They had a steering mechanism, two wheels and a place to rest your feet? They were a lot of fun when you were a kid. The only drawback was you could not use them in the snow. Now you can. The best snow scooters skis in 2021 come with small skis instead of wheels. Your child can have scooter fun all year round. To find the best snow scooter skis in 2021 for your child, keep reading. We review the top 10 best snow scooters. Plus, we include a buyer’s guide to provide you with tips on how to get the best of the best. It never hurts to get a few tips before you start your search.

Table of the best Snow Scooter Reviews

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1. RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter

RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter
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This little adjustable scooter will hold children up to 200 pounds. The neck has a 4-inch adjustable range while the foot board has 15 inches of room. Its color design, red, silver, and black make it easy to spot in the snow. The speed of the scooter is controlled by the handy braking system, which is activated by your child’s heel. A safety leash is also included. If your child falls off, they won’t have to trudge down the hill to retrieve the scooter. For best results and the most fun, use the scooter on firmly packed snow.

2. GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter

GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter
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This one size fits all scooter will bring fun to everyone who uses it. Its multi-functional purpose allows you to use this scooter at any time during the year. Your child’s feet won’t slip off the deck. It is made with a non-slip coating. The handle will help steering and moves as you slide. The LED light comes with three options. These make the scooter and your child easier to spot. It measures 36 x 31 x 9.75 inches and will hold up to 220 pounds. The handle will fold down for easy carrying to and from the snow area.

3. IREKO Deluxe Ski Skoot Stunt Scooter

IREKO Deluxe Ski Skoot Stunt Scooter
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Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. You can use the wheels in spring and summer or attach the skis for when the snow starts to fall. Your child will get year-round fun with this snow scooter. A rear safety brake helps control the speed of the scooter as well as helping it to stop. The handle folds own without any trouble for easy storage. Plus, the skis are compatible with earlier Razor scooters. They will fit on models made between 1998 and 2002, Attaching the skis takes no time and you do not need to use any tools at all.

4. TOYS Durable, Sturdy Snow Scooter

 TOYS Durable, Sturdy Snow Scooter
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Another one-size fits all snow scooter that is made of sturdy plastic. Rated to hold up to 200 pounds, it is best if only children use this toy scooter. Your child’s two feet can easily rest on the deck when not pumping it to get going. A 3-year-old child could probably sit on the scooter and be pushed around. But it is really designed for those children between the ages of 5 and 10. Not big enough for a teenager. The handle of this black and blue snow scooter folds down easy. It won’t be a problem for carrying or storing.

5. RAILZ Pro BD Large-Adult Snow Kick Scooter

RAILZ Pro BD Large-Adult Snow Kick Scooter
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Riding down the snowy hill is not just for kids anymore. This snow scooter is designed for the older kids in the family. It measures 35 inches high, 20 inches for the handle bar and 23 inches for the foot deck. The snow scooter will also hold 220 pounds with ease. There is some assembly required. The manufacturer has included all the tools you will need to put the snow scooter together. A safety brake and safety leash are standard on this unit. The scooter will not go far if you fall. The bright green highlights will also make this easy to spot in the snow.

6. Etuoji Children Snow Scooter

Etuoji Children Snow Scooter
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This beautiful red, silver and black snow scooter is flexible You can use it in the summer and spring time with its wheels. Or you can replace the wheels with skis and use it when the snow has fallen. Its adjustable handle is foam padded to protect your child. Also, the non-skid design works to keep your child safe. Made for children between the ages of 3 and 10, this snow scooter will hold up to 200 pounds. A kickstand is the stand out feature on this snow scooter. It comes in green and blue as well as red.

7. IREKO Deluxe Scooter

IREKO Deluxe Scooter
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What good is a scooter if you cannot use it all year? This snow scooter can be used in the winter with its attachable skis. If the snow goes, then you simply take off the skis and use the wheels. A rear brake provides safety and allows you to control your movement down the hill. When your children are not playing with it, this scooter folds up for easy storage. The adjustable handle allows your child to use this snow scooter for years. Its blue and silver design will make your child the envy of the neighborhood. Its deck should comfortably fit both your child’s feet.

8. RAILZ Adult Size Recreational Snow Scooter

RAILZ Adult Size Recreational Snow Scooter
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Your male adult child will have a ball with this snow scooter. The handle will adjust between 30 to 36 inches and the foot deck provides 22 inches of space. Rated to hold up to 200 pounds, this snow scooter can hold most adults. The blue and black colored snow scooter comes with a handy rear brake and a safety strap. The unit folds up nicely and will not take up a lot of space in your garage or basement.

You get best results on hard packed snow or ice. It is a great snow scooter for children of all ages.

9. e-joy Kids Snow Scooter

e-joy Kids Snow Scooter
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This plastic snow scooter comes in red, green or blue. It is a one size fits all model that is built out of sturdy plastic. It measures 36 x 9 x 30.5″ and will hold up to 220 pounds. The snowboard is also designed for children from the age of 4 on up. The handle will help you steer through the snow as you go downhill. You can also use this snow scooter on any smooth hard surface. Your child will get year-round fun. They can even use it the beach on tall sand dunes. The foldable handle allows for easy carrying and storage.

10. Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter

Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter
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This sturdy plastic snow scooter has a fold down handle that makes it convenient to move or store. Its T shaped handle bar will help your child steer their way down the snow packed hill. The anti-slip deck will also keep your child from slipping off as they have fun. Be careful, this 36 x 9 x 28” snow scooter will only hold up to 110 pounds. It is not designed for adults Another drawback is its quality control. There may be some issues with bending and breaking. Your experience may be different.

Our Buyer’s Guide

When children are involved you need to take some extra time in deciding which snowboard you will purchase. You want to make sure you have all the information you need. Here are some tips to help guide you as you determine which snow scooter is right for your children or grandchildren:

• Purpose- who is going to use it, where are they going to use and when they are going to use it.
• Versatility- can it be adjusted to work in all seasons or restricted to winter time only?
• Construction materials- Is it made of plastic? Aluminum, a combination or even steel?
• Weight- Is it light enough for the child to maneuver it
• Safety- does it have a brake? Are the handle bars padded? Does it have a safety leash?
• Warranty- what is protected? What isn’t protected. How long is the snow scooter protected?
• Price- will it fit your budget? Is it cheap enough to buy more than one? You don’t want the kids jealous.

Some Final Words

Kids love snow. One way to help them enjoy the cold weather is to provide them with a sturdy yet safe snow scooter. The other way to help them enjoy winter is to get them one of the best snow scooter skis in 2021. These units are designed to provide your child with maximum fun. Most are built to hold a lot of weight ensuring that the snow scooters are durable and strong. You now have the information you need to make a wise decision. Compare the different products and see for yourself. The best snow scooter skis in 2021 is the one your kids love and use the most Just make sure you get the most bang for your buck

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