Technology has upgraded the child’s classic and made it more entertaining and more fun. The top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2021 is changing how kids have racing fun. They may not be able to get to a real track so bringing a set home will enhance their childhood.

How do you find one of the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2021? Simply continue reading our review. It is designed to give you all the information you need to find that right racing gift to your child.

Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with tips to help guide your search to the best of the best. It never hurts to get a few pointers before you buy. That way you do not waste any money.

Table of the best Slot Car Set Reviews:

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1. Anki Overdrive

Anki Overdrive
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Technology has taken the slot car racing sets and turned it into a modern battlefield. Your child can use their mobile devices to operate this slot car set. This starter set has the capability to be set up in 8 different battlefield designs.

Your child can battle against friends, family or artificial intelligence as they race for the finish line. The set is also expandable with new track and new cars and trucks. The track is magnetically put together.

You will need wifi access to use your mobile devices and there are no other controllers to use. A tire cleaner and charging system are included.

2. Max Traxxx Tracer Racers

Max Traxxx Tracer Racers
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This is slot car racing at the next level. The lights under the cars provide added enjoyment as the cars appear to hover instead of roll. Its glow in the dark track allows for night racing and adds to the excitement.

The variable speed cars are remote controlled, and it takes 4 AA batteries to work the chargers. Dual loops are included in the approx. 46 feet of track to help take this racing o the next level.

You can customize the layout by adding track or by using the included building brixs. The amount of fun you have is up to your imagination.

3. \Real FX Racing Slotless Racetrack System

\Real FX Racing Slotless Racetrack System
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Who needs slots to race? Race like the professionals with this slot-less racing system. You get no lanes, no slots on this system. But you do get a pit lane, two cars and two controllers with lots of features.

Those features include mimicking real racing with oil spills flat tires and more. The system uses AI technology to enhance your slot car racing fun. Plus, the batteries powered system allows you about 4 hours of use at a time.

^AA and 6 AAA batteries are needed to power this racing system. Unfortunately, they are not included in the set.

4. Carrera GO!!! Neon Shift’n Drift

Carrera GO!!! Neon Shift'n Drift
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This slot car set brings Disney’s CARS to life. It has roughly 20 feet of track, 2 cars, and some neon features. Plus, you get both curves and banked curves, a junction, a narrow portion of track and of course, a loop.

Design the track to fit your racing preference. Also, you can expand the track to make it even more fun. Why stop at 2 feet of racing when you can have over 10 feet of racing excitement?

This is an analog racing slot car set for old-fashioned racing, but it does have turbo boost. That is for that extra edge.

5. Scalextric America Slot Car Race Track

Scalextric America Slot Car Race Track
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If you just want old-fashioned slot car racing fun, then this is the set for you. 2 cars, 2 tracks, 2 slots and a lot of fun seeing who is the best racer in the neighborhood. Your power controllers control the variable speed cars.

The 16 feet of track can be designed in 4 ways to help enhance your racing fun. Based on the Daytona Speedway, you will feel like a pro as you race your slot cars. Guardrails are included to keep the cars on the track.

No batteries are needed. Just plug in the set and you are ready to go.

6. Carrera GO!!! Ferrari Experience

Carrera GO!!! Ferrari Experience
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You get over 28 feet of track with this 2-car, 2 slot set. Plus, you get 2 controllers, a lap counter and lots of fun. The track includes curves, both normal and banked, as well as guard rails and supports.

A junction track will make your racing interesting. You may need a little skill to avoid crashes. The scale runs 1/43 to size and the track measures 4 ½ inches wide. Plenty of room to race two cars.

It is also compatible with expansion sets. Your racing fun has no real limits except space. Everything you need is in the box.

7. Carrera Digital Hammers Race Set

Carrera Digital Hammers Race Set
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This digital slot car racing system allows for lane changes on its 1/24 scale track. You can apply some racing strategy to beat your opponent. Two cars are included in this set and you can mix this set with compatible ones the manufacturer offers.

In other words, you can build a great raceway in the basement of your home. It is possible to run up to 6 cars at the same time. 2 9-volt batteries are needed to power this set, but good news, they are included. Plus, two wired controllers operate the cars.

The cars are programmable and digital is the next level up from analog racing.

8. AFX Giant Set

AFX Giant Set
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A digital lap counter will let you know who was the faster racer. It counts both sides of the slot track as you control the cars with a trigger controller. The wired controllers operate the variable speeds as the cars race.

The HO scale will limit the type of cars you can run on the track. One unique feature is the three power settings. You can practice on the novice and move up to intermediate and expert as your skill increases.

There is approx. 62 feet of track to make your racing playtime a lot more fun. Plus, you get to cars and lots of guard rails.

9. Carrera Evolution Classics Racing Set

Carrera Evolution Classics Racing Set
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The name says it all. You are racing two classic power cars. The Shelby Cobra and the 67 Mustang. You are not limited to the track or design that comes with the box set. This track is compatible with other evolution or 124 series materials.

The approx. 20 feet of track requires batteries which are included in the package. Plus, you get normal and banked curves, supports, guardrails and 2 controllers. This slot car set is the analog version, but it can be upgraded to the digital version.

One drawback is that there may some inequality in the cars and one is bigger than the other.

10. AFX Big Block Battler

AFX Big Block Battler
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You get two 5-foot straightaways in this approx. 40 feet of track. Two slots keep the two cars in their lanes as you use the three power levels to perfect your skills. The switch to upgrade your levels is found on the power pack.

You also get two controllers to guide the variable speed cars down the track. As well as 42 pieces of track, you get some flexibility in your racing design. This set is compatible with HO scale cars.

The cars will fly off if you keep them at full throttle.

Our Buyer’s Guide

You may not have had a slot car racing set since you were a kid. Some tips on how to buy the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2021 may be needed. Here are our tips:

  • Style of a track- is it analog, digital or Ai levels of racing? Does it have slots or not?
  • Compatibility- can they work with other sets to expand and add to your fun?
  • Scale- Important to know because some scale sets do not work with different sized scale sets.
  • Accessories- how many cars, how many controllers. Lap counters, guard rails and so on. What is missing?
  • Size- how much room will it take up in your basement or garage?
  • Batteries- are they included, or do you have to buy a lot of them?
  • Warranty- what is covered and what is not? What is the return policy and how long do you have before the warranty expires?
  • Price- Just make sure you can afford it.

Some Final Words

Technology has a way of upgrading everything. As you can see technology is making its mark on the slot car racing sets. But it is still not that difficult to purchase one of the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2021.

Technology only adds to the fun as does the track layout. Just make sure you can expand the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2021 and you will have hours of fun. There is nothing wrong with having a slot car hobby to fill your non-working hours.

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