Those who enjoy experiencing the thrill of the great outdoors often realize that while camping or off road driving are indeed, exhilarating experiences, they can also leave you sweaty, hot and a little dirty at times. That’s why it’s good to know that you have the option of cleaning up, using the restroom or changing clothes in your very own portable, pop-up privacy tent. These pop up shower/changing tents can be taken to the beach, concerts or even be used as a changing room in outdoor market places or bazaars. These tents are easy to use, with most coming completely assembled and designed to pop up within seconds. Once you’re done with them, they can be quickly folded down, and stored in their convenient tote bags.

Best Shower Tents

Let’s face it, using public toilet facilities on park, camping, beach or event grounds can be pretty frightening. These facilities are often filthy with no soap or towels or toilet paper. When you purchase a shower tent, you control the sanitation, and you’ll never have to be concerned about germs or disease from overused toilet facilities. Also, remember many parks and recreational facilities do not allow you to wash in lakes or streams, as soaps and shampoos can be harmful to aquatic life.

By purchasing your very own shower/changing tent, you avoid all the unpleasantness of public facilities, and can actually relax and enjoy your surroundings. Below, we’ve compiled our top 10 best shower tents in 2021 reviews and buyers guide to assist you in your quest. Each of these products come from trusted companies, so the only thing you’ll need to be concerned of is finding the right model for your needs.

Table of the Best Shower Tents:

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1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent
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When you’re out in the wilderness, and need that little bit of extra privacy to change clothes or grab a quick shower, then the 47.2 x 47.2 x 74.8 inch, WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent is for you. This pop-up tent is easy to setup within seconds, simply pop it up, and stake it into the ground using each of the 4 stakes. The top of the WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent is made with a breezy, mesh material which helps air circulate, and the front door zips up for an added bit of privacy. You also get a mesh side window and a waterproof, large interior pocket to store your valuables, such as smartphone, cash, radios, or jewelry and watches. This practical, multi-purpose, pop-up shower tent is crafted from high quality taffeta polyester with a durable, rust resistant steel frame. Purchase includes the tent, 4 ground stakes and a tote bag.


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2. WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent

WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent
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If you are into taking summer road trips, camping, off road driving, or enjoying weekend concerts, then you might find the Utilitent by Wolfwise very useful, indeed. With this lightweight Utilitent, you can set it up within seconds, to use as a changing room, shower room or to use the toilet. Totally durable, this 47 x 47 x 75 inch tent. is constructed from 191-D, weatherproof, UV resistant, nylon polyester tent supported by durable steel frame. Simply step through the front opening, and zip the door shut. This Utilitent is well ventilated, with a top made from tough, mesh material, as well as a side window opening. If it starts to rain, simply apply the waterproof rain cover. This Utilitent comes with a removable floor cover for you to stand on, if you need to. If you are changing at the beach, and need someplace to hang your wet suit, simply use the built-in clothesline for the suit, and the convenient integrated bag to store jewelry, watches, phones or other paraphernalia. Your purchase includes the tent, floor mat, rain fly, tote bag and steel frame.


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3. WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent Double Door

WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent Double Door
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Looking for a Utilitent that has a bit more room? If so, then take a look at the WolfWise Pop Up Utilitent with the zippered, double ‘D’ shaped doors. This Utilitent might be larger than single ones, but it is still just as easy to pop-up, so you can easily change your clothes, shower, or use the restroom. The durable, weather resistant material is UV coated, weather resistant, and measures 78.5 x 47 x 94 inches, and weighs in at lightweight 11 pounds. Other features include an easy to remove floor, rainfly and sturdy tote bag. To eliminate stuffiness, there are 2 mesh windows and mesh roof ventilation. The interior has comes with a lining which further protects you from UV rays, and gives extra privacy, as well as integrated storage bags, and clothesline. If you so choose, you may also separate this double Utilitent into 2 separate shower tents.


4. Terra Hiker Portable Privacy Tent

Terra Hiker Portable Privacy Tent
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The 47.2 x 47.2 x 77.2 inch, 4 pound, Terra Hiker Portable Privacy Tent is a versatile, durable bit of equipment which will work well for road trips, camping, trips to the beach or long concert weekends. It comes with its very own storage, tote bag so you can quickly fold it down, and pack it away after use. This privacy tent is made from a weather resistant, polyester fabric and held up with a steel frame. You also get 4 mounting stakes in case you would like to keep it up for a while. Ventilation is provided by a mesh side window, privacy is ensured with a zippered door, and the interior contains a handy storage pouch for valuables, small equipment, and trinkets.


5. OZARK 2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent

OZARK 2-Room Non-Instant Shower Tent
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The Ozark Shower Tent is just made for serious outdoor adventurers who plan on spending a bit of time out in the country. This Ozark Shower Tent is a spacious, 2 room tent that also comes with a 5 gallon, solar heated shower, along with an easy to remove rainfly. Water will always be nice and warm, as this 5 gallon shower gets its warmth from the sun. This large, shower tent comes with a separate area to keep your items dry as you shower. Features for this model include mesh panels for ventilation, 2 windows, towel rack, and a bag for essentials. Made from durable polyester, the walls are coated with silver aluminum to ensure complete privacy while showering. This tent is 7 feet long, 3.5 feet wide and 84 inches high, and includes 12 steel ground stakes to keep your tent stable in windy conditions.


6. WolfWise Portable Camping Beach Toilet Pop Up Tents

WolfWise Portable Camping Beach Toilet Pop Up Tents
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While you might enjoy ‘roughing it’, there is a huge chance that your guests might not. So it makes sense to always keep a WolfWise Portable Camping Pop Up Tent on hand for your adventures. This 47 x 47 x 75 inch tent is made with a durable, weatherproof 191-D raffeta nylon polyester fabric, coated by a UV protectant, and supported by a strong, steel frame. Once you enter the zippered door, you’ll be able to place your valuables in the convenient pouch and use the toilet, shower or change with ease, hanging any bits of clothing on the built-in clothesline. Designed for comfort, it has a mesh roof and zippered, mesh side window for circulation.


7. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room
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If you are looking for something inexpensive, quick with little features, then this could work for you. GigaTent’s Pop Up Pod is an affordable, basic, and easy to use changing room which you’ll be able to set up withing seconds, whenever you need. This changing tent is made out of durable Polyester, with features that include 2 double-sided zipper pulls, nylon loops for stakes, stakes, and enclosed top. This basic changing tent measures 47 x 47 x 75 inches, has no windows, no interior pockets or clothesline, and comes with integrated sand bags for those of you who may wish to weigh it down.


8. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent
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If standard sized pop up, changing tents are just a bit too snug for you, then check out this Xtra Wide Privacy Tent by Lightspeed Outdoors. Setup is a snap with this privacy tent, with it’s dual zippered door, 800mm polyurethane coated, 190T polyester fabric. Inside, you’ll have an integrated clothes line for clothing or towels, and convenient holding pockets for your valuables and trinkets. This model even has an integrated shelf in case you decide to purchase a solar shower. so you can use this as a shower on a hot day. Circulation is provided by 2 mesh top windows. The base is 5′ x 5′, and the height is 6.75 feet high. Your purchase includes ground stakes, durable removable floor, tote bag and guylines.


9. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower
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This easy to setup and take down, outdoor portable pop-up privacy shower, is a roomy 4′.6″ x 4′.6″ and 87 inches tall, giving you plenty of room to shower in peace and privacy. Stepping through the ‘D’ shaped door, to the interior, you get the convenience of a durable mesh shower rack. This outdoor camping shower comes with a 5 gallon, solar shower bag, and is made from tough, weather resistant polyurethane coated taffeta fabric, with an easy to remove ‘rip-top’ polyethylene floor to stand on. The tent is supported by durable steel pole frame, with ventilation provided by 2 ‘no-see-um’ mesh windows, and 4 ‘no-see-um’ mesh roof panels. Purchase includes ground stakes and a convenient tote bag.


10. TMS Portable Pop up Changing Tent

TMS Portable Pop up Changing Tent
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If all you need is a basic, affordable, outdoor changing room, then this is a good choice for you. The TMS Portable Pop Up Tent is a nicely made camping, beach, concert beach changing room, outdoor toilet or outdoor shower. This 40 x 40 x 75 inch collapsible privacy tent is made with water resistant polyester, has a bottomless design, comes with 4 ground stakes, and is held up by a pliable steel frame. Enter through a good sized, zippered front door, and enjoy a private place to change at the beach or campground. Though it can be used as a toilet, or to wash up in, it is not strong enough to support a shower bag.


Tips on How to Choose the Best Outdoor

Shower Tent

After reading our shower tent review, it’s now time to look at our buyers guide for some hints to help you choose which tent will suit your needs best. Important considerations are size, materials, ventilation as well as versatility. For instance, while you may only need a shower tent to fit one person, you may also be thinking of using it as a stand up closet for your basement, utility or laundry room.


First, consider what you’ll be using your pop-up shower tent for, as the purpose will determine the features you need, as well as overall cost. While most campers will be looking for one as a shower area, others will be using it as a changing area for outdoor bazaars/craft shows, where individuals can try on clothes before purchase. Still others purchase these inexpensive tents for temporary storage of camping equipment when enjoying the great outdoors. If you are searching for one to use in your back yard, poolside as a changing room, then a basic, small model will do. These also work very well for those who enjoy sitting out in their yard late at night, as they place their lawn chair inside, and relax, enjoying the summer breeze in privacy. Remember, when not needed for camping, you may also set it up in your basement as a temporary closet for clothing and other goods.


You are choosing this tent so that you will be able to change, use the restroom, or shower in comfort and privacy. If you select a cheaply made tent, you risk that the material will be slightly translucent. Look for a fabric that is opaque, even in direct light. For added privacy, look for any outdoor shower tents which have a silver/aluminum lining. Also, select a waterproof, durable fabric such as polyurethane which can withstand any rain, and also come with a UV protectant coating.


Make certain that you’ll have the proper amount of privacy when you shower, or use the restroom. If you choose a pop-up shower tent that is too small for you, it will be difficult to use, or you’ll be forced to leave the door unzipped. If you intend to use one of these tents as a low cost, easy to carry tent you can also sleep in, then look for one that is a double sized. As many of these double tents are 6 to 7 feet long, they will give you a nice area to not only stand up and dress, but also lay down in your sleeping bag. Also, consider the overall weight. If you are hiking, you probably want to find the lightest shower tent available.


Without proper ventilation, changing your clothes, showering or using the restroom will be uncomfortable, warm and stuffy. Look for a changing tent that has at least one mesh side window and a mesh top. Beware, that the cheap models often have no windows or ventilation available.

Open Bottom or Removable Flooring

There are shower tents which are designed with an open bottom. This lets any water run out without building up. Simply purchase a bath mat for you to stand on. If you’d prefer a full bottom floor, then look for a model that has a removable, tarp shower floor.

Interior Amenities

If you intend to use it as a full shower/changing area, the look for a shower tent that is made with integrated storage bags, shelves, hooks, mesh shower racks and/or clotheslines. While The fabric storage bags and/or mesh shower racks are useful for holding shampoos, soaps, cell phones or watches.the hooks and shelves will be necessary if you intend on purchasing a solar water bag. If more space is what you crave, then purchase a double sized shower tent, which will give you space for a changing area as well.

Additional Features

Shower tents have a basic function, as well as a very simple design. However, there are some features which may influence you to select one tent over another. The first consideration is zipper quality. When you read customer reviews, and product descriptions, look for one that has a zipper with double side pulls and is easy to open and close. Another consideration is stability. Some of these tents come with ground stakes, while others have sand bags. Which ever way you go, it’s good to choose a model that offers you the option to keep your tent securely held to the ground, especially if the winds kick up.


Purchasing your own portable shower/changing tent is a simple matter. Once you realize what you intend to use it for, you’ll get a good idea on the features you’ll need. Also, remember that these tents are very versatile. They just don’t sit around in your closet when not camping. You can use them for an outdoor play area for kids, a changing room by the pool, or even set them up year round in your basement for extra storage space for clothing, odds and ends. Some like the Gigatent are very basic, while others like the Ozark, are tough and durable with added room. Which ever you choose, we hope ourTop 10 Best Shower Tents & Buyer’s Guide helped you decide just what it is you need, and that you’re well on your way to experience some well-earned camping fun!

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