twin lights on each panel. It is four bright LEDs with 50 lumens each. It can be rotated in 360 degrees and will provide you bright light from any angle you want. It is made up of superior polysilicon and provides illumination for 7 to 9 hours. The maximum charging duration is 4.5 hours and is ideal for your garden and many other spots. There is 100% money back guarantee on this outdoor solar light. You can easily mount it on the wall with pillar hinges and screws.

6. URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights
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This is a super bright outdoor solar flood light which is designed in a unique way. It has got 8 bright LEDs and works for a long hour. It is suitable for all kinds of weather and the body is water resistant. You can set it in two pole directions and is ideal for patio, garden, aisle, yard, and driveway. This one comes with an automated switch which turns off automatically when no motion is detected. It comes with a warranty of five years and requires 6 to 8 hours to charge fully.

7. InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights
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This outdoor solar light is heatproof and waterproof. It provides 200 lumens of illumination and has four bright LEDs. You can either mount it on the wall or stick it in the ground. This has got the automatic sensor and will light up when turned on in a bright area. The light can be adjusted to any angle from any spot. It also comes with the frosted solar panel and you will not require any protective film. In low light mode it can work for 8 to 12 hours and in high light mode, it works for 4 to 6 hours.

8. OPERNEE Motion Sensor Solar lights

OPERNEE Motion Sensor Solar lights
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This outdoor solar flood light has sensor detection and provides 600 lumens of brightness. It has got two lamps on two of its sides which will provide brightness even in the darkest corner. It can be rotated easily and once fully charged then it can provide illumination for 9 to 11 hours. It takes 4.5 hours to get fully charged. This also comes with energy saving mode and you can install it anywhere. It is waterproof and can be used in all kinds of weather.

9. LTE 60 LED Solar Lights

LTE 60 LED Solar Lights
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This is a very bright outdoor light which gives 300 lumens of illumination. It gives the continuous brightness of 8 to 10 hours. It comes with wall mount bracket and you can also install it in the ground. This is also waterproof and suitable for all kinds of weather. It has a light sensor, which does not function when no motion is detected. It is made up of cast aluminum and the batteries can be replaced. The beam angle of this solar light is 120 degree.

10. Prelux RGB LED Lights With Sensors

Prelux RGB LED Lights With Sensors
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This solar light is very quick to install and comes with motion detection mode. It has got multicolored lights which can also be used for decorating parties or garden. You can use it in fences, driveway or doorway. There is a 12 replacement warranty on the product. It comes with screws and is designed in a portable and compact way. This is also waterproof and you can use it all year round. This is in the form of a patio light and has auto buttons.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are various parameters to consider before you can choose to buy a solar flood light. Unless you consider those parameters, you might end up buying a solar light that fails to fulfill all your required purposes perfectly.

Illumination Area

Since you are buying an outdoor solar flood light, you have to limit the area of illumination and get an understanding as to how much area do you want your solar flood light to cover. This will determine the type of solar flood light to buy and the brightness and intensity specifications to make sure that the required area is illuminated perfectly.

Bulb Types

There are various types of solar flood lights available and each one of them has different features. For example, some solar flood lights are for security purposes, while others are best for outdoor partying. As far as the bulb types go, there are LED, CFL, Halogen, HPS and MH bulbs. LEDs are most efficient and brighter but slightly overpriced. The ones used for security purposes have features like motion sensors, PIR sensors, dusk to dawn sensor and likewise. Therefore, define your purposes clearly before you can go through the above-mentioned list of solar flood lights and their features in order to shortlist and choose the best one for you.


Depending on the area of cover and the brightness required, you have to choose the solar flood light to purchase. The brightness is measured by lumens and if you want to cover greater areas, you have to buy the one with greater brightness and higher lumens. Along with that, you have to take the lifespan of the bulb into consideration along with the wattage or power consumed if that bothers you.


Since you are going to install the solar flood light outdoor, you have to check the durability features of the flood light you are considering to buy. If you have a shade under which you are going to place the light, then it might not be waterproof. But if you keep it in a completely open area, it has to be weatherproofed in all possible ways. The light screen has been are waterproof and it should not crack when the heat is high or cold water falls on it. Similarly, a metal casing is required and it must adjust to the extremities of temperature conveniently. Check the rating of the light for better information.


You can buy any of the above-mentioned top 10 best solar flood lights in 2021 as all of them are of high-quality and are a complete value for your money. But you shave to consider the buying guide and its parameters so that you can purchase the best solar flood lights to serve your purposes to the fullest.

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