Skateboards are widely used by people for performing street stunts, for travelling, and enjoying recreation. People would have called you crazy if you commute to your workplace on a skateboard a few years back. This ideology has turned totally out of the track because of the increasing mess of traffic in cities.

Video games on computer and smartphones have added a little to the joy than increasing the health risks. On the other hand, skateboards require you to move and maintain a balance in all of your body parts. Technology has spread its wings over the skateboards by turning a conventional skateboard into a powerful electric motor driven skateboard. But this does not change the joy you can have on driving it.

To get the best out for the skateboards we have curated this list of the best skateboards in 2021. Also, you will find a buyer’s guide that will help you to get the best product.

Table of The Best Skateboards:

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1. Action Blink S2 with Bluetooth Remote Control

 Action Blink S2 with Bluetooth Remote Control
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Our list of the most powerful skateboards starts with the Action Blink S2 which is certainly the best among all the skateboards available in the market. Ride without a bit of hesitance for over 14 miles on a single charge. This ensures that you do not lose the joy of quickly. In just 1.5 hours the Li-ion battery gets fully charged to deliver an amazing riding experience. For great riding convenience and comfort, the skateboard has 3 riding modes and you can even ride it on a 20% inclination. Powerful dual hub motors ensure that the skateboard has a gradual acceleration and braking. Not just this, connecting this skateboard to your smartphone through the Bluetooth lets you log your miles, record your routes and adventures. With a top speed of 20mph, you can be sure to get the best from this skateboard.

2. Maxfind Electric Skateboard, (38-inch)

 Maxfind Electric Skateboard, (38-inch)
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Durability and lightweight body is the speciality of this skateboard. With a weight of just 12 lbs, this 38-inch long electric skateboard is great for taking with you on all your outdoor trips. It’s dual 500W brushless motor ensures that you find the premium joy of riding anywhere. To retain your joy for a long time this skateboard is powered by a 36V heavy-duty Li-ion battery that easily takes this board to an optimum speed of 17mph. A single charge can take this skateboard for 7 miles. For an extra level of safety, this skateboard is equipped with LED lights. This makes it easy for you to ride even at the night. 2 riding mode offers safe and comfortable riding experience. Polyurethane wheels make this skateboard durable for long-time use. Made of Canadian maple deck flex improves stability for using around the year.

3. Buffalo F Electric Skateboard, 39inch Single/Dual Motor Remote Controlled Electric Longboard

 Buffalo F Electric Skateboard, 39inch Single/Dual Motor Remote Controlled Electric Longboard
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Featuring ultimate stability while riding this is one of the most powerful skateboards available in the market. Powered by a 2400W motor the size of this longboard is 39-inch. Now you can travel faster at an optimum speed of 25km per hour. It operates on 3 riding modes namely 40km/hr on the Advanced mode, 20km/hr on the cruise mode and 18km/hr in the cruise mode. The skateboard is made from 4 layers of bamboo material and 4 layers of fibreglass help the rider to have more traction while riding. It also makes the skateboard durable and sturdy. Durable PU wheels are water-proof, dust-proof and have a shock-absorbing capacity. Not to worry about anything when you purchase this skateboard as the manufacturer provides a full 6 months of free maintenance and replacement of accessories.

4. Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard

Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard
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If you are looking for a skateboard with assured quality and design then, this one is perfect for you. Having a full 1-year warranty, this product is free from any defects in material and workmanship. A dual 35W motor can run with ease at a maximum load of 220lbs. Heavy duty construction made of 6 layers of maple and 1 layer of bamboo ensures a strong base of this longboard. In just a charging of 2 hours, you can enjoy a 15miles drive. You can drive on either the slow at a speed of 6.2 mph and enjoy the ride for a long time or you can turn on to a high-speed mode that runs at 12.4mph for a full-speed ride.

5. Logisys Lithium-Ion Battery Skateboard with Hand-Held Remote Control

Logisys Lithium-Ion Battery Skateboard with Hand-Held Remote Control
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Enjoy your ride on this fantastic and attractive skateboard. Powered by a 250W motor you can control this skateboard with the help of a remote control. A wheel size of 90mm offers a great stability to the skateboard. Apart from all these things, the speciality of this skateboard is its speed. This skateboard can reach a maximum speed of 25mph making it convenient for you to enjoy the ride to the full. With a single charge, you can drive this board for 12 miles. 8-ply Canadian Maple construction provides an extensive gripping for your feet.

6. Seven Skate SEVDEKTIGE Skateboard-Grey/Yellow- Tiger Motif

Seven Skate SEVDEKTIGE Skateboard-Grey/Yellow- Tiger Motif
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Featuring an attractive design and cool colors, this skateboard offers the optimum comfort and joy for skateboarders. Seven Skate offers a great experience for the young generation of skate lovers providing many attractive skateboards. A size of 7.8 inches this board has a yellow and grey print of Tiger Motif. This skateboard comes completely assembled with axles and wheels so that you can start using it right after you take it off the box. Superfast wheels made of urethane maintain a proper balance and stability giving you a smooth riding experience.

7. EPIKGO Electric Longboard Skateboard with Dual-Motor Smart Skateboards

 EPIKGO Electric Longboard Skateboard with Dual-Motor Smart Skateboards
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A sleek and slim design is the speciality of this longboard. At an impressive weight of 16.5lbs, this skateboard is designed with a 7 ply layer of premium quality bamboo frame. This offers a lightweight and durable construction that lasts long. With solid polyurethane tyres and a high-quality battery, you can drive this skateboard for over 10 miles once fully charged. Featuring two modes of drive gives you an excellent control over the skateboard that can be controlled with a wireless remote control. To make your ride safe and comfortable this skateboard is equipped with intelligent sensors that prevent electric shortages, notifies you power braking awareness, and gives speed control options.

8. Catwalk Electric Skateboard, 35inches

 Catwalk Electric Skateboard, 35inches
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Catwalk presents the smooth and safe ride with this 35-inch skateboard with agile control over acceleration and braking. Get a full-control over the longboard with a wireless remote control that helps you to change the directions of the longboard for a great riding experience. Apart from this, a high-capacity battery of 4400mAH ensures that charging this skateboard for about 2hrs makes it fully efficient to take on a ride of about 15-20kms. The floor of this skateboard is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood for a firm grip and stability. A heavy-duty premium quality dual brush motors of 400W can ride this skateboard at a top speed of 21.7mph.

9. Bustin Boards NOMAD (Complete)

Bustin Boards NOMAD (Complete)
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Our list of the best skateboards in 2021 would have been incomplete without this skateboard featuring stunning design. If you want to buy a skateboard for your young ones, then this one is perfect for you. Designed with symmetrical shape, this skateboard exhibits the alluring workmanship behind the product. A total length of 36.35inch and a width of 9.01inches make it perfect for the rider to drive with ultimate stability and control. Made of a heavy-duty bamboo construction from two unique species of sustainably harvested Bamboo this skateboard is the best gift for your loved ones.

10. Fitnessclub Electric Longboard

Fitnessclub Electric Longboard
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Fitnessclub is a well-known name among the skateboard manufacturers. It features a powerful dual motor of 400W each. The two-speed modes give you a great control over the skateboard for driving on various surfaces and gain the optimum benefits from it. With a travelling range of 9-12.5 miles, this skateboard is equipped with a 36V Li-ion battery pack that is fully charged within 2 hours. The best part of this skateboard is its wireless remote that lets you control the brakes, speed switching, indicates battery level and easy forward option. Made of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood ensures a heavy-duty construction providing durability to the longboard.

Guide to Buying the Best Skateboard

Board Material: This is an important aspect to you should consider when you think of buying a skateboard. It would be better to prefer a frame made of multiple layers of wood, preferably Canadian maple which is a durable and lightweight material used for making skateboards.

Wheels: This part of the skateboard is significant for a safe and comfort rich ride. When your skateboard has heavy-duty wheels it makes it easy for you to ride it on a wide variety of surfaces. Also, these wheels sustain you whole weight so they should be sturdy. For the most of the part wheels made of polyurethane material offers a great amount of sturdiness and stability.

Motor: You should look for a dual brushless motor no matter whether you are buying a skateboard for a recreation of as an everyday commuting vehicle.

Ride of Joy and Comfort

Finding the right kind of skateboard could be difficult when you see the lots of options available online. But your joy of each ride depends on the quality of the product you are purchasing. You can make a fine decision you’ll never regret after by choosing one of the products mentioned above.

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