Then a robot dog may be an ideal solution. Dogs are great companions but not everyone has the lifestyle to support a live dog. Yet they want a good companion that will not judge them. One way to solve this dilemma is to buy one of the top 10 best robot dog toy in 2021.

Even a robot dog is better than being alone. How do you find one of the top ten robot dog toy in 2021? Simply keep reading. Our review will give you all the information you need to find a new companion for you.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some tips on what to look for when you search.

Table of the Best Robot Dog Toy Reviews:

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1. WowWee Chippies Robot Dog

WowWee Chippies Robot Dog
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One thing about this blue robot dog, it comes pre-trained. You do not have to take tie out of your busy schedule to train it to do tricks. All you need to do is pet its head and it will respond in different ways.

Then, you can use the remote control to make it roll over, sit up sing or whatever is programmed into it. But that is not all. Its chip will allow it to work with other robot dogs as well as explore or guard your home.
The built-in sensors help make this robot toy act like a real dog.

2. Hi-Tech Robot Interactive Puppy

Hi-Tech Robot Interactive Puppy
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A wireless remote control brings all the dog like action out of this robot toy dog. The range of the remote control extends to 50 feet. It has 3 modes. First, it has standby which lets it sleep while waiting for a command.

Second, it will dance and sing and third, it can be used to help little children learn the alphabet and numbers. Designed for children ages 2 to 7, it will still work for older adults who need a little companion.

The rechargeable battery will help you save a little money as well. A USB charger is included in the package.

3. Zoomer Zupps – Tiny Pups

Zoomer Zupps - Tiny Pups
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The big dog eyes are hard to resist, even on a robot toy dog. This robot dog loves to be petted and eventually, it will bark out ‘I love you’. Also, if you press its nose it will provide a puppy response.

There are a variety of these robot puppies and each one has their own individual secret trick.

When you purchase one, you get your very own collector’s card. One drawback is that these puppies do not move on their own. You need to help them work their wheeled paws.

They also run on 3 LR44 batteries which are included. Made for kids who love dogs.

4. WEoffer whatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog

WEoffer whatYOUwant Electronic Pet Dog
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It already has a name o you do not need to worry about labeling it. This robot dog stands 7 inches by 6 inches and is powered by 3 AA batteries which are included. Its bump and go feature means it will not stop having fun when it runs into an obstacle.

Also, it responds to your touch in different ways and when you touch different parts of its body. It works best on smooth surfaces and loves to chase your kids. A 30-second auto-shutoff feature preserves the batteries.

This robot dog toy has a menu of features that make it fun and interesting for kids of all ages.

5. Ranibow Chara Smart Dancing Robot Dog

Ranibow Chara Smart Dancing Robot Dog
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This black, pin and white robot dog has flashing lights and makes different sounds. Music accompanies the flashing lights and will turn itself around when it bumps into objects. A universal wheel helps move it from place to place.

It will wag its tail, legs, and head as it acts like a real dog. Made from non-toxic ABS plastic this robot has no sharp edges to hurt your child. Along with music, it will sing and dance as it entertains your child for hours.

Measuring 8 x 7 x 5 inches, 3 AA batteries, not included, power this robot dog toy.

6. PLRB Smart Robot Dog

PLRB Smart Robot Dog
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Designed after those lovable dalmations, this robot dog toy is operated by remote control. Its LED eyes will display the alphabet and numbers to help your child learn the basics. They will also display other images as well.

A host of tricks are programmed into this robot dog including walking, dancing, singing and much more. The battery operated remote controlled robot has buttons for its special features. But it only has a range of approx. 30 feet.

Rechargeable batteries are included for this interactive robot dog toy. It takes about an hour to recharge them. Batteries for the remote control are not included.

7. Haite Toys RC Smart Dog

Haite Toys RC Smart Dog
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This robot dog is made from food grade plastic for safety and to be environmentally friendly. It too will display the alphabet and numbers in its LED eyes through its study mode.

The robot dog’s paws are attached to wheels for easy movement along your floors. It will sing, dance, walk and do other basic real dog movements. Operated by a battery powered remote control, you have a button for just about every task this robot dog does.

A USB charger is included as are the rechargeable batteries for the robot dog. Batteries are not included for the remote control.

8. Zoomer – Show Pony

Zoomer - Show Pony
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There are a lot of young girls out there dreaming of owning their own pony. Now they can with this robot pony toy. Her pink and white mane and tail can be styled by your little girl. Plus, she can train it to do tricks.

The accessories come with a sugar cube and other food to feed the pony when it is successful. Or when it gets a little hungry. It will make different pony sounds when you touch it and the eyes will light up as well.

This pony runs on 4 AA batteries which are not included in the package.

9. Zoomer Zupps Safari Pink Zebra

Zoomer Zupps Safari Pink Zebra
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Who says that robot animal toys just have to be dogs? This cute little zebra is breaking the mold as it brings interactive fun to your child’s play time. The zebra will make sounds, have its eyes light up and uses sensors to move about.

If you press its nose, it will make its sounds and may even whimper if left alone. The instruction manual will show you how to access all of its tricks and sounds. Plus, it may even show you how to get the zebra to do its secret trick.

The 3 CR123A batteries are included so your child can have fun right out of the box.

10. Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Puppy
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This attractive brown and white dog moves on wheels and has moveable joints for more fun. Made from plastic, this robot dog has a barrel full of tricks to display. You can use this robot to teach your child how to properly train dogs.

It will learn how to sit, speak, roll over, shake a paw, lay down and more. Plus, you can use English, French, and Spanish when speaking to it. The robot dog understands them all.

The robot dog toy comes with a USB charger and a battery. A good belly rub always goes over well even with robot dogs.

Our Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing wrong with getting a few tips on what to look for when searching for a new toy. Robot dog toys all have unique features that make them stand out. Here are a few tips to help your search:

  • Construction materials – What are they made of? Are the materials safe for children and the environment?
  • Batteries – Are they rechargeable? Are they included? How many do you need?
  • Features – do they have a study mode or not? Are they trainable? Do the eyes light up and more/
  • Accessories – what can they do? What do they bring with them? Are they remote controlled? Do you need batteries for the controller?
  • Purpose – will they fit the reason why you are buying it? Will they make a good companion?
  • Warranty – What is or isn’t covered? How long is the robot dog toy covered?
  • Price – money is always a concern. Just make sure it won’t break the bank.

Some Final Words

While it may not be feasible to adopt a real dog, a robot dog may be the answer. These robot dogs can be used to prepare your child for a real one. Purchasing one of the top 10 best robot dog toy in 2021 can be a smart move.

Preparing your child for the real thing is a great parental teaching moment. Using robot dogs will save the real dog a lot of stress and pain. Considering buying one of the top 10 best robot dog toy in 2021 is a strong step forward.

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