What happens when you want a practical solution for improving your rock climbing performance? Well, introducing the Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women. These shoes come with various design features which make them perfect for improved performance. A good climbing shoe is comfortable, durable, simple to wear, ventilated and more. We considered these features when preparing these best rock climbing shoes reviews. Also, we have also prepared a basic rock climbing shoes buyers guide to help you in making informed choices.

Table of The Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women

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1. Evolv Nikita Shoe – Women’s

Evolv Nikita Shoe - Women's
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Discover the excellence of the Evolv Nikita Climbing shoe that is made of high-quality leather. This provides tremendous shoe value, and it also comes with an arch supported midsole structure. In particular, the midsole is a full-length unit that is made using durable polythene for optimal support, and it can last through various applications. For comfort, this shoe comes with a breathable and soft structure for the best performance.

2. Scarpa Women’s Helix Shoe

Scarpa Women's Helix Shoe
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Experience the superior quality of the Scarpa Women’s Helix Climbing shoe that comes with synthetic leather for the best performance. The inclusion of the passive rubber and provides improved performance and added foot protection. This Shoe also offers incredible comfort at almost any level. The shoe comes with a rubber rand that provides optimal performance regardless of the condition. Whether its indoor training or all-around climbing, this shoe is perfect. The shoe also has an appealing design to make it perfect for your casual wear.

3. La Sportiva Mythos Shoe – Women’s

La Sportiva Mythos Shoe - Women's
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The La Sportiva Mythos Climbing shoe is made using leather and synthetic material. As a result, this best climbing shoe is both comfortable and durable at the same time. It also comes with a patented lacing system that ensures a locked-down fit. Users will also appreciate the unlined upper stretches that can accommodate almost any type of user’s foot. The full Vibram rubber rand coverage ensures optimal sticky protection for your needs.

4. Scarpa Women’s Reflex Shoe

Scarpa Women's Reflex Shoe
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Take your shoe collection to the next level with the Scarpa Women’s Reflex Climbing Shoe. It comes with a unique suede construction and with a rubber sole to match your performance needs. In fact, the unique sued upper construction offers optimal durability and comfort for your needs. This shoe also has a unique hook and loop closure that ensure easy on and off access. It is also comfortable, and it comes with practical design features for the best results.

5. SCARPA Women’s Origin Wmn Shoe

SCARPA Women's Origin Wmn Shoe
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Experience the best of climbing shoes by considering the Scarpas Womens Origin Climbing shoe. It has a passive randing that ensures classic performance, and it’s also comfortable for various applications. The shoe has a flat lasted construction that provides all-day comfort and the best performance results. With its dual-strap closure, this shoe makes it easy to adjust the average size. The appealing design also makes it an appealing addition to your casual wear.

6. La Sportiva Miura VS Shoe – Women’s

La Sportiva Miura VS Shoe - Women's
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Make a good impression with your shoe collection by investing in the La Sportive Miura climbing shoe. This shoe comes with an easy to use hook and loop closure system. This provides simple easy on and off for optimal user convenience. This shoe also has a sticky rubber outsole that offers optimal user comfort regardless of the condition of use. With its unlined design under the foot, this shoe provides optimal sensitivity on micro edges and the smears.

7. La Sportiva Finale Shoe – Women’s

La Sportiva Finale Shoe - Women's
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Life is all about making good decisions. The La Sportive Finale Climbing shoe is one such example and it has been designed to provide various benefits. It comprises of unlimited leather uppers that ensure a comfortable fit at all times. Additionally, this shoe has a tensioned heel and powerhouse for high end edging performance. The unique rubber outsole construction makes this shoe perfect for rock climbing applications. The shoe is also durable and with unique lace structure for added convenience.

8. La Sportiva Solution Athletic Shoe – Womens

La Sportiva Solution Athletic Shoe - Womens
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With the La Sportive solution athletic sneaker climbing shoe, you can experience the best rock climbing performance. This shoe comes with a unique P3 permanent power platform that can retain the downturn shape for long-lasting performance benefits. In addition, this shoe has a patented lock harness system that offers optimal support and a secure fit. The molded 3D heel cup accommodates to the structure of the feet and with a highly adjustable face lacing system.

9. Butora Endeavor Tight Fit Shoe – Women’s

Butora Endeavor Tight Fit Shoe - Women's
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Butora is one of the leading names when it comes to rock climbing solutions. The Butora Endeavor Climbing shoe is one such example and it comprises of 100% organic hemp for odor resisting benefits. More so, it also has a moisture-wicking split leather footbed for comfort and for custom fit. Additionally, the 3D injection molded full lengths variable thickness provides precision edging. The interior of the shoe is also comfortable and suitable for casual wear.
10.Evolv Elektra Shoe – Women’s

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With the Evolv Elektra Climbing shoe, you can be able to meet all your rock climbing goals. This shoe comes with a new upper material construction for a steel feel and for durable performance benefits. Additional, the shoe has a durable outsole design to make it perfect for any type of terrain. The unique lace-up construction also make it simple to wear and it the interior is comfortable as well.

Buyers guide

Rock climbing shoes are by far one the most important aspects for any savvy rock climber. In fact, there is a strong co-relation in between your performance and the quality of your shoe. When choosing these shoes, consider the following:

Shoe type – choose in between moderate, aggressive and moderate shoes. This depends on the type of climbing you want to perform

Shoe features – various features such as laces, straps, linings, and rubber play a major role in the performance of the use

Shoe fit – for the best performance, the shoe should provide a snug fit without causing any blisters or discomfort during the climbing procedure. Achieving the right fit will make it easy for you to climb longer and harder

Shoe Type

Neutral: This shoe type is perfect for all-day comfort. Most of these shoes have been designed to ensure the toes life flat inside the shoe. Since these shoes are comfortable, they tend to be excellent choices for beginner climbers. That said, they are also perfect for experienced climbers who want comfortable solutions for their needs.

Moderate: The moderate shoes are distinguished by the unique downturn shape, otherwise referred to as a camber. This makes them perfect shoes for technical climbing and all-purpose shoes can be used for various applications. Some of them including slab routes, crack climbs and overhung sports routes.

Aggressive: The aggressive shoes come with downturned toes, and various heel tension features to place your shoe in a reliable position. In most cases, the aggressive shoes come with an asymmetric shape that sometimes curves toward the big toe. This does well to focus the power over the toe for optimal placement benefits on any hold. Since these shoes have a snug fit and a downturned shape, climbers

Shoe Last

The last refers to a unique foot-shaped model which is used to build the shoe. It is often designed to give the shoes a unique height and instep volume. Most rock climbing shoes come with slip lasted features, which are perfect for your needs.

Slip lasted– this refers to rock climbing shoes that are sensitive and less stiff than the board lasted versions. These shoes often don’t have an insole, and their stiffness is based on the midsole structure.

Board lasted– these types often tend to be stiffer than the slip-lasted versions. They often don’t provide optimal sensitivity though they are more comfortable. This makes them perfect for all day applications and more. The last also plays a major role in the shape of the shoe.

Last construction

The last also plays an essential role in the shape of the shoe. The three main ones include
Straight- these shoes are developed around a straight last, which are sometimes designed to provide a relaxed fit for optimal comfort. They are often perfect for long days of climbing and with powerful features to match

Asymmetric– this shape positions the longest point close to the big toe. This provides improved performance on the inside edge, and it offers a single point of contact.

Downturned– otherwise referred to as cambered, this last shape tends to bend toward the toes. It is located in the aggressive and moderate shoes, which are designed for various climbing performance benefits.


Finally, when it comes to choosing practical solutions for outdoor activities, it important to make good decisions. This is why we have prepared the best rock climbing shoes for women reviews for your needs. In particular, these shoes are designed to improve your rock climbing performance by being comfortable and durable as well.

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