Outdoor cookouts with your family and friends just don’t feel right if you haven’t got a portable Gas Stoves. to go along. There’s firewood of course, but the troubles of cooking with it are just too much hassle. Moreover, there’s always the chance of the fire escaping containment. Portable Gas Stoves.

However, with a portable stove not only can you eliminate the threat of sparks and embers, but also prepare your food much faster. Not just that, portable stove nowadays come with additional features that help you cook varieties of scrumptious food. Here’s a list of the top 10 best portable gas stoves you should purchase this year.

Table of the Best Portable Gas Stoves:

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9. Bayou Classic Outdoor Portable Stove

Bayou Classic Outdoor Portable Stove
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This patio and outdoor stove weigh just 14.2 pounds, making it lightweight and comfortable to carry around in the back of your vehicle.
What’s more, the 16 x 16-inch cooking surface allows you to place stockpots of any size on top of it.

It’s also a decent 12.75 inches tall, and stable enough as it manufactured from heavy duty steel, which mostly forms the frame. Also in place is a 6-inch cast iron burner, elevated rungs for immaculate heat distribution, 36-inch braided hose, and a 10 PSI regulator.

8. Camp Chef Explorer 2 Portable Gas Stove

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Portable Gas Stove
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The portable stove by Camp Chef is a wonder for outdoor activities. For instance, the whole package includes BBQ grill boxes, cast iron grills which can be reversed, pizza oven, and griddles.

What’s more, the two aluminum burners are state of the art. Each spits out the blue flame with an estimate of 30,000 BTU. Each connects to a tank that comes with a regulator that can be rigged to fit a propane bottle or natural gas. The 448-square inch cooking space, nifty knobs for heat regulation, and a 3-sided windscreen create the perfect environment for a great cookout.

7. Stansport Portable Outdoor Butane Stove

Stansport Portable Outdoor Butane Stove
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The Stansport portable stove weighs just 4 pounds. It’s dimensions: 14 x 13 x 3.8 inches makes it ideal for camping. It has a single burner that pumps out 7,652 BTUs of raw cooking power. However, do note that you’ll have to work this stove with an 8-ounce butane canister that you’ll have to buy separately.

This product also has an electric ignition system which eliminates the need for a lighter or matchsticks. And when you do light it, you won’t hear any noise as it’s been designed that way.

6. Bayou Classic SP10 Propane Gas Cooker

Bayou Classic SP10 Propane Gas Cooker
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This product by Bayou is a high-pressure propane cooker that is welded together as a single frame made of steel.Its legs are set wide apart for stability with a 14-inch diameter cooking top to accommodate the biggest of utensils.

Its height is particularly attractive as it’s only 13-inches high in order to provide a low centre of gravity. The entire package also includes a 48-inch stainless braided hose and a 10 PSI regulator.

5. Coleman Dual Fuel Stove

Coleman Dual Fuel Stove
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This fuel stove by Coleman is a beauty because it has a dual fuel design. In other words, you have the choice of either using Coleman’s liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline. Just a heads up about Coleman’s liquid fuel—1 gallon of it lasts as long as 4.5 cylinders of propane.

Coming back to the stove, the cooking surface can accommodate two 10-inch pans. The burners also provide 14,000 BTUs of power. Windblock panels are also installed to protect the flame against winds and the chrome-plated grates can be easily removed while cleaning.

4. Masterbuilt Dual Burner Propane Stove

Masterbuilt Dual Burner Propane Stove
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The dual burner stove by Masterbuilt is a revolutionized product. For instance, the legs on which this stove stands can be easily removed thus making it ideal for tabletops.

Its dimensions: 34.06 x 24.61 x 32.99 inches makes it ideal for any kind of cuisine as the power output is pretty good as well. Also, it weighs just 26.13 pounds. The burners on this stove are made from aluminum and are incredibly durable and adjustable. With a slight twist of the knob, you can set the flames from low to medium, and high. This is just the right product for you and your family for frequent outdoor trips and cookouts.

3. GasOne Propane Gas Cooker

GasOne Propane Gas Cooker
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This stove by GasOne deserves to take the third spot on this list because of the features it packs. Its heat output is tremendously high. 200,000 BTUs, in fact. With such power, you can be sure of getting anything cooked in a jiffy.

It’s sturdy and ergonomic design is formed out of cast iron. It’s stable because of the frame but portable as well. Also included is an air valve for a consistent blue flame and a pressure regulator with a valve for propane tank connections.

2. Coleman Powerpack Propane Stove

Coleman Powerpack Propane Stove
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This single burner stove packs quite a punch. 7,500 BTU’s of cooking power fueled by propane canister. The propane in the canister is ideal for cookouts as the flames are steady and don’t flicker.

This stove is designed to fit a 12-inch pan on its aluminized-steel cooktop. Amazingly, the nickel-chrome grates can also be easily removed for cleanups.

1. Blackstone Grill And Stove Combo

Blackstone Grill And Stove Combo
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Calling this product a stove would be an understatement because it does what your household stove can do. Yet, it’s portable, efficient, and easy to clean up.

It comes with a grill, griddle, and two burners. And the entire stove can be set up in just seconds. The entire unit has a powdered-coating for protection against corrosion and rust. What’s more, it comes with a grill box, grill grates, cold-rolled steel griddle plate.[/lazboy_item]


There are two burners too. One (stainless steel H-tube burner) that gives out 15,000 BTUs and the other (cast iron burner) that takes it even further to 20,000 BTUs.

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