A pallet buster is a must-have for any construction work. While buying a pallet buster, it can be really difficult to distinguish between a low quality and a high-quality pallet buster. A low-quality pallet buster can dismantle the pallets and break them open which is not desirable. But a high-quality buster disassembles the pallets in such a way that the pallets can be reused and put back when the construction or repairing work is done. The following is the list of the top 10 best pallet busters in 2021 that you should consider buying.

Table of the Best Pallet Buster:

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1. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster

 Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster
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This is the most highly rated product and it has also featured under Amazon’s Choice for pallet buster category. It is having a deluxe design due to which you can disassemble pallets easily without putting extreme effort. The head is strongly attached so that it does not break easily when you move it around the wood. The material used in the construction is highly durable steel and it is long lasting. One can also use for it dock board removal. It is lightweight and perfect for wooden works.


2. Pallet Buster Breaker 1

 Pallet Buster Breaker 1
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Pallet buster is one of the oldest and most reliable brands in the pallet buster category. You can disarm the woods one by one with this tool and it is having high-grade steel construction so that you can use it against any furniture comfortably. You can insert various types of handles in the 1.25-inch insert and fit it perfectly with the set screw. You can use it to strip various dock and deck boards as well.


3. Esright Industrial Pallet Buster

 Esright Industrial Pallet Buster
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The design of the pallet buster is ergonomic so that minimal effort has to be put in order to disassemble pallet and even deck boards. The product has high-grade steel construction so that it is durable and steel adds to its extreme strength and long life. The product is also preventive of rusting and oxidation. The head will not break or split while articulating and you can use it in various angles possible. The handle is thick padding so that you can grip easily and comfortably. You can get better balance and more leverage.


4. Planteko Pallet Buster

 Planteko Pallet Buster
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Along with the usual pallet buster, you are getting a 13-inch crowbar and you can remove large nails before removing pallet and deck boards. You can remove nails at any angle with a single hand. The pallet buster has premium quality steel that is sustainable against any scenario for full safety. The handle is welded for greater grip and safety purpose. The product is corrosion free and it is going to work flawlessly for years. The buster has swivel head which will ensure that the pallet does not break or split by any chance and it slips under the pallets conveniently.


5. Go2buy Iron Pallet Buster

 Go2buy Iron Pallet Buster
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This is the bestseller in the pallet category on Amazon at present. The product has a long handle which ensures that you get a good leverage and you need to apply the least pressure to disassemble the pallets. There is a spray coating on the product to prevent corrosion and increase its lifetime. The buster has an ergonomic design which will save your effort and time. It also has versatile applications like it can be used for disassembling deck board and wood slide other than pallet structure. The long handle offers better balance and it is padded for the comfort factor.


6. Vestil Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster

 Vestil Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster
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This is a rather lightweight pallet buster with a long handle for more balance and greater leverage. The construction of the buster is a high-quality and you can to put less effort in disassembling various structures like a wood slide, pallet structure, and even deck board. There is a padded grip provided so that it does not slip and the sweat generated is minimal and gets absorbed. There is blue spray coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. The disassembling can be done from various angles.


7. CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster

 CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster
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The pallet buster has a very strong construction and it is designed for heavy-duty regular use. Like most of the high-quality pallet buster, it is easy to disassemble pallets conveniently and it slips below the pallet comfortably. It is also applicable in various other prying activities. The handle is removable and you can attach different types of handles as per your requirement for the suitability of the work.

8. Duckbill Deck Wrecker

 Duckbill Deck Wrecker
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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for deck wrecker category. It is one of the bestselling products and the rating is the highest in the lot. The design of the pallet buster is unique and patented. You have to put the least effort into plucking out the pallets without breaking and splitting them. It reduces the demolition time drastically and the head is rotatable so that the disassembling is done perfectly. It slides swiftly and lifts the pallets in one piece at once. The grip is firm and the handle is padded.


9. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster

 Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster
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This is a straightforward pallet buster with a very long handle of 43 inches. The long handle provides a great balance and the prying is done with minimal effort. The handle has a good grip and the contours are such that you can hold it perfectly while applying pressure to prevent any accident. The coating of the product is extremely protective against various weather conditions. The steel used in its construction is of high-quality and likely to have a very long lifetime.


10. HONEY BADGER Demolition Fork

 HONEY BADGER Demolition Fork
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The product has patented design and it uses steel fabrication for its construction. The fork cum buster has various applications like you can do flooring, sliding removal, wrecking and demolition works perfectly. The product is used by professional and it is extremely durable. The grip is long and the handle is very long for better balancing, leverage, and comfort. The sharpened head slides through the pallets and disassembles them without breaking them.


Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

If you are buying a pallet buster for the first time, the following guide will come very handy for you because you need to check the following parameters in order to buy a perfect pallet buster for your work.


  • The construction of the pallet buster has to be strong in order to work with it safely. The material must be of high quality and extremely durable. A coating on the product is always a welcoming thing. It is protected against various weather condition it goes through. The rigidity and sturdiness deserve special mention. Furthermore, it should be built for heavy-duty use as it is going to be used every day and handled very roughly.


  • One can differentiate the pallet busters based on the fork type. There are some which have only two tines while others have 3 or more. The head must be rotatable so that it can slide under the pallets swiftly and disassemble it rather than disintegrating it. The width of the fork also determines the kind of work you can do with it just like it is decided based on the versatility of the product.


  • The handle is one of the most critical parts of a pallet buster that not many people pay attention to. The short the handle, the more pressure you have to apply and it is scientifically provided. If you are a rather tall person, always go for the long handle because the effort required will be lesser and the balancing will be greater. The long handle also makes sure that your posture stays perfect and you do not grow a back pain issue.


  • Unless you are holding on the pallet buster perfectly or strongly, you cannot get the job done and there are huge chances of accidents. A padded grip is always a welcoming thing and the grip has to be long so that you can hold it in multiple places without rubbing swat all over the place. A good grip helps to distribute the pressure evenly on both sides of the buster.
  • There are certain pallet busters available that do not come with a handle and you can attach any handle externally after buying it to serve your purpose. The weight of the pallet buster must also be taken into consideration depending on your body type. It is the use of different construction materials that determine the weight of the product.


Before finalizing a pallet buster to buy, go through the features and check the parameters mentioned so that the chosen one must fulfill all your purposes and good parameters to the maximum extent. There are various versatile pallet busters available which can be applied to do various types of prying activities on different objects. If you want to get the best-quality pallet buster, you need to choose any one of the above-listed top ten best pallet busters in 2021 to get the best value for your money.

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