Selling a website can be a challenging task. After spending quite an amount of valuable time creating important content, the hassle is not over. Many people tend to sell their websites when they feel like that they do not want to engage in that business again. Others sell them after they feel exhausted. Whether you are selling it for the above reasons or is something you had planned for, you need to look at the best place in a bid to maximize your returns. Always ensure that you give valuable content which will assist you in fetching the premium price in the market. Before selling your websites, you need to assess the following and find out what your site is worth


Investors will look at what your site is making. They too want to get value from your content. A site with a significant turnover will guarantee you of a better price.


This is closely related to the sales. It shows that your site makes business sense since it is in a position to streamline costs and get something out of the whole exercise

The way you attract your clients

The methods for attracting more clients in your website matters. If you have links in with online influencers, you are in a better position to reap big.

How scalable is the business?

Investors want a business they can grow and expand. Look at this also.

The position of the business in the market

This goes hand in hand with the competition. If the business can deal with competition, then you are in a better position to have a higher price.

The various business processes of your website

Business processes are crucial. Who hosts your site? What about SEO? Is your site frequently updated? All these matters.

Investors will play critical attention to all the above details before deciding on whether to buy and the price to acquire at.

Here are various places you can sell your websites


Auctions operate using a free market ideology. Here, the multiple buyers and sellers meet and give their prices. Depending on the agreement, the one who offers the most competitive price will win the heart of the seller. One of the common places where such auctions are undertaken is Flippa. Here, all the actors in this business can get a deal. If your website has a valuation of less than $ 20000, then this might be the most convenient place for you.


In all businesses, there happen to be intermediaries who try to connect the various buyers with sellers. The website market too is not left behind. The good part of using this channel is that the intermediaries will look for the buyers for you and negotiate for the best price. They will also assist you in structuring and closing the deal. However, since they will take some of the sales proceeds as their commission, they are best for the websites which are valued up to 20 million dollars. If your business is not valued at more than a quarter a million dollars, they might be the best option due to the extra charges involved. One of these sites happens to be Digital Exits.

Investment Banks

Over time, investment banks have evolved from concluding deals in the corporate world to taking their place in the website market. However, they are best for big deals which are valued for over 20 million dollars. They will advise you and help to structure your website on what is capable of attracting the highest bidder. However, your site needs to have a net profit of close to five million dollars a year. An excellent example of such an investment bank happens to be It handles great deals.


Perhaps this is the most common platform for the various buyers and sellers of the website. The marketplace will cater for small and big market dealers. Some of them include:


It an excellent platform for existing and start-up websites. When you want to list your website here for sale, you must be willing to part with $59 for two weeks. For those willing to have their websites listed for two months, the charges applicable are $99. Depending on the package you settle for, your front page can be listed.SiteIndeed

Perhaps this a right place for starters. Here, you can enjoy free listing of your ads for up to three months. It is the right place, but if you wish to extend for more than this duration, you are required to pay depending on the number of days you want to prolong your listing. On top of this, this platform will provide you with features which give your websites a preferred display. However, this is a premium service which attracts some charges.


It is a good chance as it allows the seller to list and sell both the domain names and the whole websites. For three months, you are required to pay $9.95. For a premium listing, you need part with close to $30. That way, you are guaranteed that your website will gain extra exposure and attract more prospective buyers. For domains, charges range from $9.9 to $14.95 if you want a premium listing. If you settle for complete listings, you are not charged any commissions.WebsiteAcquire

If you settle for this site, you will be required to pay $5. However, this website has one major disadvantage. It is not very user-friendly. As such, when a user clicks on the link for buying a site, he or she is required to search using keywords. Thus, the various listings are not automatically displayed for the user to choose from. This makes it very hard for the user to find a site which he or she has never heard MarketplaceĀ 

This a general site where you can do a variety of things. You can sell your domains as well as advertise the services you offer. Listing is free. However, if you are promoting anything, you will be required to buy some credits from the site. When you want to auction your site, you can select it to feature on the main page but at a fee.

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