Whether you are a professional carpenter, or just enjoy doing home improvements, a capable, durable and sound compound miter saw is an absolute must to own. Due to function, these saw need to be compact, portable and easy to maneuver. Plus, they need to pack a punch, which means have enough power to give smooth, accurate cuts.

All of this, and for many, it needs to be affordable as well. Projects completed using miter saws include anything from picnic tables, outdoor furniture, shelving, bird feeders, to furniture making. If you have your sights set on becoming a woodworker, then owning the best power miter sawis a must have for your workshop.

The Top 10 Power Miter Saws of 2021

Miter saws are those which woodworkers use to cut precise miters, or angles in a variety of materials, such as wood, steel or aluminum. Not only miters, but also precision beveling and square-cutting as well. When you look at a miter saw, you’ll notice that it has a swing arm which tilts, and this gives you the angle of cut you choose. The blade dictates the height of the cut the depth and how fine or coarse the cut, with blades having the most teeth giving you the smoothest cut, and usually are 8, 10 or 12 inches.

As you’ll see, miter saws can come in a variety of styles for different functions, features, different price ranges and capabilities. You can purchase a basic miter saw which you can use for miters and square-cutting, or one with added features where you can both miter and bevel using the same saw.

This variety can actually confound the beginning wood crafter, so we’ve assembled a brief buyers guide along with a review of the best power miter saws on the market today, to help you get going. When you read our buyers guide and reviews, keep in mind what you intend to use your miter saw for.

Table of the Best Power Miter Saws:

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1. WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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The 15 Amp, 5500 RPM WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is an amazing and versatile saw which can complete multiple tasks in one, compact unit weighing in at only 30 pounds. The WEN 70716 can perform beveled, mitered, straight or compound cuts, and do them with efficiency and precision. You’ll never need to switch up in the middle of a project again, as the WEN 70716 can cut bevels from 0 to 45 degrees, and perform up to 52 degree mitered cuts in boards up to 3.25 inches thick.

Features include a 60 tooth carbide tipped saw blade, a dust collection bag, electric brake, lockout power switch, positive stops, 6 foot 5 inch cord, and handy carrying handle. As for the work table, it can hold boards up to 11.5 inches, has 2 support arms, and a hold down clamp. Dimensions for this product is 32 x 24 x 28 inches. for accuracy and smooth cutting power, check out the WEN 70716.

2. DEWALT DWS779 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS779 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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The DEWALT DWS780 12 Inch, Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a handsomely built power saw which is more than capable of handling any home improvement task required of it with its durable 15 Amp 3800 RPM motor. This sliding compound miter saw has an arbor size of 5/8, dual bevel, 12 inch blade diameter, dual horizontal steel rails, cam lock miter handle with detent, stainless steel miter detent plate, and a 6 foot cord.

Features include a dust collection system, keyed blade change, max cutting thickness of 6.75 inches, up to 50 degree left miter cuts, and up to 60 degree miter cuts right, 10 positive stops and weighs in at around 68 pounds. The Cutline Blade Positioning System is exclusive to Dewalt. This system ensures that all of your cuts, whether mitered, beveled or square-cut will be as precise as possible. If you’re in the market for a tough, durable saw for your projects, this is a good one to look at.

3. Hitachi C10FCE2 10-inch Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCE2 10-inch Compound Miter Saw
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The accurate and smooth cutting Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is powered by a 15 Amp motor, light weight, portable miter saw that weighs in at 26.3 pounds. This UL approved miter saw accepts 10 inch blades, does bevels up to 52 degree s to the right or left, 0 to 45 degree bevel to the left, has an electric brake, spindle lock, and a quick release vise.

For your comfort, this model has a horizontal handle that comes with an Elastomer grip to reduce the vibration that comes with sawing. Features include an extended flip fence, expansive table, thumb actuated positive stops, carbon brush access, and even collects saw dust so it does not enter your work room.

4. Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Compound Sliding Miter Saw
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The RAGE 3 by Evolution is a versatile 10 inch, 15 amp compound sliding miter saw, and one that is guaranteed to be able to handle what you ask of it. The RAGE 3 has its own patented Multi-purpose Cutting Technology. With this saw you can comfortably cut wood, plastic, aluminum and steel with its TCT blade, so no need to shy away from doing metal work as it leaves a smooth and cool finish to the steel.

If you are required to make long, angled cuts, simply take advantage of its’ compound tilt and slide mechanism. Features include a hi-torque gearbox, high grade TCT blade, inline handle for lefties or righties, laser guidance system, adjustable cutting depth, quick release vise, spindle lock, electric brake, and weighs in at 39 pounds.

5. Ryobi ZRTS1345L 10 inch Compound Miter Saw

Ryobi ZRTS1345L 10 inch Compound Miter Saw
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This 10 inch compound miter saw by Ryobi gives you a nice 14 amps of power, enough to tackle most jobs with ease, a durable motor which drives at 5000 RPM, dual view bevel scale, and carbide tipped blade. The Ryobi uses an adjustable laser alignment system for accurate cuts, bevel lock knob, and self-retracting lower blade guard.

Stored in the saw you’ll find the blade wrench which you use to remove the blade. Features include: a ‘D’ handle, electric brake, dust bag, work clamp, miter fence, miter lock handle, positive stops, spindle lock button and a switch trigger which ensures no one can use the saw without your permission. The Ryobi miters to 45 degrees left and right.

6. Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw
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The Homecraft H26-260L 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw by Delta is a lightweight, portable and powerful 14 Amp compound miter saw. This saw comes complete with a work clamp, integrated laser and dust collection bag. This 10 inch saw gives a max cut thickness of 12 inches and a max miter cut of 45 degrees, with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Bevels to 47 degrees on the left, 2 x 6 for full bevel, and laser alignment makes for clean and accurate cuts. This saw weighs in at 31 pounds, has a blade arbor of 5/8 inches, and no load speed of 5500 RPM. Features include a dust collection bag, upper and lower blade guards, spindle lock button, electric brake, and trigger switch.

7. Craftsman 7 1/4-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Craftsman 7 1/4-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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The Craftsman 7 1/4-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a single bevel slide miter, CSA listed with a crosscut capacity of 2 x 8 inches. This model comes complete with Laser Trac System with its own on/off switch for accurate cutting, work clamp, 40TCT blade, blade wrench, dust collection bag, and weighs in at 28.66 pounds.

The cord has a reach of 6 feet, carbide tipped blade diameter is 7.25 inches with a 9 Amp motor. Features include a die cast aluminum table, detent base, 5/8 inch arbor, miter index of 0 to 47 degrees right or left, positive stops, trigger switch, positive stop locking lever, bevel scale and hold down latch.

8. Chicago Electric Power Tools 12 inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Chicago Electric Power Tools 12 inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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This 12 inch, double bevel sliding compound miter saw by Chicago Electric Power Tools is designed to give you clean and precise cuts in workpieces up to 13-3/8 inches in width. Driven by a powerful 15 Amp motor, you’ll be able to make accurate cross cuts, bevel and miter cuts with ease.

The laser guide system is activated by a trigger, bevel capacity is 2-1/8 x 13-3/8 inches, speed is 3800 RPM, miter capacity is 1-9/16 x 12-3/16 inches, and miter stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees. This purchase comes complete with a dust collection bag,

9. Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch Sliding Single Bevel Miter Saw

Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch Sliding Single Bevel Miter Saw
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The Delta Shopmaster is an affordable, durable piece of equipment for your workshop, and comes complete with a dust bag, work clamp and integrated laser system with its own on/off switch for precise, clean and smooth cuts. For longer cuts, the Shopmaster has table extensions.

Cutting details include up to 13.5 inches cross cut at 90 degrees, 0 to 45 left miter and 0 to 50 right miter, with mitering capabilities of 45 degrees left and right stops 1, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 degrees. Features for this 25 pound sliding miter saw include: On-board blade wrench, bevel lock knob, upper and lower blade guards, miter scale, positive stops, and fence.

10. Doitpower 15-AMP 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Doitpower 15-AMP 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw
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Doitpower 15 amp, 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a solid piece of equipment, with more than enough power to handle your carpentry and home improvement needs. Rotation speed is 4800 RPMs, which guarantees a smooth cut, arbor is 5/8 of an inch, and cutting depths are as follows: 0 to 90 degrees 2.76 x 5.91 inches; 45 to 90 degrees, 2.76 x 4.33 inches, 0 to 45 degrees 1.57 x 5.91 inches; and 45 x 45 degrees 1.57 x 4.33.

The Doitpower comes with a dust collection bag, blade change wrench, work clamp, laser guide, and extension bars. You get a 0 to 45 degree miter for both right and left angles, convenient LED work light, and the handle is designed to reduce vibrations to lower fatigue. Lightweight and portable at 31 pounds.

Tips on How to Purchase Your Miter Saw

You’ve made the decision to purchase a miter saw, but may find it hard to decide which one is right for you. First and foremost, you have to consider what you want to use your saw for. After all, you don’t wish to purchase a saw that ends up not doing what you want of it, which means it will probably sit in a corner, unused and collecting dust. In our guide below, we’ve attempted to help clear the air by giving you a compact, concise list of items you should look at, and match them to the jobs you have in mind, so you can purchase the right miter saw for your particular needs. In the end, you really want to purchase a miter saw which will grow with you, not one you will outgrow.

Types of Miter Saws

Basic Miter Saw

This is for the homeowner who is not into complex woodworking projects, and searching for an affordable saw to do basic work such as putting up garage shelving. The basic miter saw simply makes cross cuts, or trim, but cannot bevel. This limits you to the type of projects you can build. If you are new to woodworking, this could be considered your ‘entry level’ miter saw.

Sliding Compound

If your projects require to cut wider pieces of material, then you’ll be needing a miter saw with a sliding feature. Here, the saw arm can move up and back, which helps if you have to make longer cuts. It’s important that you always check the specs of sliding miter saw to ensure you’ll obtain the type of cuts you’ll need for your home project or business.

For example, if your projects are large ones, look for a sliding miter that has a large blade and a nice wide cutting capacity. If you are new to shopping for miter saws, remember that a miter saw that does not have a sliding feature is often called a chop or cut off saw.


For those who are invested in doing complex woodworking, such as building furniture, detailed cabinet work or even wood sculpting, the compound miter saw will give you added freedom, especially if you choose one with a double bevel. When you see the word ‘bevel’, it means that you’ll cut an angled bevel, so you’ll be cutting 2 angles at the same time. With the compound miter saw, the head tilts while you cut. A single bevel cuts on one side, whereas a double bevel miter saw will tilt to the right or left.

Dual Compound

The basic design of the dual compound miter saw is the same as the compound. The difference here is that you can tilt the head to both the right and left. So, the dual compound miter saw is useful if you need to cut bevels for any angle.

Lighting or Laser Guide System

Many of todays models offer you the choice to choose a laser, light or even both. Each of these features function to make it easier for you to see your cutting line. Additional features usually up the price of the saw, so if you are not sure whether the LED light or laser guide is right for you, simply read a few reviews to see what people say. Just be aware that you can make accurate cuts without a laser guide or LED light.


The power behind the blade is extremely important, so you’ll want a motor that can handle the tasks at hand. Only choose a miter saw that has a motor between 10 to 15 Amps. RPM, or rotations per minute, will also affect your cut. The higher the RPM, the cleaner and smoother the cut.

Sawdust Collection Feature

Sawdust can be messy for your work area, get in the way of your cutting, and even add to wear and tear on your saw when it enters the saw. Miter saws come with a variety of dust collection systems. Most will come with a dust collection bag, which is fine for some.

However, there are other saws which have a more effective dust collection system. Whichever way you go, know that the quality of the saw comes before the dust system, so just purchase a high quality shop vac to take up the slack.

Additional Features

For most projects, all you’ll need is a basic, sound and solid miter saw from a well-respected manufacturer. However, there are a few added features that some manufacturers add on. They are not necessary, but can improve your work session. For instance, some miter saws have LED lights so you can keep a close look in your line of cut.

Features such as extension arms, work clamps, fences, all work to steady the piece you’re working on so you can concentrate on your cut. Laser guides are also becoming a common feature on miter saws. These lasers simply assist you in keeping an accurate cut. Additional features can bump up the price, so look carefully to see if they are necessary.

Brand Name

We cannot stress this enough. Under no circumstances should purchasing a cheap miter saw be an option. If you are under budget, then please save up until you can purchase a top of the line brand name. You want nothing to go wrong as you cut.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the best power miter saws available for purchase. All of the power miter saws listed come from respect manufacturers which offer you excellent customer service and warranties. When you start shopping for your miter saw, consider the type of projects you’ll need, the specs of each saw and also carefully look at the additional features.

Whereas a light might be nice, you might not really need one, or if you are a beginner it might be wise to look for a more basic, entry level model. Finally, remember to purchase protective gear such as work goggles and heavy duty work gloves, as wood, plastics and metals can cause dust which is harmful to breath, as well as particles which can cause splinters. By carefully examining each factor, we guarantee you’ll end up with the best power miter saw for your needs.

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