You can’t just step into the shower or place your head below a tap for a quick rinse of your hair everytime you need to shampoo or get a haircut. What you need is a shampoo bowl so that you can rest back and enjoy the entire experience whilst someone massages your hair and scalp, shampoo bowls. Having said that, the shampoo bowl needs to be portable, must have an efficient drainage system, and must be big enough to accommodate your head and the hands (arms) of the person shampooing. Moreover, it should be sturdy, durable, and be designed in such a way that there aren’t any spills.

Given below are 10 shampoo bowls that satisfy all needs:

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10. Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Bowl By AWInternational

Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Bowl By AWInternational
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At number 10 is an International’s portable shampoo basin that is extremely easy to use and a child’s play to assemble. Portable, durable, and lightweight, this shampoo bowl is made from PP material that is supported by stainless steel pipe. The bowl swivels in different angles and also swings towards the front and back. Perhaps the best feature is its adjustable height that comes handy, no matter what type of chair is used with it. Also in place is a plug that prevents water from emptying and also a hose for draining out water.

9. Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowl

Saloniture Portable Shampoo Bowl
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Saloni Ture’s portable shampoo bowl is easy on the pocket, yet loaded with impressive features. It’s stain-resistant and is manufactured from ABS composite which increases durability. The edges of this bowl are also rolled for added strength and comfort. It measures 17 inches across and 6 inches deep and has a pedestal base at the bottom with
composite bumpers that offer stability without leaving a single scratch on the floor. The bowl can swivel in all angles, back and forth. Also, the height can be adjusted from high to low.

8. ZENY Portable Shampoo Bowl

ZENY Portable Shampoo Bowl
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This shampoo bowl by Zeny is composed of a PP material-based bowl and a stainless steel pipe. The bowl measures 19 x 15-20 x 10 inches in dimension. The height of the support pipe can be adjusted between 37-54 inches in order to meet the requirements of every chair and customer. The base of this bowl is 5-pronged and measures 20 inches for stability. In order to drain the basin, a drain hose has also been included that measures between 2.9-4.9 feet. A drain plug is also in place to prevent water from spilling out.

7. TMS Shampoo Basin

TMS Shampoo Basin
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This shampoo bowl is encased in a glossy finish, black in colour. You might worry about the material, but you’ll be glad to know that it’s stain-resistant and is made from high-durable plastic. The support pipe that holds up the basin is also made from steel in order to provide durability and immaculate sturdiness. The bowl swivels front and back and in different angles. The entire process of assembling this shampoo basin is also easy and takes minimal effort. Moreover, its height can be adjusted to calibrate with chairs of varying heights.

6. Giantex Salon Shampoo Basin

Giantex Salon Shampoo Basin
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Shampoo bowl such as this fits the needs for all salons and homes. Its basin is manufactured from durable and stain-resistant PP material. This basin is adorned on top of a stainless steel pipe that has the feature of adjustable height.
The entire structure then sits on top of a base that improves stability. You’ll also find a plug to keep the water from spilling. An extendable drain hose, on the other hand, makes for easy evacuation of water. The height of the entire contraption can be lowered or increased to suit customers’ and chairs’ heights.

5. Super Deal Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin

Super Deal Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin
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Moving this shampoo bowl around is easy as it’s lightweight and can be disassembled in a jiffy. The bowl is made from PP which makes it highly resistant to stains and breakages. To exude the water out of the bowl, a stainless steel pipe is also included. A sturdy base is attached to the stainless steel support and bowl at the bottom to improve stability. As with many shampoo bowls on this list, this product also has a support that has the leverage of
adjustable height.

4. Shampoo Basin By Nova Microdermabrasion

Shampoo Basin By Nova Microdermabrasion
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Here are dimensions of this shampoo bowl: 19 x 15-20 x 10 inches. The PP bowl is made from ABS composite for durability and protection against stains. It also comes with a stainless steel pipe to support the bowl. And just so you know, its height can be calibrated between 37-54 inch range. To top that, there’s a basin plug to avoid spillage and a drain hose that has a length between 2.9-4.9 feet. A star support at the base balances the bowl and the pipe, thus reinforcing stability.

3. Best Choice Products Portable Shampoo Bowl

Best Choice Products Portable Shampoo Bowl
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The shampoo bowl by Best Choice comes equipped with a basin that is ultra durable but pretty. Pretty because it comes in a glossed finish. Durable because the entire bowl is carved out of molded-injection plastic. Just below the bowl lies the support rod that extends between 39-54 inches. This comes handy to adjust the basin according to chair heights. The hose also extends up to 7 feet in length.

2. Ableware Easy Shampoo Basin

Ableware Easy Shampoo Basin
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This shampoo bowl doesn’t look as fancy as other contenders on this list but still finds itself at number 2 spot on this list because unlike others it’s the most portable. This shampoo bowl can be used in a salon but is ultra-efficient for people at home. It’s best for people who want to experience shampooing in bed. Its inflatable body supports the
neck, shoulders, and head while shampooing. Moreover, the dual-tube design prevents splashing.

1. Ambienceo Portable Shampoo Bowl

Ambienceo Portable Shampoo Bowl
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This shampoo bowl grabs the top spot on this list because its height can be adjusted and the shampoo bowl can be spun around in different angles—comfortable for both the hairdresser and client, you see?

The stainless steel support, PP bowl, and rolled edges add durability and strength to the entire structure. The starred-support at the base eliminates all problems of spinning and tilting. The long drain hose for evacuating water, plug to stop pillage are also included.[/lazboy_item]

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