If you are looking to save space in your bedroom and yet, you want beds for more number of people, you need to opt for pop up trundle beds. In such a bed set, you have a usual bed called daybed but there is another bed underneath the daybed called trundle bed. This trundle bed can be a slip in and out comfortable and their height is adjustable so that they can be placed side by side the daybed when there is a need for using it. The following is the list of top 10 best pop up trundle beds in 2021 that you should buy to accommodate more people in your bedroom.

Table of the Best Pop Up Trundle Beds:

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1. Kings Brand Furniture Twin Size Bed

Kings Brand Furniture Twin Size Bed
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Kings is one of the most popular brands in the bed industry and this is the best pop up trundle bed they have in their collection. There are metal slats to support the bed above and the construction has been done to make the product durable. The trundle fits perfectly under the daybed and the frame has been done with high-grade steel. There is also a coating to prevent corrosion and rusting. The dimensions are 77 x 41 18 inches for the daybed and 73 x 39 x 17 for the trundle bed.


2. Kings Brand Furniture Black Metal Bed

Kings Brand Furniture Black Metal Bed
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This is another quality product from Kings and this one is having a black metal frame. This will look gorgeous if you opt for white and cream color mattress. The construction is sturdy and made up of steel for strength and durability. The trundle bed fits well under the daybed and towards the head side, the framework is raised for aesthetics. The dimensions of the daybed are 78 x 41 x 42 inches and those of the trundle bed are 72 x 39 x 17.

3. 2K Designs Twin Size High Bed

2K Designs Twin Size High Bed
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This is a beautifully designed set of beds with the metal slats for the support of the daybed. The trundle bed is collapsible underneath the daybed perfectly. Both the beds are of the same height and the trundle bed can be used in various ways as per requirements. There is a considerable amount of gap available between the trundle and the top bed so that you can have any thickness of mattress for them. The metal frame is black in color and there are holes for attaching headboard and footboard if required. The dimensions of daybed are 77 x 41 x 17 inches and of trundle bed are 72 x 39 x 17 inches.


4. Fashion Bed Group Doral Complete Metal Daybed

Fashion Bed Group Doral Complete Metal Daybed
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This is an elegant looking pop up trundle bed set that has the design of a sofa set. This set is definitely going to enhance the interior décor beauty. There are carbon steel panels and they have a matte black coating to prevent rusting and corrosion. There are four walnut hardwood posts and they are surrounded by metal spindles. There is link spring construction for mattress support. The company provides 10 years of warranty.


5. Leggett & Platt Pop-Up Trundle

Leggett & Platt Pop-Up Trundle
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This is an intelligently constructed trundle bed set where the spring trundle pops up when required. After automatic lift up, it locks in the place for safety. There are gravity locks that make sure that the bed set stays stable. There is also an option for controlled closing for storage. The dimensions are 72 x 38.5 inches and the height is adjustable between 4.5 to 15.25 inches.


6. Dream Solutions Day Bed Frame Trundle

Dream Solutions Day Bed Frame Trundle
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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for the pop-up trundle category. This is a twin size bed set whereby the daybed and trundle bed are separated. The trundle bed stays below the daybed perfectly and when required, it can be pulled out effortlessly. The beds have extremely high strength thanks to the use of high-quality steel with black coating for durability. To ensure safety, there are gravity locks. The trundle bed can be lifted to the same height as the daybed. The dimensions are 39 x 77 inches and the height is adjustable between 4.5 to 15.5 inches.


7. Kings Brand Furniture White Metal Day Bed

Kings Brand Furniture White Metal Day Bed
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This is quite an attractive set of beds and if white is the color that goes perfectly with your home décor, this is the one for you. Kings is a very popular brand and you can trust its quality blindly. There are metal slats for high-grade stability and you can use the trundle bed for various purposes. The metal spindles are beautifully designed and the dimensions are of daybed are 80 x 43 x 45 inches and those of trundle bed are 72 x 39 x 4 inches from the ground.


8. Fashion Bed Group Mission Complete Wood Daybed

Fashion Bed Group Mission Complete Wood Daybed
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This is an amazingly designed twin bed with daybed and trundle. Instead of a metal frame, it has wooden panels which are very strong and they have Expresso finish. The overall frame is easy to clean and there is link spring for supporting any type of mattress. The company provides 10 years of warranty on the product and the overall design is certainly going to enhance the beauty of the room. The dimensions are 38 x 79 x 42 inches and the height from the ground for the trundle is 12 inches. It is a get combination of retro material and innovative style and design.


9. DHP Daybed With Trundle

DHP Daybed With Trundle
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This is a premium quality twin bed pop-up trundle bed set and the metal frame is exquisitely designed. It is going to save a lot of space and can be used as a sofa to chill and watch movies. The metal slates are highly strong and durable. The rolling out and in of the trundle is effortless thanks to casters. It conveniently slides under the daybed and the daybed supports 400 pounds while the trundle supports 225 pounds.


10. Dream Solutions Twin Size Metal Day Bed

Dream Solutions Twin Size Metal Day Bed
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If you are looking for a bed set with mattress included in the package, this is the one to go for. There are two quality mattresses included. The frame of the bed is outstanding with metal slats for support. The trundle is collapsible and both the beds can be made of the same height. You can save a lot of space and use the trundle when the guests arrive. There are places to attach headboard and footboard for beauty. The dimensions are 77 x 41 x 17 inches of the daybed and 72x 37 x 17 inches for the trundle.


Buyer’s Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are two types of trundle beds available. The first one is low key which comes out from under the main bed and stays at a low level. But the second type called the pop up trundle beds, they come out from under and you can be raised to the same height as the main bed. This is more beneficial as you can keep both the beds side by side and there is no chance of falling or feeling low standard. The following is a guide you need to follow in order to buy the best pop up trundle bed set with your budget.


There are various types of frames available for a trundle bed. The metal construction is the most popular one and surprisingly, it is lighter than the other material used which is wood. Therefore, if you have to move your bed here and there very often, metal constructed trundle is what you need to buy. There are various styles available in both cases and metal ones are less costly than wooden ones. It totally depends on the room décor which one will look better. Wooden pieces have natural aesthetics to them.


Though there are not many features that trundle beds have but what it must have for safety purpose is gravity locks. Along with those, there must be slats for greater support. You have to check how much weight is applicable for individual beds. Generally, the daybed has more weight capacity than the trundle bed. Furthermore, you have to watch out where there is any mattress provided or not. In case of a negative, you have to check which type of mattresses will be applicable and suitable for them.


You have to check the size of the beds like there are king size ones, queen size and likewise. You also need to check the design the daybed is having around it. Generally, some of like sofa type, some have only one side protective raised design. The maintenance is always an issue and the design should be such that clean is easy.


The trundle bed is safer than bunk beds that people use to have multiple beds in a bedroom without wasting any space. These trundle bed sets are designed to provide extra space for sleeping comfortably when guests arrive. When not used, you can push them under the daybed and make space for easy movement. Make sure you check the dimensions so that the set fits in your room perfectly.

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