Colder months are coming, it can be difficult to find the perfect temperature while you are sleeping. Some people cannot sleep well when the temperature drops too low. You can think of wearing more layers of clothes, or get a thicker blanket, or set up the heater in your house. It sounds like a lot of work to do and it will cost so much money especially with the heater. The primary thing that we all care about the most is a full night’s sleep. It is noted that when we sleep during the night, every part of our body needs to rest in order to reach a good night’s sleep. For this one reason, it’s crucial to make sure that our body can experience the resting stage easily without any interruption. Moreover, we don’t want to end up feeling unrested and try to compensate for sleep another day.

Besides saving energy, managing warming costs is consistently a worry during the cold seasons. By successfully utilizing an electric cover to heat up, you will spare more on energy and you will additionally get a serene night’s rest. Electric Blankets are exceptionally viable warmers, so you normally just need to run one for around 10 to 30 minutes on a normal setting before turning it off. And after that, you can sleep warmly over the night. It’s going to be more convenient if some electric blankets accompany clocks that can be pre-set to turn off.

We wouldn’t suggest having your electric cover on throughout the night, regardless of whether it has an all-night mode.

List of Top Best Rated Electric Blankets in 2021

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10. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Rated Electric Blanket

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Electric Blanket

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Soft heat is designed with a safe and a super soft blanket to provide greater sleeping credit. Be ready for yourself, your husband, and kids to stay out of the chill this cold season ahead. This one will allow you to experience the most comfortable blankets and you might never have one in your house. In order to prove, let’s take a look at its best features.

Soft heat comes with high quality and high technology to ensure the safety of the users. It’s built with a warm low voltage of 25 volts. Along with that, the low-voltage is connected with another supply power functioning similar to the battery. This special function grants the greatest warmth, and safety even if your blanket accidentally gets wet. Moreover, with the king-size of this blanket permits you the full heating from head to toe plus the slim wire in the blanket makes it flexible and comfortable. Additionally, it’s very durable and keeps you out from spending money on other energy. You can sleep warmly and peacefully without an annoying sound. Also, it can automatically turn off in 10 hours in case you leave it on unintentionally.

What We Like:

  • The size is big
  • It’s easy to adjust the temperature
  • Ths blanket and its setting are easy to control
  • It comes with a pre-set turn off

What We Don’t Like:

  • You cannot feel the warmth when you use your hand to touch

9. Bedsure Heated Blanket

Bedsure Heated Blanket

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There is no secret to stay warm and cozy. Bedsure Heated blanket is here to reveal things you need during this chilly season. This electric blanket could bring you warmth everywhere in your house or the office. You can use it in your bed when you sleep at night, and of course, you can use it on the sofa too. When you have it on your body, you will feel the softness that brings you to comfort the whole time. Furthermore, the blanket’s size is big enough with 50X60 inches. It is the best fit for one person, but it’s also capable of two people.

As well as that, it is designed to provide an automatic turn-off function after 2 hours. Likewise, you can just adjust it as you wish from 2 hours, or 4 hours and more. It’s a reason for safety as well that it will not be overheating. This is genuinely safe for you and your family when you want to use it overnight or all day long. You can see that the 24 voltage is low to protect your body from any harm.

What We Like:

  • The color is not easy to get dirty.
  • It is very soft and cozy.
  • This cover works well with most places – be in on the bed or couch.
  • The size is perfect.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You could feel the wires.

8. Sunbeam Velvet Plush Electric Heated

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Electric Heated

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Nothing annoying like the grinding cold weather that can absolutely cut off your sleep. It might sound similar to your case and if you are looking for a solution, Subneam Velvet can help. You now can attach to your bed with this electric blanket to heat up the cold. It’s very useful in the cold season and especially for those who live in colder areas. It’s interesting to know that this blanket is the most well-known on the market. It comes with additional soft and quilted fleece which nicely covers you in warmth well overnight.

Apart from this, this Sunbeam is made from very high quality of 100% polyester. This creates another great function for the blanket to hold the heat perfectly. Besides, with the high technology of Velvet Plush, the blanket is attached with an auto-adjustment feature. There are around 10 heat settings for you to set. And when it reaches the heat level, the 10 hours auto turn off will do its work. Indeed it’s easy to wash and dry with the machine.

What We Like:

  • It is fast to heat up.
  • The big size is suitable for a couple.
  • This cover is warm and soft to touch.
  • The pre-set function is attached.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not offer a lot of color options to choose from.

7. Beautyrest Heated Cover Blanket

Beautyrest Heated Cover Blanket

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It is normal that you are searching for an agreeable and great electric blanket with low voltage settings. You’re on the right spot, the Beautyrest Heated can offer you more than you expected. It looks like a plan so that the blanket is designed with zero electromagnetic radiation. Yes, this is to guarantee your wellbeing. It assists you to remain warm and lay down effortlessly on those cozy winter nights. With its high quality of 100% polyester, the blanket grants a pretty warm space unconditionally.

As well as that, the sweeping highlights delicate and adaptable wires that are unnoticeable and invisible. They are set in a nice size of 12 feet and 6 inches. This is the best length to fit in your king bed and it’s perfect if you’re a couple. Moreover, the blanket gives three warmth settings and a 2-hour auto shut-off clock to guarantee safety and insurance from overheating. The item professes to give restorative help from weakness and hardened muscles. The best part about this item is you will be sparing 20% on your warming bills.

What We Like:

  • It has a high quality of 100% polyester.
  • Using premium-materials, the blanket is very smooth on the touch.
  • There are many colors of choice.
  • It saves the electric bill.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The item is a bit heavy.

6. Degrees of Comfort Rated Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Electric Blankets

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No more fighting with your brothers or sisters for the blanket especially during this chilly season. Purchasing the Degree of comfort today to enable yourself and your siblings to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. This blanket is designed with the skin protected from burning and radiation. The design checked all harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation and the heating progress. It is clearly safe for you as the Degrees of Comfort is certified that it’s 100% UL.

In addition to this, the length design fits well with any bed size of 12.5 feet long. Also, by getting one of these blankets, you can really save your energy bill. There are 20 heating levels to appreciate by using the LCD display controller. Thus, from now on you can turn off your heater, but still, be able to enjoy the warmth. Last but not least, you can wash it with the machine without any concerns by just disconnecting the controller.

What We Like:

  • It is good looking.
  • This cover is comfortable and soft on our bodies.
  • The materials make it easy to control.
  • It gets warm very fast and lasts very long.

What We Don’t Like:

  • 10 hours auto shut off is too long.

5. Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Blanket

Serta | Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Blanket

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Serta is made of inconceivably delicate texture with minimal slim wires to build more warmth dispersion. It includes a protected non-dangerous low voltage innovation, which makes it safe even within the sight of moisture. This is one of the not many electric blankets to have a non-unsafe accreditation. It additionally incorporates a 4-hour auto shut-off function for included safety.

It likewise incorporates a programmed preheat alternative, which ensures that your bed is warm before you move in. You have to turn this component on, and the cover will heat up until it arrives at the preset temperature. Then you can enjoy using the 5 heat settings. Moreover, the material is durable as it is made from 100% polyester. This provides you with a more incredible feeling of coziness. And never forget about the lower price of the electric bill. It is lovable as its lightweight and good size of 50X60 inches for full coverage. You can use it in your bed, sofa, and more.

What We Like:

  • It is lightweight.
  • The cover comes with 4 hours of auto-turn off.
  • It is soft and easy to control.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a bit thin.

4. Biddeford 1003-9052106 Rated Electric Blanket

Biddeford 1003-9052106 Electric Blankets

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You might learn that the electric blanket is ideal for taking off the chill from your mattress before you lay on your bed. Biddeford is the warmest and most lovable electric cover produced using a small mink plush texture on one side and a delicate soft sherpa on the opposite side. As soon as you get the blanket, it will grant you a comfortable and secure feeling.

It permits you to browse 10 warmth settings for the ideal degree of warmth and 10-hour auto shut-off for included safety. This allows you to utilize it to the fullest without stressing over overheating. Moreover, this blanket comes with dual controllers so you can benefit from this function way better. It has king size with several colors to choose from. Likewise, the thin heating wires keep the noise away. Please note that you have to disconnect the controllers before you put your blanket to the washing machine

What We Like:

  • It is king-size.
  • There are more colors to pick.
  • It’s easy to clean.

What We Don’t Like:

  • One of the controllers might not be used.

3. Biddeford 1004-9052106 Rated Electric Blanket

Biddeford 1004-9052106 Electric Blankets

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To ensure that you will spend your money wisely to get a fitting safe rated electric blanket is great. The Biddeford comfy electric heated king grey is made from 100% polyester to provide the best quality and cozy temperature. The knit fleece fabric creates an extra-soft for your blanket. By having this blanket for all of your family members, you will fully enjoy your winter break and appreciate Christmas Eve. It’s noted that the one controller comes with the full size, while the queen and king sides accompany two controllers.

Moreover, with its high technology, the digital controllers have the ability to auto-off plus the 10 levels of temperature settings. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature at any level you like. In addition to the auto-off, its function is crucial to guarantee the security of the users. In some cases, people leave the blanket heats with no time setting. At this point, it’s not to worry anymore because the auto-shutoff will do its work for you while you’re asleep.

What We Like:

  • It has a good size.
  • The product comes with auto-shutoff.
  • It is machine washable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You need to pay close attention to the plugin thing or it does not heat well.

2. Sable Heated Rated Electric Blanket

Sable Heated Blankets

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The feeling of coming home with a chilly bed. You want to give yourself the warm relaxation, but your daily blanket can’t help. Fortunately, a stable heated blanket can handle that for you. First of all, this type is created to ensure safety with its soft and premium fabric. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s skin burn or else as it comes with an overheat protected system. It is probably larger than your current blanket with 72X84 inches, so you can consider getting one instead.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a handy corded controller. It makes it easier to set the temperature from 1-9 to fit your preferences. Besides keeping you safe from overheating, an automatic turn off feature plays another important role in which we all wish to replace the heater. It saves a lot of energy. The high quality of the fabric made it super soft and sophisticated.

What We Like:

  • It is breathable.
  • The cover is very soft and comfortable.
  • It is a long length.
  • The used materials allow for ease of washing.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a bit heavy

1. iTeknic Rated Electric Blanket

iTeknic Heated Blanket

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No more waking up in the middle of the night because the temperature outside is too cold. iTeknic is her to drag the cold away from your bed. With lightweight and softness offers a very cozy and comfortable sleep. It’s originally made from the super-soft flannel. Moreover, the length can generally cover from head to toe, so it’s well set to make your night sleep better. As well as that, its heat ability comes up so fast in just seconds instantly after your plugin. The 10 temperature levels allow you to enjoy and adjust in accordance with the outside temperature.

Too, the big flexible size of this blanket shares with you 50X60 inches. Likewise, iTeknic is attached with auto-off protection. It is ETL certified that its system is safe to automatically shut off in 2 or 3 hours up to your set time. This protects the blanket from overheating and lowers the price of the electric bill. You can either clean by machine or hand after taking off the controller.

What We Like:

  • The blue color makes it look cozy
  • It can be used everywhere
  • It’s fast heating
  • It’s easy to wash

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a bit thin.

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Rated Electric Blanket

Cold weather is approaching. You need to prepare all of the essential materials in advance to get ready for the upcoming winter. Those include having thick jackets, snow boots, as well as a rated electric blanket. In case you are looking for those top best-heated blankets, you need to know a few important factors below.

Temperature Settings

Each manufacturer offers what they deem standard to its customers. However, a good electric blanket should have a wide range of heat settings to ensure it can be used in the coldest of times comfortably. Fabric A good electric blanket should be made of a soft and well-insulating fabric that can maintain heat for a long period as it saves on energy.


The blanket should be easy to wash and maintain. A machine-washable blanket would be less stressful to clean, therefore, ensure it can be machine washed.

Product Certification

The blanket should have passed all the tests and regulations laid down to guarantee its safety. Remember we are using electric power for heating and any faulty would spell disaster – from electric shocks to fires.


The blanket should be able to cover you well, from head to toe without pulling on the ends. Any shorter will leave you exposed to the cold and thus be of no use in the first place from protecting from the cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can we set the timer on a rated electric blanket?

A: The timer can normally be set from 2 to 10 hours long.

Q: Should the heated blanket be thin or thick?

A: If it is too thin, you could really feel the wires inside. Therefore, the thinker, the better.

Q: Are electric heated blankets safe?

A: Even if they are regarded as one of the safe materials to use, uses should also need to use it correctly. The correct procedure includes turning it off completely when you no longer use it. In addition, the user is suggested to use only one rated electric blanket at once. Do not use more than one.


Fall is about to finish so you started to feel the chill air outside. Be ready for the upcoming winter season. We understand that you want to keep your family warm and comfortable, that’s the reason we bring all of these best electric blankets here. You will be satisfied with one of them as its features contain an unforgettable cozy feeling. If you already have one, get it a gift for your kids, parents, friends, and other beloved people for this Christmas. They will feel cozy already when they receive this gift and feel more comfortable when they unbox it and use it at their own beds.

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