Have you ever had a problem with finding things, especially small tools? It is obvious that people always lost something that they are looking for. It’s like sometimes you don’t need it and you saw it anywhere. However, when you needed it, that thing disappeared. If you have this problem, which means you need some best portable tool boxes

So, to get you with the best of the best choice, we have the top 10 best portable tool boxes for you to review. Because all boxes are different and you have many different tools to organize too. Therefore, check it out these best portable toolboxes and get the favorite one.

Table of the Best Portable Tool Boxes in 2021 Reviews

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10. Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, 3 Pieces in 1

tool box

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Stalwart is the three toolboxes in one that design to help you organize tools based on its categories and shape. The measuring of each boxes is 19.5 x 9 x 7, 19.5 x 9 x 13 and 19 x 9 x 9 inches. In this way, it helps you to quickly organize tools and easy to remember. Stalwart toolbox is made to be a heavy-duty and durable plus, it comes with an adjustable carrying handle in the back. In this way, this box is really portable and easy to carry around during work.

On top of that, each box is easy to detach so that you can find it easy for transport and when you just need some of them to use. Besides, having this heavy-duty box, you will ensure that all your tools are in a safe spot and no damage. To easily mobilize, this toolbox also tags along with two sturdy wheels so, bring it along with many tools is not a problem anymore.

What We Like:

  • It comes in 3 pieces and features a stackable design to save storage space.
  • Being detachable, it is very convenient to transport with.
  • The items come with two sturdy wheels which allow users to drag all of them together without any problems.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The pricing is a bit expensive.

9. Stalwart Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Handle & Removable Top Storage

portable tool box

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This is another model of Stalwart toolbox with an additional feature. With this model, you will have a fold-down handle and comfortable grip to carry along during the work. Besides, it comes with 4.2” nylon wheels that even make this toolbox easy to move along. More precisely, this toolbox has many spaces for you to organize stuff. Thus, within its 24 total small parts compartments, you can stock all the tools that necessary for fixing things.

Additionally, the tool tray can be removed (two tool trays) and a deep bottom compartment which is ensured that you own all the space for essential tools. Moreover, this storage trolley is designed to be tough as it is made of polypropylene and metal that keep all the tools inside away from damage plus, it easily for traveling as well. Furthermore, this trolley tool box is featured with a holder for the cord, cable hooks, and other stuff that need to hang. 

What We Like:

  • The handle allows uses to take it out once they do not need it.
  • Coming with top storages, it will provide more space for storing and easy access.
  • Being the product of polypropylene, it is very rough.
  • There is also a cable hook for cord storage too.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is more compatible with light tools.

8. Goplus Stackable Tool box w/Removable Tray

tool box

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Now, we would like to show you one of the best portable toolboxes on the market. Goplus design for the most portability toolbox that meets your need as it comes with detachable features. Like this, you can detach the chest and bottom separately for personal need in case you don’t need many tools while on the go. Withal, both bottom and chest can be attached to the handle and use separately for comfortable and portable.

On top of that, this toolbox comes with two smooth-rolling wheels that allow you to carry around effortlessly and relax your hand. Plus, the wheel itself is capable of rolling even on the grounds, from cement to wood floor, and from stone road to asphalt road.

Goplus toolbox is made with high-quality materials that ensure all your tools will be no damage during traveling. Plus, the box can be used for several years without worry about its quality. To boot, the box is designed to be secured by including the safety lock catch so that you can rest assured. Moreover, each box is ensuring having a large space to stock all of your necessary tools for work.

What We Like:

  • It has a stackable design.
  • You can also remove the tray out.
  • Each box also comes with a secured and safety lock.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike.

7. DEWALT Portable Tool Boxes with Wheels

portable tool box

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You may need some tools with you while on the go, especially during vacation. Thus, the DEWALT toolbox comes with the compact size and maximum space for your essential tools. Like this, you will not need a lot of space for the toolbox. Moreover, it comes with 7” durable wheels that can help to mobilize more smoothly and easy for traveling. 

Besides having the smooth wheels, this toolbox also featured with the handle for more mobilize. To use the handle, you just need to push it back for open and close. Over and above that, thanks to its material of the Anti-Rust metal latches are durable and ensure long-lasting use. More precisely, this toolbox comes with a very reasonable price that you would love to buy it.

What We Like:

  • The size is compact; thus, it is very easy for storing.
  • It comes with large wheels that can mobilize easily and smoothly.
  • The handle can be pushed up and down.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only one box is available, and it might not be enough for those who have a lot of tools to store.

6. BIG RED TRJF-C305ABD Torin Garage Workshop Organizer

tool box

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If you have many different tools to be stored and need a suitable toolbox, then you here on the right spot. The BIG RED toolbox comes with 3 separate parts where each part has plenty of space for your essential tools. Aside, this toolbox design with three different features Top, Middle, and Bottom section. For the top section, you will have an aluminum handle and its storage compartment can be removed and use as a solo toolbox. 

To the middle section, this compartment design with two slides out drawers that help you to lift and carry it easily. And the bottom section, you will get the hard-plastic handle with a comfortable grip and two wheels which help you to smooth operation. Therefore, each part can be removed and attached for your personal need. Hence, based on this toolbox size (20.5″ L x 12.6″ W x 28.4″ H), it suitable for garage use.

What We Like:

  • It comes with 3 different top, middle, and bottom sections.
  • Coming with an aluminum handle, it is very durable and easy to push down and up.
  • Moreover, the handle is covered with an ergonomic grip that makes it comfortable to hold.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The whole construction is a bit heavy.

5. Klein Tools Lightweight & Portable Tool Boxes

tool box

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In the top number 5, you will get the toolbox that can be used for multiple purposes. This toolbox is one of the best portable toolboxes out there. It is great for the lunch box and keeping the temperature. In this way, Klein Tools will help you to store all the delicious food and drink with longer cool. Plus, it can load with 18 can of drinks. This is thanks to its main compartment of 17-Quart or 16.1 L that allow the user can load with this great amount.

Over and above that, the lid can be open full 180-degrees so that you can easily access to the stuff inside. Besides, it also can store other stuff such as phone, medicine, keys, napkins, utensils, and anything necessary things for personal use. For safety and durability, this box comes with a lock hasp and no-rust stainless steel hinge. And for more portability, it also comes with a shoulder strap that can be converted to a handle.

What We Like:

  • Besides using it as a box for tool stores, it can also support up to 18 cans of beverage as well.
  • Users will be able to turn the lid up to a 180-degree angle.
  • The hinge is the product of stainless steel which highly resists rusting and corrosion.
  • There is a shoulder strap in which users can use for shoulder carrying.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has no organizer, so you might need to put everything together in a single box.

4. Plano Molding Prolatch Organizers

portable tool box

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Plano Molding design with small rock organizers that help you to organize your small tools and accessories easily. These small rock compartments are divided into four parts so that you can have your tools prepared accordingly based on their categories. What is more, it great for the office, children’s toys, crafting, and more.

For the larger items, this toolbox also designs the top compartment for that. In this way, you can separate all the stuff without having a problem distinguish when you need one of them. To boot, this toolbox comes with a sturdy carry handle so that it helps you to carry around for portability and easy for traveling due to its compact size.

What We Like:

  • It is very portable and lightweight which is good for traveling.
  • You can use it to store other things besides tools.
  • The handle is very sturdy and ergonomic.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has no wheels.

3. Stanley Structural Foam Portable Tool Boxes

tool box

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If you need a toolbox for your garage or on the go toolbox, Stanley will meet your need. This toolbox design to be a professional and heavy-duty box for tools. In this way, Stanley is featuring with water seal which means it resistant to the water so that your tool will definitely safe from rust. Besides, it good for carrying around with small, medium, and large items.

Moreover, the structural foam of this toolbox consists of thermoplastic resin and flake mica that increases structural durability. Like this, you can ensure long-lasting use with Stanley. On top of that, thanks to the portability of half tray that leaves versatility space for the storage of larger items. 

What We Like:

  • It is small, lightweight, and has a lot of parts which is easy for you to organize your tools.
  • Being the product of thermoplastic resin, it is very durable and highly resistant to the weather.
  • It offers a lot of space for storing.

What We Don’t Like:

  • it comes without wheels, so you might always need to handle carrying it.

2. Akro-Mils 14-Inch Plastic Art Supply Storage Box 

tool box

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This is the multiple-use toolbox that suitable for crafts, tools, school & office, hospital, and toys. More precisely, this toolbox is made with high quality and durable as its material used of industrial-grade plastic. Plus, for safety use, this toolbox design with rounded edges. Also, it includes a large lift-out top tray and comfortable handle. For its measurement, this toolbox has 14-Inch x 8-1/8-Inch x 8-1/8-Inch which is large enough to carry along and store at home with limited space. 

Furthermore, the box can be locked with a padlock or a zip tie due to it features a steel latch with an oversized padlock eye. Like this, besides allowing you to use for many purposes, it ensures security to your tools as well. Therefore, having Akro-Mils toolbox, you can store many things for personal needs and business needs plus, the price is so considerable.

What We Like:

  • The white construction is very unique and eye-catching.
  • Using good quality plastic for the construction, it is very durable.
  • The box also features a zip tie and a picklock.
  • It also comes with a try that can be withdrawn.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is more suitable for heavy items.

1. Best Choice Products Portable Tool Boxes

tool box

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Best Choice Products wins as the top #1 product of this article. This product is deserved to win as the top product due to its multiple storage drawers. Thus, it is equipped with one top box drawer, three small drawers, two trays, three large drawers, and one big bottom cabinet. In this way, you can organize the tools accordingly to their size and shape.

Over and above that, the trays and drawers are made to resist and absorb oil. Like this, thanks to its material mat that makes these drawers and tray lined perfectly for storing tools. Besides, for the top unit, it comes with a lock and keys for security after use. Additionally, the detachable function allows you to use each storage separately for personal needs. For more easily mobilize, this toolbox comes with 4 wheels and a side handle.

What We Like:

  • Its red color construction catches so much attention since the first glance.
  • Besides using it at the garage, it can be utilized at the salon.
  • Featuring 4 wheels, it rolls fast and smoothly.
  • It has trays and drawers that are very durable and resistant oils.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can be very heavy.

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Portable Tool Boxes

To make sure you are purchasing one of the best portable toolboxes in 2021, there are times to watch out for. These items help separate the big boys from the pretenders. Here is a list of items you should check before purchasing.

Brand Name of the Product

This is very important as there are top tool brands that have been around a long time. They know the business and they know how to produce quality equipment.

Intended Owner

are you a handyman, a professional, or someone who simply putters around the house? You should buy a portable toolbox that fits your use


what kind of job will you need it for? How many tools will you need to carry in them?


supply trays, extension cord holders, wheels, solid handle, removable trays, and so on

Used Materials

is it made of plastic, metal, aluminum, heavy-duty plastic, or …?

Price of the Product

You can go cheap but that does not mean you are saving money. Some cheap product might not have the ability to hold on to most tools of yours. It might be suitable if you only have small and light items to store. But if your tools are large, heavy-duty, valuable, and require a high level of protection, invest more so that you can save later.


how much protection do you have? It is always a good idea to ask for the warranty. You might not want to waste time and money getting broken products that cannot serve your purposes either. Most of the time, the warranty or returning policy should be applied to all products purchased online. Some might be around 3 months warrant, some offer up to years of warranty. Always ask for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we need a toolbox?

A: That is because it allows you to organize your tools easily and neatly. Thereby, easy for you to find it the next time you need it.

Q: Can the trays on toolboxes be removed?

A: It depends. Some are built-in and some can be removed.

Q: What is the cost of a toolbox on average?

A: The cost of any toolboxes may vary based on its constructed materials, size, storage capacity, wheels or without wheels, and a lot more factors. However, the range can be from $10 to $100, or $100 up to $500.

Some Final Words

Are you considering to get the toolbox for your essential tools? Or are you on the work and need a portable toolbox to bring along with you? No matter you need the toolbox for tag along while on the go or garage use, here we have the best top 10 portable tool boxes for you to review. Check out the feature, size, and price that you’re looking for.

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